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  1. Air Suspension F11

    Another air suspension question. My right side sometimes drops within a day and then its fine for the week. If i put anything heavy in like Cement bags then both sides drop if the bags are left in overnight. What do you guys think it could be a leaky valve? anyone recommend a decent independent in the Southampton area.
  2. RED X?

    when i had my oil changed by the dealer they asked me if i wanted an official BMW additive put in i think it was like 15 pounds extra. The guy said it for cleaning injectors etc (similar to what redex is supposed to do) if you want i can dig out the part number from my old invoice
  3. 'Normal' air suspension failure symptoms

    Simon who did you get to fit the two airbags ?
  4. I didn't like chandlers ford either. Anyone tried snows Portsmouth I'm looking to try them towards the end of the month.
  5. F11 Eco mode judder

    I have all the symptoms you describe, i guess its normal in eco for that type of behaviour
  6. F11 Eco mode judder

    I was on the motorway yesterday and of course had it in cheap stake mode (eco) even at 50-70 mph it felt like the car was juddering and wanted to stall (not that it did) the rpm were being held hovering around 1 and it kept holding it there. Is this normal of course when in comfort or sports there is no issue. Any ideas ?do i need a gearbox oil change or is this normal ?
  7. just purchased F11 Ex police car

    In my Ex police car, only the front speakers were cut. It was cheaper and easier for the guy to run a new set of wires and connect them up to the head unit etc. It might be worth your while taking it to those aftermarket car stereo places. They may be able to sort through the mess of all the other wiring that the cops have just cut and left in the car.
  8. Sat nav randomly thinks I'm in a field

    i have 2017-2 maps for nbt and in some areas, they have not been updated. I was driving from Glasgow to Edinburgh and on that nice new road that leads to Edinburgh my sat nav was thinking there were roundabouts and all sorts on there. That road seems to be maybe a couple of years old. How often do bmw even update maps
  9. Adding Nav?

    my F11 is a Jan 2012. The NBT the guy fitted gave me full functionality. But of course, you have to look at your pocket and go with the option your most capable of completing
  10. Adding Nav?

    Mark, i purchased an F11 and it didn't have NAV or Bluetooth. I paid just over 1000 for Bluetooth and NBT nav (wide screen one). It had the combox built in so it needed nothing in the boot. It also included fitting and coding, I found the guy on eBay. If you are interested given the forum rules on advertising you can send me a private message and I can let you know the guys' details on eBay. The guy I used had his own garage etc and gave me a proper invoice etc.
  11. You need to be careful what you buy. I had a usb/aux port installed where the aux cable is in the arm rest. Again it will work out better if you get nbt unit as combox is built in and you wont need to run wires to the boot. You will need someone to code it. Also depending how much headache you want you , you can buy parts yourself but make sure you get the correct parts. I knew someone who was trying to do it themselves and ended up making expensive mistakes by buying wrong parts and not being able to return it. It might be better to bite the bullet and get someone to install it for you. Your going to need to run bluetooth wires in headliner, lift up arm rest, centre console to run usb. Mine being an ex police car there were so many more random wiring looms behind head unit /lcd but as the guy i knew did work on many police cars before he fiitted nbt, bluetooth etc quickly. So it is something to think about especially when there isnt a hayes manual.
  12. from the picture of the red circled module (on the previous page), it looks like its the module that is on the back or attached to the actual LCD unit
  13. The back of the radio i had taken out of my police car looked like this. I sold it on ebay to someone in Ireland here is a picture
  14. Interesting

    I have an Ex police car 530D. I looked at the maintenance report on it from its life on what work has been done on it by the police. It all seems to be servicing and a few issues with auxiliary battery, headlight replacement