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  1. sams255

    F11 8 speed Gearbox oil change

    I got on very well and the car is much better then it was. I know it was preventative maintenance. But if you plan to keep your car forever then do get it done. If you get it done from ZF they will do a strip down and replace parts (rather then just oil change) any questions do let me know
  2. Idrive doesn't seem to be pulling all my numbers that are on my android phone. Is there something i haven't done correctly or an update button
  3. sams255

    Towbar as protection?

    So what your saying is maybe get a towbar fitted and maybe the one that retracts, so if we do go into any danger areas we could have it come out like Armour when needed
  4. sams255

    F11 Screen upgrade - help required!!!

    You could always try to aftermarket android head or this guy seems to offer everything plus fitting. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-f10-f11-f01-NBT-navigation-touchpad-professional-idrive-sat-navi-retrofit/123307036128?hash=item1cb5ac0de0:g:GjIAAOSwfZ1Wbo9i
  5. sams255

    F11 Screen upgrade - help required!!!

    It aint that much, to upgrade i had my upgraded and so much more work done for less then that. mine didnt have a usbport, or bluetooth. I had a NBT unit put in, bluetooth, usb, all coded everyting for around 1k from a guy i found on ebay who is based in derby. It was worth it as i use the car often for town and motorway runs.
  6. sams255

    F11 Screen upgrade - help required!!!

    I had the 7inch unit and had the 10inch NBT unit upgrade, i needed a new head unit coding and wiring done as well. I didn't have Bluetooth either or USB so that was added in the cost. But once it was done it was impressive and have thought it was money well spent. also to recoup some of the cost, sell your old head unit etc on ebay at least you will claw some of the money back
  7. sams255

    DPF Regen every 300 miles

    maybe it requires a clean by those specialists etc who fill it up with that foam etc. Whats the average life of a PDF
  8. sams255

    DPF Regen every 300 miles

    mines at like 156k, does that mean there is something up with our car. I see you also have a 530D same as me
  9. sams255

    DPF Regen every 300 miles

    Same here, so just wanted to check if 300 miles was the norm. Its good to see everyone has similar regens times
  10. I plugged in my Carly app and out of interest looked at how often the f11 530d is regenerating. It appears to be every 300 or so miles. Is that too often ? What are other 530/520d owners getting
  11. sams255

    Idrive NBT

    I have a large audio file that i listen to (2 hours etc ) on the Idrive NBT connected via USB, I was wondering is there anyway of speeding up the forward button. when you want to forward it seems ages to forward just a few mins let alone 30-50 mins into the audio file. Is there any settings that you can change 2x or 4x or 6x ?
  12. sams255

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    Da Dakota, well done for doing it yourself, its shocking to see the size of the BMW speaker magnet compared to the Eton one. I also had issues with the door handle trim, but i watched the Bav sound video a couple of times and slowly did it. I know there isn't a cheaper option but I thought these Eton were the cheapest and best option available. They do really make a difference
  13. sams255

    F11/F10 530d Oil burning

    Im not sure, there is no smoke coming out of exhaust and the engine bay is dry. The only thing it could be is turbo ?maybe get someone to check if the seals are gone etc
  14. sams255

    F11/F10 530d Oil burning

    Anyone know of any turbo failure on this type of engine at that mileage? DPF filter is doing its thing every 400-500 miles and is clear, there is no smoke no drips in the engine bay.