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  1. Have you checked the Rose joints on the rear hubs? I've heard these can cause that floaty feeling due them moving it will have an effect on the wheel alignment. As the front has been overhauled, it sounds like the issue is on the rear of the car.
  2. How do you mean unstable? As in the car continues to bounce afterwards, or veers to one side, or feels sensitive to steering/acceleration/braking inputs? How does it feel round corners, on straight road sections? If its only over bumps more than likely it is a suspension related problem
  3. dj1233

    Fuel Gauge

    the instrument binnacle; speedo, rev counter, dash assembly
  4. dj1233

    winter wheels on Steering lock fault

    when i've seen this before it is because the lock can't release the wheel as there is too much pressure on the pin. Usually you have to release the pressure and the lock releases. It usually clears the error as soon as the steering lock is released.
  5. dj1233

    Auto Finesse Black Friday Deals

    That's what i would do. The same sort of frequency as a good coat of wax on the car.
  6. dj1233

    Auto Finesse Black Friday Deals

    You can do yeah, depends on what works best for you & how often you clean the car.
  7. dj1233


    Main one is in the boot, right hand side where the battery is
  8. dj1233


    You need a more detailed reader to find out if is a fuel pump related error. What is the engine/year of the car?
  9. dj1233

    xenon headlights not very bright

    New bulbs is probably the way to go - should be able to get some deals too seeing as its black friday/cyber monday weekend. You could also check the headlight is getting the full voltage, by checking the input at the pins.
  10. dj1233

    BMW 2006 E60 530D Stopped in water help!!!

    The E60's intake is at the top of the radiator, so i don't think it could be hydro lock.
  11. dj1233

    xenon headlights not very bright

    How old are the bulbs? They degrade over time and the gas escapes, making them dimmer
  12. dj1233


    any other error codes? What reader are you using?
  13. dj1233

    BMW 2006 E60 530D Stopped in water help!!!

    Would need to read the error codes. If you;re hearing a click that's probably the starter relay which would mean your battery is dead.
  14. dj1233

    Auto Finesse Black Friday Deals

    It kind of is, with the rest of the other stuff :p IIRC that deal is £50 something and usually the lance on its own is £40. Slims detailing are having a sale also, with their 15% discount code their version is £30 https://www.slimsdetailing.co.uk/cleaning/snow-foam-lances/slims-snow-foam-lance-with-free-connector.html Or even cheaper is the DoDo Juice option: https://www.cleanandshiny.co.uk/collections/washing-drying/products/dodo-juice-snow-foam-lance-karcher-k-series Yes, i have a bit of a car cleaning obsession and know of too many shops
  15. dj1233

    Auto Finesse Black Friday Deals

    Aqua Coat you spray on at the rinsing stage and is a hydrophobic coating. Glisten is a spray wax, rather than a hard wax. You would apply aqua coat over the final coat of wax for the best finish.