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  1. For that money go to dortmund and get ZF to do it. At least you will get more for your money. Not just a drain a refil but a strip down and cleaning and refil.
  2. sams255

    Goodbye F10...

    How much are these F11's going for these days for a 62 plate. Has the price come down much since the new G variant been released?
  3. Get the F11 its way more practical. I have a 530D f11 with a N57 engine and i have never regretted it. If you are to have any issues it most likely won't be engine related it will most likely be things like the rear air suspension bag. They tend to go on them as BMW were cheap-stakes on the rubber. The aftermarket replacements are so much better. Do go for one that has been serviced regularly. I at a minimum change the oil every 10k.
  4. sams255

    What's your best range from a tank?

    I recently drove to Belgium and back and with a full tank on my F11 530D N57 i got around 660miles. That is the best i have ever seen
  5. sams255

    Idrive NBT Phone book update

    Just an update, on other forums I was told that i would need this app as it will force the phone book to sync with NBT i drive, so i downloaded the app on Android called "Bluetooth Phonebook " (purchased it for £1.20) so now it pushed all the phone numbers through and constantly keeps it updated.
  6. sams255

    Your day to day mode?

    What version of maps have you updated too.I suppose 2019-1 isnt out yet
  7. just an on off one.
  8. The bulb had been out for some time in the glove box and took a look online and found these LED replacements on eBay. They are a straight swap over, just pull out the housing and swap over. Made my glovebox and tailgate interior a great deal brighter. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LED-Glove-Box-Door-Luggage-Footwell-Interior-Light-Lamp-BMW-1-3-5-Series-F20-F21/362302951954?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  9. sams255

    Parking ticket Belgium

    paid the ticket through transfer wise in euros. The fee was 89p vs my bank who wanted 11pounds so if anyone has any tickets to pay. Use transfer wise
  10. sams255

    Parking ticket Belgium

    Thanks for the link, i saw your post too late, (i tried to do the online chat but i was late for that) i will just send the payment now. Thanks, Sjak and Carlton and everyone else for you help
  11. sams255

    Parking ticket Belgium

    Need some translatation with help from carlton does gestructureerde mededeling mean thats my reference number ? on translate it says structured communication.
  12. sams255

    Parking ticket Belgium

    lets see what carlton has to say with translations etc. I did read elsewhere on TripAdvisor etc that people in the US had issues with paying tickets etc. Some people from the UK and other countries who got tickets just didn't bother paying them.
  13. sams255

    Coded NBT, over written by BMW?

    Did you get a software update in the end or ?
  14. sams255

    Parking ticket Belgium

    Here you go. My car reg it appears he put down as 0 (zero) when in fact it should be O.
  15. Drove to Belgium this weekend and got a 30 Euro parking ticket in Ghent. It has some bank account numbers on there the rest seems to be in Flemish. Anyone got one of these before and how did you go about paying it ? I read on other forums that some people don't bother paying it and leave it. ??