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  1. High Pressure Fuel Pump

    Not sure you'd hear it as your wallet & jaw also hit the floor
  2. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Not road legal though? i'm assuming it's due to the light pattern it creates or spreads out.
  3. E61 M5 alternative?

    You know it costs a lot more than an M5, £130,000 or so that does help. You could get an E63AMG Estate specced to the max for about £110,000. Then have £20K to run it for a year on tyres & fuel . . . .
  4. This must be a truckers worst nightmare

    Also helped it was a Volvo truck with their anti crash braking. Shows how good brakes can be on any vehicle.
  5. Making up wiring looms - trailer

    I'd suggest self amalgamating tape before feeding the wires through an outer housing.
  6. Windscreen Washer Issue

    Probably sounds right. Bumper off job to get to the hose? Or can it be accessed from underneath/behind?
  7. Windscreen Washer Issue

    Peculiar. Is it a motor that operates the nozzles?
  8. Windscreen Washer Issue

    This is what the manual says. So i suppose it depends on the parameter of 'practical intervals'. I've never seen mine work, but i do see streaks over the bonnet to suggest they have washed the headlights Cleaning windscreen and headlights* Fluid from the washer fluid reservoir is sprayed on to the windscreen and the wipers are oper- ated briefly. When the car's lights are switched on, the head- lights are cleaned simultaneously at practical intervals
  9. Windscreen Washer Issue

    Do the jets rise up, but don;t spray?
  10. Windscreen Washer Issue

    Not done it myself, but heard it's not 'too bad' to do. Need to remove the arch liner of what i re-call.
  11. Windscreen Washer Issue

    It's probably the filter that's blocked in the reservoir. Need to drain the tank, clean it out, clean the filter and put back together. IIRC you can access it through the passenger side wheel arch
  12. Common Oil Leak Locations 530D E60

    Don't forget the air moving pass the engine when driving will distribute the oil everywhere. I'd start with the most forward & upper point. As the others have said, clean it off and then check on the area after a short drive.
  13. 6 years later, i think he's moved on
  14. It's almost upon us....

    I think Tiff would fit in great back at TG with Le Blanc & Harris. GT;; May is now a balanced persona of Clarkson & Hammond, a good blend of each. The middle ground you need between the 2 'extremes'. One of Hammond's funniest moments (IMO)
  15. Hi All, I'm wanting to get the 4 wheel alignment checked on my E61. Can anyone recommend somewhere good in/near the above counties. I live near the border of all 3 near Camberley, Surrey. So able to travel to somewhere good/recommended. TIA
  16. It's almost upon us....

    I've just watched the entire 1st series and was fairly content with most of it. Some stuff is a bit of waste of time & predictable (episode 2 was a complete waste), but overall i enjoy it. Definitely more of a car show again and enjoying the big trips they're doing to different places.
  17. Thanks for the input. Ended up at my local ATS in the end. wasn't a bad overall price - will soon see if it was done right or not.
  18. Meh... Bugatti eat your heart out

    Entirely crazy that it can do that as a road legal car - all around the world. For such a 'small' company the technology & presence they have in the Hypercar world is astounding. If you have a few hours to kill there are some really interesting youtube videos in the factory, with tours, how things are made, the cars etc with Christian.
  19. For the DSC/ABS yes. I was talking about that fault being linked to the trans fault as well.
  20. Do they share a common earth point? I can;t see the fault being a 'related' issue unless there's a common connection point.
  21. The ABS/DSC would read off a sensor on each corner to determine where the issue is. Probably need an error code for the trans to see what the issue is there.
  22. Yellow Steering Lock Warning *SOLVED*

    I've only ever had the error when it can't be released. Usually this is if there is tension on the wheel and the pin can't withdraw.
  23. Frustrating vibration

    A buckled wheel should be picked up when it gets balanced. Do any of your wheels have any heavy balance weights on?
  24. This is the future of personal transport

    Great thing about electric motors; 100% power 100% of the time. Bad side, how do you handle that power . . . IIRC most supercars limit the amount of power the engine puts out in lower gears due to the force on all the components in the drive train.