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  1. BMW E60 Standard audio

    Leaving the rest of the system as it is (see my others thread ) already installed 2x12" Vive Blackair subs in custom box in the trunk with 3 amps and 1.5 Farad power cap it's going really well so far and sounds soooooo much better !!
  2. BMW E60 Standard audio

    Bit of a risky thing but thought I'd pass my findings on to all, I've been doing a little project on the audio system in my 5 series, separate thread already on here, however I have ordered a direct replacement for the rear shelf speakers but they don't come for a week so today being impatient I decided to connect the standard poverty rear shelf speakers to my amplifier !!! ( don't judge ) the results are astounding my god the clarity and power they are taking is unreal !!! Probably going to now do 2 things 1st save myself £145 and cancel the components I've ordered and the second is leave the standard ones connected, does leave me with the question though if the speakers can actually handle the amount of power I'm putting through them why have BMW put such shite power through them in the first place as trust me these things are handling a beating and sound superb !!!
  3. Custom install 520d M Sport

    Well it's like this so far ! Seriously it's a job I wish I never started, must say though learned a lot about my 5 series and how the panels fit together but her it is so far (still needs the surround to go on) but it's in and i didn't break anything, There was some cutting involved but as I've said this is the route I wanted to take to avoid loosing any other existing feature, update 2 to follow !
  4. Custom install 520d M Sport

    Well nobody seems to be following so il post anyway as I've started so il finish !! Install stage 1 head unit is in will pop some pics up soon
  5. Custom install 520d M Sport

    Hi guys after becoming more and more impatient with my 5 series poor quality audio system so I've decided to go ahead with a full install and upgrade all of the audio system .... Ive sourced 2 replacement front headrests which will each house a 7" tft screen, up front a pioneer DVD player with a complete custom install of all components and amplifiers to accompany it, I will be leaving the existing head unit and speakers in their original positions, I want to retain all features of the existing idrive, Bluetooth, and navigation as they are in use daily, I will be starting this in the next 2 weeks and il post pics and a walk through of what I've done to accompany the build, The new head unit will be located in the recess in bottom of PHOTO 1 below the existing radio/cd player. This will have its own separate power supply, I am hoping the dash does not need removing for this to be installed Front of the car, 6" coaxial component set consisting of speaker, crossover and tweeters The tweeter will mount upon the dash itself to fire into the cockpit, The 6" speaker will be housed in a custom built pod in the door card PHOTO 2 (The bit we all dump junk into as you can see clearly in mine currently ) Rear of car ( The exciting bit ) rear shelf will have another custom built pod to house another 6" coaxial right behind the rear head rest PHOTO 3, TRUNK SPACE 2 x 12" ported subwoofers in a custom made box ( The plan is to only use enough space that boot space is not compromised ) Enclosure will be designed with the theory of small perameters taken into consideration, This will allow the subs to fire correctly and produce the correct amount of punch / rumble and ultimately bass that I'm desperate for. This entire system will be pioneer to accompany the head unit DVD Player PHOTO 4 Power will be supplied by 1x pioneer 4 Chanel amplifier (for front and rears) 1 x pioneer monoblock run in Phase to lower impedance of the subwoofers I have plenty of audio installation experience and I'm familiar in the use of fibreglass to design, Fit and secure the 4 pods needed, I've just had the head unit arrive PHOTO 4 and ive ordered enough dynomat to cover my living room (twice) Guys I'm not going to put a timescale on this install as I have a family and hold down a full time job so it will literally be an hour here and there when I can spare it !! I simply would love to take the car off the road and do it all at once but that just isn't an option. I can only hope if I do encounter any issues / snags along the way the community will be on hand to assist and provide advice along the way. Photos and descriptions to follow, My next day off is this coming Tuesday which will hopefully see the headunit and power supply put in, Thanks for reading all and I hope this may encourage more of you to be a little more adventurous with your 5s cheers Jon
  6. Free to first come first rewarded

    With pleasure don't know if there a private messaging service on here (address security and all that ) but here's my number send me address il pop them in the post 07494538848
  7. Hey guys and girls I've ordered the incorrect bulbs/led's for my 520d so I'm gifting the wrong ones to someone who actually has the use for these ones please see the pic and honestly postage is even at my cost as I'm a great believer in karma ! One day maybe it will be returned to me somehow anyway give me a shout if they are of need to you cheers all, Jon
  8. Need help !! Frustrated !!!

    Hi guys where would these go in respect of angel eyes please .... or have I ordered the incorrect ones thanks all .. also pic 3 is the unit in the vehicle
  9. Need help !! Frustrated !!!

    Not aware of hidden menu ? Is this common knowledge or will a search on google provide me with details ?
  10. Advice

    Hi Dennis, The system I am looking to introduce has potential to add screens to it which I'm looking to put in the front headrests, but I don't want to touch the existing setup as I don't want to loose any of the functions, I am lookimg at a full custom install of the additional bits 2 x tv screens door pods front with 2 components shelf pods with 2 components tweeters dash mounted or A pillar boot 1 x 4ch amplifier 1 x mono 2 x 12" subwoofers maybe a power cap to assist I am happy to wire this all in myself as I've done it many many times I would simply switch volume down on the existing so I still have all functions i.e. Phone nav etc amd the use the other for when it's alone time or family travel with me
  11. Need help !! Frustrated !!!

    Guys thanks so much !!! Could do with an idiots guide on this one ! Like pictures drawings big arrows the whole works cheers all
  12. Need help !! Frustrated !!!

    Marko thanks for the heads up however could you direct me to the location of the voltage regulator please ? Many thanks
  13. Advice

    Hey guys, ive got the poverty system in my 520d I'm looking to install a secondary head unit into the recess just above the ashtray (see pic) the reason for this is I don't want to mess with the original stuff and loose any of the systems like nav Bluetooth etc has anyone done this and are there pros and cons or pointers you can give me please
  14. Need help !! Frustrated !!!

    Cheers guys is it usual for these to fail ? Checked power going to it and that's all fine ! Think il upgrade them both today and place an order for replacements !! Again cheers all
  15. Need help !! Frustrated !!!

    Hi guys thanks for the comments I've started changing my start up habits as lights were kept on auto and since then I haven't lost a bulb so it seems there must be a surge in start up or so I'm assuming !!! Thanks all for the comments however I've lost an angel light anyone tell me what the thing is in the pic please cheers jon