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  1. By driving the car with it in the ignition. Do you do a lot of short journeys?
  2. Is the key charged?
  3. So i'm guessing that is in talks with the compressor brain & either sends air too the airbags if needed, or reduces pressure if necessary. It looks to be an electro-mechanical valve? Electronically controlled mechanical movement - is it this that fails and would allow air to escape if the valve is faulty?
  4. That's really odd. I assumed they'd have a control valve that released air if they needed to (if the load weight was high), or allowed air in if it needed to inflate. Didn;t realise it was a direct feed to the compressor.
  5. Have you got an air leak to/from the airbags?
  6. On purpose . . . .
  7. yeah, or i now use
  8. if you have roadside recovery, AA/RAC/whoever they can usually helpppp
  9. sometimes on the passenger side there is a key lock, but it is under the bezel (which you would need to remove). not sure if the E6X has this option
  10. usually one under the cover on the passenger door too
  11. Photobucket no longer allows photo sharing
  12. Best place to get it from? Their own website or Amazon, or any retail shops.
  13. Can people recommend a good Injection cleaner?
  14. Have the exhaust sensors been checked/replaced?