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  1. After some digging around looks like peugeot did start off making diesel hybrids and then killed off the project
  2. Any one heard of anything diesel hybrids being produced
  3. Media seem to make out that petrol cars actually give out oxygen when burnt. Media fail to mention that petrol cars give out more CO then diesel.
  4. it now says 190 miles left so will see how long it stays on there for. Hopefully i can get 2k miles out of it
  5. The local garage said there is 2-3mm of pad left near the sensor. I had an oil change at 136,000 I am currently at 143,500 i plan to have a full service carried out at 146,000. would my pads last that long?
  6. I called Partridge BMW of southampton who told me in a nice way to bugger off as they dont price match. looks like snows BMW in portsmouth it is
  7. I had a few mates who had a bad experience with bartley
  8. Called Bmw Southampton. They said pads are 199 fitted. Or if i buy tge kit its 187 pounds. I called snows bmw in the next town they said 171 fitted. I also gonna need a major service in 2000 miles and asked them for a quote. Oil , oil filter, cabin filter, fuel filter and brake fluid for 471 inch labour and vat Would Southampton bmw match the price you think ? As its local
  9. Had my pads check there is around 4mm on the outer pads and around 2-3 mm on the inner pads. The sensor is on the nearside and it looks like its almost touching the disc. So looks like i need a new set of pads. The garage i took it to said they had issues when it came to resetting the pads after fitting them and that it maybe something only the dealer will be able to do.
  10. Met this guy in leeds who fixed my module for 250 fitted would definately reccommend as the dealer sells the modules for 350. Now i have my angel eyes working and self leveling
  11. I actually got the retrofit done by a guy in derby. He fitted the NBT and bluetooth. for around 1k but it was worth it as i have full steering wheel controls, latest maps and can save my the 6 points that i would have got on my licence as i use my phone all the time when driving.
  12. Matthew if the pads turn out to still have meat on them what do i do about the service brake pads in 350 miles warning ?
  13. On my F11 530d. Previously it showed i had 11000 miles before pads needed changing. Im on a trip in Scotland and all of a sudden a service in 350 miles message come up. It says brake pads need servicing in 350 miles ??? Any advice ? Apart from ger brakes checked out. Also what are good pads to put on this car or just go for genuine ??
  14. Turns out i had a nail in my tyre which was causing the loss in pressure. When i took out cover for my F11 530D from the RAC the lady did talk me into buying the 60£ tyre cover. Im glad i did as RAC replaced my run flat tyre which would have cost me 150. I'm allowed 5 tyres to be replaced every year.
  15. On my F11 If i got a nail in my run flat tyres how will i know about it ? it is the tyre pressure monitor will warn me about it (assuming its working)