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  1. MOT reminder

    i have it in my Email/phone calendar. Reminds me 1 month before.
  2. E61 Key Randomly Died

    I had an odd incident with my key today. It's one i've used the past 4 months and my car journeys are always at least 1/2 hour - so plenty of charging time. When i got to work this morning and parked the car my key died. The car would not recognise it in the ignition, remote locking wouldn't work, global opening of windows not working etc. My 2nd key works fine and the car is ok - no faults at all. It seems odd the key would die and go instantly, unless there's a break in the circuit. Is there a way to check the key and the battery? Is it new key time, or are there batteries/parts available. Edit - my key is the newer version model which is sealed TIA
  3. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    oil & filter service today.
  4. 2004 E61 525d Boot not opening

    Have you tried the button in the drivers footwell too?
  5. Expose yourself right now

    Wait i'm confused and feel like i've been mis-sold. Your name is Mashed Potatoes, so you were akin to Bodger & Badger. Actually curly fries is more accurate it appears. Only kidding
  6. Expose yourself right now

    if you bang your head against the wall a few times - plasterboard, not concrete, it gives the same effect.
  7. Expose yourself right now

    Not me, no no no. I was simply offering a different 'in' to your 'in'
  8. Expose yourself right now

    You were on about the inside 'in' of his glove, i'm on about the outside 'in' his glove.
  9. Expose yourself right now

    Don;t be stupid. It's the camera
  10. Budget - Diesel engines

    They'll use the base of someone else - Volvo? and add their tweak to it. A straight 6 sounds sublime, but a 5 does sound like a baby V10.
  11. Finding VIN numbers online

    i meant for the ones he's serious about - as he'll also get to know the recalls & history too.
  12. Budget - Diesel engines

    Will either be the hybrid route (X drive working with RWD & front electric motors) or smaller petrol engines that are turbo charged - maybe even a 5 pot would be nice