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  1. Brake warning light F11

    I had them replaced today there was just about 3mm left on there. So Snows BMW replaced the pads but discs are in good order so no need to change them. Cost £161.10. i'm going to europe tomorrow so i didnt wanna be a cheapstake and then suddenly find i need to change discs too.
  2. Brake warning light F11

    im doing to the dealer tomorrow to get the pads changed. They said they will check if the discs need doing then i will do pads and discs together if required. I got to get it done asap as im got my appointment with ZF on friday, So i dont wanna be metal to metal on some autobhan.
  3. Brake warning light F11

    My I drive is still telling me there is 8000 miles left on rear pads even though i got the red triangle and warning lights telling me to drive moderately
  4. Brake warning light F11

    mines a 530D
  5. I was driving on the motorway when all of a sudden warning light in red saying drive moderately brake system something or other you need pads. I pulled over to take a look and it appears that my rear pads are low maybe2-3mm. But i cant see the inner pads to see what condition they are in. On the I drive it says rear brakes need doing in 8000 miles or is that refering to the discs. I can only assume that the sensor wire has been activated. The dealer wants 170 for pads all in and if i need discs and pads i think its 300 all in. How many mm should my discs have on them so its just a pad change.
  6. Start / Stop

    what i said probably come out wrong. what i meant to say is as soon as i get off the motorway and stop at the lights or a round about the start stop will kick in and turn my engine off. Of course i was thinking about the damage that it was causing to my engine let alone the turbo. So i coded it to only come on when i press the button for start and stop like when im in traffic etc
  7. Start / Stop

    mine turns it off after a motorway blast. so now i have coded it with carly. Only to come on when i press the button
  8. was it just a gearbox oil change or was it a flush and other stuff
  9. Samsung S8 with BMW apps

    I had a NBT unit retro fitted and the guy coded it so that i can stream songs from my android phone via blue tooth. maybe this is something you can do with the carly app maybe
  10. Is it still a requirement to have sealed breathalysers while driving in France. someone told me that they recently stopped requesting you carry this in your car etc. Found mixed reviews online
  11. F series Gearbox video made by ZF

    Yes Germany Dortmund. Nottingham don't carry out services I asked them before. The guy there at Nottingham told me that if BMW says life on gearbox oil change then it means life (i think he was trying to be careful with words). My Gearbox has 150k on it and since i purchased it from Lancashire constabulary i have put 20k on it already (i ave owned it for 9 months). Under the freedom of information act they gave me the service history and it was maintained in-house. But they refuse to tell me if they did a Gearbox oil change and service history just says oil change, service A & B. Zf for 540 Euros will service my gearbox which includes. Oil drain including TC, oil and new pan. They said they will also strip the Mechatronic and clean that out and change parts. If my gearbox has a problem they said they will repair it and if i need a new gearbox they would be willing to do an exchange for 2000 euros for a new box. Not that there is anything wrong with mine but i would like to get it serviced of course as i will like to keep the car for a while. At least me and the wife can get a weekend away too.
  12. F series Gearbox video made by ZF

    I'm booked in at ZF for the 23rd March. I will let everyone know how it goes and updates with pics etc
  13. Side/Daytime Lights Fault

    No wd40, use a hair dryer and take a look at it or use a special cleaner for pcb boards.. I had module go on mine
  14. Side/Daytime Lights Fault

    Could it be that module which is with in the headlights playing up ?
  15. Anyone have any issues with 530D N57 engine