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  1. On purpose . . . .
  2. By driving the car with it in the ignition. Do you do a lot of short journeys?
  3. Is the key charged?
  4. So i'm guessing that is in talks with the compressor brain & either sends air too the airbags if needed, or reduces pressure if necessary. It looks to be an electro-mechanical valve? Electronically controlled mechanical movement - is it this that fails and would allow air to escape if the valve is faulty?
  5. 23, you mean?
  6. That's really odd. I assumed they'd have a control valve that released air if they needed to (if the load weight was high), or allowed air in if it needed to inflate. Didn;t realise it was a direct feed to the compressor.
  7. Have you got an air leak to/from the airbags?
  8. yeah, or i now use
  9. if you have roadside recovery, AA/RAC/whoever they can usually helpppp
  10. sometimes on the passenger side there is a key lock, but it is under the bezel (which you would need to remove). not sure if the E6X has this option
  11. usually one under the cover on the passenger door too
  12. Photobucket no longer allows photo sharing
  13. Can people recommend a good Injection cleaner?
  14. Best place to get it from? Their own website or Amazon, or any retail shops.
  15. Seeing as i've had the car a few months now and done plenty of miles, i thought it was time to give it a detail. Took 7 hours from start to finish. Unfortunately no before pics of it, only the results. I'm happy with the results & that there weren't too many swirl marks to deal with. I used a couple of new products today, both of which i was really impressed with. Even in the heat they were easy to work with and buff off. The resulting shine is really good as is the surface texture. I'll be layering up the wax over the coming weeks to deepen the shine a bit more. Poorboys White Diamond Glaze - smells of Vanilla Poorboys Nattys Paste Wax, Blue - smells of Bubblegum
  16. Have the exhaust sensors been checked/replaced?
  17. might want to blur out your address on the V5
  18. The alternator failing would be the electric gubbins inside it, not the shaft seizing/failing unless the bearings were knackered. Seeing as everything is affected i would say that points to the belt/pulley system not performing its job or driving the ancillaries.
  19. yup, that's the one. Usually best to replace belts and pulleys at the same time as the bearings wear out in them.
  20. Have you checked the power steering fluid level?
  21. I regularly drive to Scotland in mine, 800 miles round trip. The car is very comfortable, quiet, refined and economical at speed. It's not a car i get out of feeling tired at the other end because of the drive. I've done the journey in other cars too, and you notice the amount of ambient noise, comfort levels and economy is not as good as the BM. The tank range is also good, i can drive there, potter about for a few days and another 150 miles or so, fill up then drive home.
  22. For an 18 year old car that's not bad & mostly 'small' items. I've seen worse on much younger cars that have apparently been looked after!
  23. I don;t know a lot about the 530D but i think they are twin turbo, might be the smaller turbo that's not working. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than i will be able to confirm
  24. an old one, but