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  1. I was told by the dealer if i have any symptoms ie losing coolant etc. call BMW assist and they will arrange a hire car and recover your car to the dealer. if it turns out there is no problem with the EGR there will be no charge for the other stuff. But she said maybe with the hire car you may have to pay 50 pounds etc
  2. sams255

    F11 water pumps

    just took a look at costs on the N57 they are cheap around 50-80 pounds for the aftermarket. Not so sure about Genuine but don't expect to be that much more expensive. Looking at the diagram and photos of the water pump, it appears to be just like the old mechanical ones with a metal impeller and belt driven. that's probably why we don't really hear of them failing. Probably ditched those electronic ones
  3. sams255

    F11 water pumps

    so when should one be changed?im racking up the miles on my f11. up to 165k soon. i dont think its been changed in its life. or do you wait till it stops working etc
  4. sams255

    F11 Reliability

    Me personally i don't bother looking at the average over the entire life. I just look at average per tank. in town im getting in my 530D 550miles for a 70-litre tank. and on the motorway with sensible driving, I'm getting 600-650 miles per tank, Sometimes if I wanna drive in sports mode all the time I will get maybe 450 miles per tank.
  5. sams255

    F11 water pumps

    A mate of mine has the previous 5 series and said his water pump failed. I completely forgot about that as a serviceable item. I just wanted to know if anyone ever had any issues with waters pumps on the F series especially diesel. When is the water pump recommended to be changed? Normally you would do it when you do the cam belt but seeing as we have chains i don't think its on anyone's minds. what is everyone's thoughts?
  6. sams255

    530d remap

    hows does remapping affect your engine in the long term? does it cause excessive wear?
  7. I emailed my dealer to see what they will do she said they will check first and then replace if necessary, she did then ask me if I'm having any EGR symptoms. I just lied and said im frequently topping up coolant. Its going in march and i will give the same bullshit story. Hopefully, they will just change it anyway and the manifold etc. At least get some new parts on there.
  8. Just enter your plate on the Check mot thingy on the government website and it should come up. Or call your local dealer.
  9. sams255

    F11 Reliability

    In times of high fuel prices those of us who do high mileage have no choice in going for N55 (porn-star) , we have to settle for the N57 (porns-stars sister). Not exactly the same kinda ride, but somewhat similar
  10. I have heard mixed things. a dealer near my house said we will check EGR first. Another dealer 20 miles away said we will change the cooler, the manifold and EGR as well regardless. Not sure though. I suppose some dealers will be making money off BMW HQ, claiming that it failed and then carrying out the other repairs and then invoicing BMW hq for the warranty/recall.
  11. sams255

    F11 Reliability

    blocked DPF is a rare one on the F11/F10. These cars are constantly regenerating every 500-600 miles. compared to other BMWs like E87 1 series which does it after a few 1000 KM. The EGR thing has now been addressed by the recall, again I have changed my rear air suspension 1 side. Went for an aftermarket one as apparently, they are better than OE version. My F11 530d is a 2012 and it's really robust, taken it to Europe loads of times and put a roof box on top and gone to Scotland/Ireland. I don't like the Run-flat tyres that's the only other thing that will cost you.
  12. sams255

    Service intervals

    I was asked by someone what are the service intervals for 5 Series/ 530d. 10K for oil what about for fuel filter, air filter and microfilter? are you guys doing it by mileage or time like every 2 years?
  13. This morning it's gone even stranger. The yellow triangle warning from my speedo has gone. I drive showing low level but nothing in the fault section. Would a fault sensor do this or would some software issue on idrive do this ??
  14. The dip stick is halfway and so is the Idrive. But frequently the Idrive will all of a sudden have a moment where its saying its low and refil. But when i check dip stick its still half. The sensor will sort it self out around 30 mins or a few moments later. Im not sure how the sensor works if there is like moving parts on there or if its just working on checking the resistance when the oil is in contact at certain points. So im not sure if cleaning it will clear minor debris etc. I suppose it will see what deals euro car parts has on oil and just drop the oil and take the sensor out and clean it with brake cleaner or contact cleaner and see if it helps.
  15. Got another low oil message to fill up with a litre and then 10 mins later the Idrive went back up to half full, that's got to be an oil level sensor issue right? I took a look online for a replacement oil sensor and i saw loads for the other variants of BMW's for like 20-50 pounds. But I couldn't find one for f11 530D. Emailed cotswold BMW and they gave me the part number and the price of an oil level sensor is an eye-watering £157. any other tests to make sure its the sensor ?