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  1. MKLad, i saw yours on the forum and am looking forward to an in depth road test report. Love the Ivory White interior but it would last seconds with my 3 kids on it. Cognac for me!! 3 and a bit weeks to wait. I'm really looking forward to going from 184bhp to 248 along with the relative quiet of the petrol engine...
  2. I'm a current F10 520d Luxury company car driver and I've just ordered a 530e for delivery in July (!), I'm hoping June. I've looked everywhere for a review of the 530e by someone that has actually driven one and can find nothing - not a thing. Anyone know of any published first drives or anyone got one on here who can tell us about it? My Spec is: 530e SE Glacier Silver Variable damper Control BMW Loudspeaker upgrade heated front and rear seats heated steering wheel Display Key Tim