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  1. Poss gearbox failure

    Aaron is a top bloke...hoping to get my car into his garage once i have sorted a few things.

    Adaptors enclosed

    Ordered so thanks ...hope this time i get new ones as opposed to the used/dirty ones i got before at their branch in Lenton/Notts ...luckily i checked the contents before i left so took them in and changed for new ones! How old ones ended up in new boxes is anyone's guess but i would imagine some scammer probably took a set beck and asked for a refund (for whatever reason) and lads in shop didn't check the box before they were put back on shelf!lol
  4. How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    Newbie...only a few months car has 50000 miles on clock with part BMW service history and touch wood it hasn't let me down yet!
  5. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    When you coming down to Notts to service my car mate?
  6. Gearbox warning light

    This happened to mine when i first got my car so took it to a specialist (BMW) who informed me it was pretty common and all you had to do was stop/ignition off/then on and it should reset itself...if it doesn't then get it seen!
  7. Blanking swirl flaps is good?

    What are swirl flaps? Have i got them on my 525 se auto (petrol)?
  8. Favourite feature?

    I have two cars (not rich as they both cost me less than £400 a year to insure both) ...one is my ever faithful Astra mk 3 with 60000 on the clock and gets me to work and back every day without fail as it has done since 2010. The BMW 525 se was bought last summer to take my wife's friends and relatives all over the UK who had travelled over from abroad. It was bought as opposed to renting a car as I could hardly take five people (including me) touring all over the UK in a 25 year old Astra! The BMW did 5000 miles in three weeks and never missed a beat! The car just feels right...almost like an extension of my body(yep weird)...the leather seats...precise steering...grip...total control and just a sheer joy to drive. It makes me smile....I was only supposed to keep it until our family/friends had returned home...but I can't bare the thought of letting her go! All the years I have been working...saving money ...trying to make ends meet...never had a real luxury car other than an Austin Allegro Vanden Plas in bright orange ...this was a treat for myself for once (kids have all gone/grown up) so I thought why not? I have had many cars/minis/Allegros/Toledo's(Triumph) /Citroen BX/Audi/Saab 93/Renault 5/ and many more...all pretty good except for the BX that decided to catch fire ....in a petrol station forecourt! None compare with my BMW 525 se. I mean I am no spring chicken...but quite often I get in my BMW 525 which is parked at a relatives home/garage (safer place) due to the toe rags who live on our road and i just drive for miles and miles and miles (on my own)...road to nowhere but what the heck....because I love driving a car once again and this is all down to BMW who have made an oldish man feel like a young man once again and enjoying driving!(Not so keen on service bills though which soon bring me down to reality)!lol
  9. 16,000 mile E39 540 anyone?

    Stunning car.
  10. Petrol warning light...

    Thanks for all the advice and links guys....very much appreciated.
  11. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    Mike Brewer (Or should that be Brew as he always had a cup of tea in his hand while Ed did all the work)? No Ed China so no point in watching it for me as he was the star of the show! And why did they go to the blooming US of A to film a series? I wonder what Ed is doing now....I would guess Brewer might be working somewhere down south in a Burger wagon!lol
  12. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    That's a no then mate? No see where you are coming from....will get round to giving her the attention she deserves but with me flogging my home at the moment money is tight(and time)!
  13. Petrol warning light...

    Thanks Luke for the advice mate. Looks more and more likely I am going to have to get my hands dirty again!
  14. Petrol warning light...

    Sadly I have been guilty of running low a couple of times recently due to running two cars at once and not filling up in the BMW as often I should do (Car seems to like Shell unleaded for some odd reason) When the warning light comes on how much fuel is still left in the tank guys? I really want to get the car serviced too (probably at a local indie in Notts who have great reviews on the net/Facebook) but with selling a house and all the costs involved I am struggling! BMW charge about £389 for a service I think?(Inspection 2) Tempted to service it myself!(save dosh)!# What oil do I need and how much?(Both engine/power steering/brake/clutch). Is it worth doing a gear box oil change (50,000 on clock)? Where do I get my filters from?(Pollen/oil/fuel/air). How do I reset the service warning light?(On two now)! Rocker cover gasket leaking a bit which I have been told could cause issues! Anyone in the Notts area who can help me to service it/offer help/tips would be greatly appreciated . 525 SE Auto 2001
  15. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Would you do mine for a £10 mate?