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  1. brake wear sensor

    if you go in to the idrive system 'system information' it shows which one it is as front and rear are seperate
  2. Winter Tyres

    Been up there before in snow in a front wheel drive car and it was fine (heavy diesel lump gave plenty of traction). More 'concerned' in the BM as the weight is more balanced around the car front/rear. I figure winter tyres are better/easier to fit than struggling to drive safely. If i stayed down south over winter, i wouldn't bother as it's not bad where i live, but up in Scotland it is more prone to 'proper' Winter'y weather & temperatures
  3. Winter Tyres

    Ouch. Guessing they're a premium brand you're after? Currently Goodyear are doing an £80 cash back on 4 tyres. Glad my winters are 16" steels - although to be fair going up to 17" isn't too much of a price difference (non rft)
  4. Winter Tyres

    Went with the Continental TS850P in the end from Tyre Leader. Will see how they perform over winter with (Southern) Scottish weather
  5. Winter Tyres

    yeah got those prices, found that tyre outlet is also good for prices (free delivery too)
  6. Winter Tyres

    That's what i'm finding too. It's a tie on price between the Goodyear & Dunlops on price. ((£90 cost + £10 fitting each) I've got wheels already, just need a couple of tyres as they're low(ish) tread
  7. Winter Tyres

    Southern force field is up still, a good number of trees still have their leaves down here. It's always winter in Scotland . . . occasional a yellow thing in the sky appears but i'm sure its Irn Bru Narrowed down my choices already, but no one down here has tyres in stock yet - waiting on local prices as i already have the internet prices.
  8. Electrics Any ideas?

    when you say the battery still isn't charging, do you mean it is being discharged by something. As opposed to the alternator not charging the battery. Has a volt meter been put on the battery?
  9. Winter Tyres

    I know, I know it's not even Autumn yet. But i like to be prepared for when the winter tyres need to go on . . . We know they say for tyres ideally you shouldn't have mixed pairs front/rear due to mixed grip levels. Are Winter tyres more 'susceptible' to this rule due to the more slippery conditions of Winter. I have 2 good Conti Winter Contacts & 2 that need replacing - i am looking at the TS850P, replacement for the 830P. The 2 alternatives i am considering is the Goodyear UltraGrip Performance & the Pirelli Sotto Zero. Any thoughts on the above, any experience with the tyres and 'mixing' brands as well. TIA
  10. I've had mine in at the Vauxhall dealer in Aldershot, next to the A331 (the body shop is an insurance approved repairer). Mine only had the front bumper replaced (genuine parts used) & it looks good as new and blends in, which on a 10 year old car is no easy task. Also get a warranty too should any issues arise.
  11. Brake pad replacement

    absolutely! the timing to get it right is a PITA.
  12. Brake pad replacement

    Sensors should be ok, so long as they're not massively worn down. You can reset the warning if the car does think the pads need changing.
  13. Locking Issues

    Have you got 2 fobs, do both of these do the same?
  14. List of Suspension Bushes

    best place to check is here: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/select.do
  15. Random plug under steering column

    usually it'll always be there, just need to add the extra bit in from the loom to the fitting