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  1. they're plastic stick on things too . . . .
  2. Hit & Run Help !

    See if you can process a claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau https://www.mib.org.uk/ as it's a hit & run/non fault. You pay into this pot when you buy insurance . . .
  3. Maybe you're onto something! all those additions could be Braille so they know it's their car
  4. Performance Diesel - big difference!

    you'd probably find it'll average out if it was exactly half and half.
  5. You can also use carparts4less. They are ECP sisters company (Item numbers are even the same). Usually works out a few quid cheaper too.
  6. Forum stickers

    These ones? http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/store/category/1-stickers/
  7. E61 520D MAP Sensor

    I ordered a new one from ECP/CP4L and they have sent the wrong version ( i think its for the LCI engine). Can anyone advise if they've got the one i need, from them at all? old; New;;
  8. Insurance Hike

    I've never had any renewal that's been competitive. I've either haggled to get it reduced, or as i usually do move elsewhere. My insurance last year was £700, this years renewal (with a claim made - not high value) was £900+. I still managed to get this years insurance (with a different company) for £750.
  9. Private reg newer than car - WHY NOT?

    To someone who isn't savvy and doesn't do a background check you could pass something off as newer. Especially as most cars only have a minor LCI in 10 years and unless you knew the differences it would be hard to spot. You could easily spend a few quid giving it the updated look to make it look genuine.
  10. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    New wheel bearing fitted, new MAP sensor was going to be fitted - but they've sent the wrong one, and summer wheels are back on the car.
  11. Opinions please....

    It definitely increases with the number, otherwise they'd struggle to convince you as to why the next model is X thousand more and worth it! Same as the Mercs, unless the C series is a C63 AMG or top end other version, the interior doesn't look as good as you'd expect or hope.
  12. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    2 x new tyres fitted. Ready for when the summer tyres are back on this weekend.
  13. 520D E61 M47D20

    Hi, Can i get a price on a set of front discs and pads please? Thanks,
  14. Resetting warning messages - wont work

    First one is body check over service 2nd is all the options that need resetting - brakes are ok this video is how you reset it. As i mentioned above, you can press the button to scroll through the menu and find each item that needs resetting.
  15. Might be worth checking the clutch switch, some electrical contact cleaner and put back on. If it mostly starts ok you know its not an everyday issue
  16. Maybe you might be releasing the clutch a little too early as it's starting?
  17. Resetting warning messages - wont work

    Did the brake sensor get activated, which bought the light on? Or did the mileage simply expire and bought it up as a warning?
  18. Resetting warning messages - wont work

    Where are you based, anyone local to help?
  19. 520D E61 M47D20

    PM sent, if i;ve been told correctly i need the 310mm x 24mm variety
  20. E61 520D - Resonance Sound

    Absolutely, this is what i thought mine was until i swapped wheels over. Only recently i noticed the load up in the cornering changing the pitch, and becoming clear what it was. It is a pretty easy job to do, only a couple of hours to dismantle and re-install everything.
  21. Hi All, As the title suggests i am currently getting a resonanting sound in the car. I've tried a few different things to try and determine what it is, but to no avail. Sound; Is audible from 40/45mph - 70mph (at the higher speed the sound you can only just about hear on a newly surfaced road) It is an odd resonance - similar to if someone was spinning something around their head and you were standing close by. Not a loud noise, but it has a beginning, middle and end sequence if you will (a slight increase in sound, and then fades out). It only lasts for a second or so, with the same gap in-between. The noise appears to be in the whole cabin, and i can't specify it to a particular direction it's coming from. No vibration in the car (that i can feel or am aware of) What i have ruled out so far; Tyres - swapped from summer to winter wheels. No difference at all. Engine/gearbox related; the sound is the same in any gear - no difference Road surface - mainly more audible on newly surface roads as it is otherwise overcome by tyre noise. Bearings - replaced one recently and all the rest feel fine - checking them bi-weekly the past few months. Equally no increase or decrease in noise turning left or right. The car still drives as it has done since i bought it. Nothing appears to have changed or be any different, so i am a bit stumped. I am stuck as to where to look next or what to check. - I don't think it's a wheel bearing - noise isn't consistent enough and they all appear to be fine. - Possibly something in the exhaust causing the noise - Prop shaft - if the donut or bearings have gone, could this be the noise? (have not checked this for movement yet) Any other ideas or input? TIA
  22. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I do my oil/filter changes at 12k. Last changed the filter about 20k ago.
  23. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Brill, Cheers Jake
  24. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    This weekend was ordering more parts; front wheel bearing, MAP sensor, & next service equipment; oil + filter, air filter. Wheel bearing + MAP to be replaced this weekend, next service in April/May. As a side question, how often should the fuel filter be replaced? Seems to be various answers kicking around - Haynes manual suggests every 15k which seems very premature to me.
  25. Resetting warning messages - wont work

    You scroll through the menu on the dash; brake pad sensor/ service/ car inspection/ brake fluid etc . . . . did you watch the above videos and see the different items you get when scrolling through?