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  1. bodgemonkey

    Fog light holder

    Sorry about that ive been very busy will grab some pics Monday.
  2. So, before Christmas I decided to nip down to my local BMW specialist to grab some parts for my E9. I noticed a very dusty, forlorn E28 sitting in a corner boxed in by an E34 and an M635, and asked if it was for sale on the off chance it was. After a quick discussion with my friend we decided we should do a little project car up because....well why not? And that's how I accidentally bought a car. Previous owner started to strip the car for rust repair and manual conversion then sold it to the specialist (you can probably work out who it is from the pictures) and there it sat for about a year. Last on the road in 2008, lifting pads are gone, wings are rotten under the skirts, i.e. the usual places. Car is on 105k, and has had some love in the past, inner wings have been painted but look original, new shock absorbers and springs and a decent respray which unfortunately has had a rough life presumably due to the storage conditions. Found some goodies in the car such as a brand new full shadow line trim kit and an M Tec wheel, they also threw in as part of the deal a sports leather interior, Getrag 260/6 box, a spare bodykit and a decent 3.07 LSD. A half decent specced 535i, it has the SE pack so some nice goodies, cruise control, intensive wash and rear blind etc etc. At some point it had the M Tech kit installed, and a silver 535 was stripped down and used for the good bits. Who said verts aren't practical? The end of a very long day, car still not at home but work began cleaning up the alleyway and garage at my mates house to store the 5. A very happy Kagan, pretending that he is in fact a Turkish made Hella high beam light. One E28 dragged outside
  3. bodgemonkey

    Fog light holder

    Think I may have one spare from an M535i if its the same as the non bodykitted ones?
  4. bodgemonkey

    E28 Getrag 260/6 support brace

    Final piece of the puzzle for my E28 manual swap is needed. Brace that was supplied to me turned out to be for a 4HP22EH. P/N for the brace I need is 23711128517 anyone able to assist? Thanks in advance
  5. bodgemonkey

    Newbie E28 535iSe owner here

    Alright Andy, yeah just tend to stalk you on the internet a bit
  6. bodgemonkey

    Newbie E28 535iSe owner here

    Royal blue metallic
  7. bodgemonkey

    Newbie E28 535iSe owner here

    Its an Se with the kit on, fairly nice spec on it too, rear blind and cruise control are nice touches Also came with a nice pearl beige leather sport interior and m tec wheel. They had a rotten silver M535i in for breaking and stripped that for the parts that have been going into this.
  8. bodgemonkey

    Newbie E28 535iSe owner here

    Hi all, new to the forum and the platform. Recently acquired a 1987 535iSe after going on a trip to buy myself some wings for my e9. Always fancied a project car with a friend and this one seemed far too nice to be broken for parts. The usual crusty lifting points, going from auto to manual via a 260/6 Getrag that was in the boot. Car was half stripped for the conversion by the PO who then ended up selling it to a BMW specialist. I'll be making a build log for those interested to follow such a thread, no doubt i'll have to ask many questions along the way.