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  1. I'm guessing the 1st letter is to confirm the driver, then the next one is where you find out the damage?
  2. closer to 140 miles of difference. If in the last 20 miles you were doing a lot of acceleration and the avg fuel consumption was 'low' the 660 miles was the prediction based on the information the OBC had. In the last 17 miles you've been driving more steady and at constant speeds the average consumption will be lower, ergo a bigger potential range from the tank
  4. the range computer adjusts with your driving. It changes every 20 miles or so
  5. What do you mean the miles of fuel seem to be out?
  6. Check everything is fitted tight and no air leaks.
  7. Fuel filter will be fine, if you've not connected it right you'd have air coming through or no fuel at all. Are there matching times when it idles rough; eg after a long journey/when it's cold etc. Change the boot vents, really easy to do and pretty cheap too. Got mine for Cotswolds and was £32 or so for the pair delivered. Much cheaper than the cost of those relays & other units in the boot . . . .
  8. Seeing as i've had the car a few months now and done plenty of miles, i thought it was time to give it a detail. Took 7 hours from start to finish. Unfortunately no before pics of it, only the results. I'm happy with the results & that there weren't too many swirl marks to deal with. I used a couple of new products today, both of which i was really impressed with. Even in the heat they were easy to work with and buff off. The resulting shine is really good as is the surface texture. I'll be layering up the wax over the coming weeks to deepen the shine a bit more. Poorboys White Diamond Glaze - smells of Vanilla Poorboys Nattys Paste Wax, Blue - smells of Bubblegum
  9. Tonight was: MAF Sensor Clean EGR Valve Clean EGR Thermostat replaced Main Thermostat replaced Coolant changed Tomorrow morning is a new fuel filter.
  10. Family Car: RS6 Avant Day to Day Car: C63 AMG Weekend/Special Car: 812 Superfast
  11. IIRC so long as what you fit was an option for your vehicle from the factory, it would be hard to dispute. For instance, if you buy a 2nd hand car how do you know what wheels are meant to be on it & if any extras have been retrofitted later?
  12. This Saturday i'm doing the following maintenance/replacement: New Main Thermostat New EGR Thermostat Clean EGR Valve Coolant Change New Fuel Filter Clean MAF Sensor Is there anything else i should/could do whilst working in the front of the engine bay? Preventative or checking wise. Thanks in advance,
  13. Have you got any uncleared error codes?
  14. If someone is tailgating you increase the distance in front. Much like most of you who have posted, i don't care much for tailgaters. I'll do the speed i feel comfortable doing, and that's it. I don't lane hog on a multi carriageway road so theere's no excuse there! On one of my roads to work there's a road which is about 3-4 miles long and essentially straight ((a couple of blind crests but nothing too dramatic). I'll over take people along it who are driving at 50mph or less. At the end of this road is a windy section that is 40mph. I slow down to this speed as the section is windy, has junctions, blind corners etc. Then all the morons who drive beneath the limit on a 'safer' fast section continue their speed and drive 20% over the limit in a slower more dangerous section. And yes they will also overtake on a blind corner/crest etc . . .
  15. I think it's sacrificial - e.g if the wheel nuts are done up too tight, rather than ripping thee head off the bolt the key is softer to reduce the force. Getting a new key is far easier than drilling out a wheel stud.