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  1. Thanks Dan for the advice...I am pretty sure now I will stick with the BMW as it would probably break my heart to sell it as its the most luxurious car I have ever drove since running my old Allegro years ago! Lol My Mrs Loves its! Kids love it! Me too...just gotta pluck up enough courage to service it myself which proves pretty daunting when you lift up the bonnet and see what's under it! Servicing my Astra is a piece of but I have to remember what my mate told me ...the BMW is just like any other car when it comes to servicing it!? Thanks for the advice on coolant and gear box I said there is a specialist BMW chap not far from where I live and I will visit him soon but he is sooooo busy its unreal and he's a one man team!
  2. Some stunning looking cars on here and beautiful too!
  3. Yes I was thinking around the £30000 mark too....£49000 I would expect a 24 caret gold steering wheel! Luckily and purely by chance there is a BMW specialist around the corner from me who has a brilliant reputation so eventually once I get my house and other things sorted I will get him to service the car and you never know I might keep both as the Astra only costs me a ton or so to insure a year and in the 9 years I have had it never let me down! Astra for work...BMW for weekends and trips! My Mrs reckons I did have the original receipt for £40000 ++ within the wallet/service book but I can't find it now so no proof as such! Lol No getting away from the fact that in nigh on ten years its done 4000 trips by its elderly owner! Having looked through a Hayes manual today servicing looks pretty straight forward so I might be tempted to do it myself plugs/air filter/oil/pollen filters/....any guys on here around the Notts areas who do meet ups/talks/advice /tips?
  4. Love the car to be honest but running an old Astra so one has to go! BMW is superb is every aspect! Sticks to the road like glue and is a joy to drive!(Especially on the motorways). I am surprised at how economical it is on the motorway and even though I am a plodder (slow lane with truck drivers doing 60mph mostly) its nice to have that oomph when needed! Maybe I shall keep it but I have had several offers for it (two in local super market car parks) as it looks stunning in glazier green with like a mint leather green interior which may or not have been an expensive option when first bought? It has a few issues... rocker gasket leaking a tiny bit of oil...a few scratches and rust blister about the size of a 5 p coin...think it needs a full service and auto box oil changed/serviced! Not bragging but it is a beauty and gets lots of admiring glances and comments from folk and other BMW owners! Would love to have known its original cost as the chap who sold it me said that it cost £49000 with the optional leather mint interior/glazier green paint job/and other interior bits but I can't see that!lol Need to post some pics!
  5. What is an E39? I have a BMW 525 SE Auto (Glazier green) 2001 reg is this an E39? Sorry for sounding thick but new to the BMW scene. Mine has 50,000 on the clock with a good service history via BMW so what could expect if I flog it?
  6. Mine come on all the time of recent? Driving off and they go I turn them off....used to be perfect but now so annoying!
  7. Sorry what I meant to say was that if I bought a car again off EBAY then I would probably do it via the dreaded secured payment method and within EBAY rules...and not do what I did with this one by putting in a deposit...and paying cash in for buying cars I usually buy private and touch wood I have been lucky...still got my old car (Sorn) just in case this BMW starts costing me too much...and it has to go...then back to my old Astra mk3 lol
  8. BMW confirmed service history was genuine. Low miles back up by BMW and Mot History. HPI clear. Feedback score and the fact I spoke to him helped ease my worries!!(And I had a few)! He had the log book ...all matching his address ...but I shall never buy a car outside EBAY as there are too many pitfalls and I just got lucky(I hope)!!! sshooie that shocked me what you said!!!(More stress for me)!!
  9. Bought mine outside of EBay and had no probs at all....went on the blokes feedback being in the high hundreds and all positive gave me a bit of confidence.
  10. Stunning looking car,
  11. Drove down to warning lights....parked up in Acton overnight and fired her up this morning light came on was a bit lumpy in neutral both cold and when warmed drove like a dream on the M1 and round the North Circular road ...other than the warning lights the car is spot have to go to an indie.
  12. Washed my car using Auto Glym shampoo and conditioner...(results not bad) but nasty scumbags next door decided to clear his Transit van out whilst only 3 metres away from where I was washing my car at the same time ...(the van inside was filthy/much like their back garden/and no doubt home)...just anti social scumbags....horrid people ..first few months we moved into the house one of their dogs got onto my property and scared the crap out of my Mrs who was in the garden...they(the dog owners) came round my home to apologise I thought...oh no...just to say that if their dogs hurt themselves on my property they would take me to court!!!!??? Got the Police involved and they were as useful as a chocolate teapot...(try not to upset you know if they have mental health issues...oh they have agreed to go halves on the cost of a fence to keep their dogs under control...six years ago...)absolute low life scum. This is one of their two dogs in my garden ....they have had them 7 years and not once have they been taken out for a walk...just left outside all day and night to bark.
  13. Got some yesterday via Euro parts in Notts....(via UK hotdeals)....£19.....I chose to fit them there and then at the shop and boy lucky I did!!! I opened the box and couldn't believe what I saw!!! A pair of rusty/scraped/dirty/and well worn pair of wipers....worse than the ones I had on my car!!!!!!! I was speechless.....I went straight back to the shop and chaps behind the counter were gobsmacked too!!!! Luckily they had one pair left in stock(Bosch)...I checked the contents and yes they were brand new indeed!!! But how the hell did these obviously used wipers get into a new box and being sold off as new by the company??? If I hadn't checked and fitted them there and then...I would have had a 5 mile round trip to contend with and no doubt they might not of believed me once I had brought the items (wipers back)!!!?? Very odd always you make sure to check the contents of what you have bought guys b4 driving off!!
  14. Done that already soon as I turn ignition off it (the mirror) falls to its lowest position giving me a superb view of my side skirts/rear wheels/