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  1. sams255

    F10 new ownership thoughts

    The 520d sound awful but the 530d sound a great deal better and have a throaty ness to it
  2. sams255

    Drivng in France

    in my 2012 January F11 I was told that they have a flat beam so you don't have to do anything apart from buy that road toolkit etc from eBay that you keep in the boot. I remember i read a BMW technical update which said they got rid of the switch in the headlight unit and had a flat beam instead. The F11/F10 in 2011 had a switch that they had to pull in the actual headlight unit (which would be accessed by taking the wheel off and putting your hand through a wheel arch to access a panel).
  3. sams255

    Brake Pads replacement

    Discs normally would last 2 pad changes. That's what I have found in my 530D
  4. sams255

    Brake Pads replacement

    I had the dealer (snows BMW) do my rear brake pads for 161 pounds. so worth a try
  5. sams255

    F11 Brake disc scoring

    The scoring on mine disappeared after a while
  6. Remember Matthew they don't work weekends so you will have to get an appointment for Friday
  7. ZF didnt just do a fluid change for me. I had my Valve body stripped new parts put in ,Ball bearings, springs and other electronic bits updated and they cleaned out all the small channels that get filled up with gunk in the valve body. I had the oil sucked out of the Torque converter which ZF said is better than doing a flush. Guess what they also did they drained my diff oil and put in new oil in there too. In total they Used 15 litres of oil. BMW dealer refused to do all of this here as they said its sealed for life. I couldn't find a gearbox specialist to do all that work for 500 euros
  8. sams255

    Air Suspension again

    how much was a compressor out of interest ?
  9. I suppose if your car hasn't done a great deal of mileage then its ok to change the oil at home. But for anyone who hasn't had an oil change and you're up to 100k then you need to get it done by a specialist or ZF who will strip and clean valve body and drain the torque converter. Normal oil changes don't really get the oil out of the torque converter it has to be sucked out apparently. my cars up to nearly 160k now and I must say since getting the Gearbox oil changed it does feel good and like new.
  10. sams255

    Remanufactured Turbo Vs New (F10/F11)

    I have never changed a turbo on my cars either. My golf mk4 did 250k on original clutch amd turbo. I went to see the indy and had some oil misting checked out. He said that BMW need to changed turbos around every 100k as thwy are constantly spinning. I have never owned a bmw before so i dont know. I thought if my problem gets worse then i might need a turbo. I looked online and it is an eye watering amount for a new one. Some companies can rebuild your turbo for a couple of hundred pounds.
  11. Has anyone had to replace a turbo on their F10/F11 if so what did they go for new of remanufactured/Recon ? at some point hopefully way in the future i know that my turbo will have to be replaced. I have heard of people fitting Remanufactured or Recon turbos to their cars. Just wanted to know what the general feeling it out there
  12. sams255

    F11 530D oil Level

    My car Is now at 154k and the fill 1-litre oil on warning light has come on again. I filled 1 litre around 150k. Couldn't see anything obvious but today I found out there was a dip stick and checked that (although the engine was warm, see pics below) i have now noticed oilly splash near the AGR manifold maybe some hose is cracking or something see pics below. But dipstick seems to show an ok amount even for a warm engine. so could it be a faulty oil sensor and or split damaged pipe
  13. sams255

    Servicing Question

    yea i have seen some independents who are linked up to BMW's main database in Germany. Me personally you can never go wrong with a service book. Blank ones are available from eBay cos thats where i got mine from
  14. sams255

    520D Msport F11 Auto Gearbox

    If you need a new box. ZF will do an exchange for 2000 euros and 600 fitting. For a new box only catch is you got to go to dortmund germany.
  15. sams255

    F11 Brake disc scoring

    Just had my free check at Kwik-Fit. The guy was not a teenage kid like the regular staff. He took one look and said it looks like new pads have been put on old discs and there seems to be surface corrosion or maybe slight bit of debris on there from the old pads before they changed it over. He said its not scoring he took off the rear wheels and showed me and i could get a proper feel and he's right. As I have been cursed with the sausage fingers and large hands it was hard for me to touch the discs through the alloys to check if it was scored. But i suppose optical illusion. Now i can cancel the BMW appointment and have saved myself the embarrassment and a charge for looking at the discs