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  1. Hi Everyone, Thank you - I feel quite silly now, especially with the door unlock. I appreciate you taking all taking the time. I'll explore the climate control settings today - it was just so easy in the F10!! MPG - I haven't charged at all yet, have done 1300 miles and have an average of 35.1MPG. I guess I'm at the bottom end of MPG with long trips and high mileage. You're probably at the top end MKLAD, if you only have a short commute and charge nightly. If I charged, I'm sure I would get around 40MPG, which is what my F10 520d use to get. I'm not complaining though, the tax saving makes it worthwhile.
  2. 1. Feel free to lambast me unmercilessly here, but where is the button to unlock all the doors when you are have stopped the car? Say I'm driving along and stop to pick up passengers, I used to press the unlock button on my F10 and the doors unlock and everybody gets in. There doesn't appear to be one in the G30. I stop, everyone tries the door handles, knocks on the window and shouts 'unlock the doors' whilst pointing to the door lock indicator - I am scrambling about trying to find my key which is in my jacket pocket because i don't need it once I'm in the car. Tell me I've just missed the button.... 2. I used to love the fact you could set the F10 to be as hot as you wished but still had the ability to blow lovely cool air in your face - I'm thinking that has gone now but again, I'm happy to be wrong... Tiny things, I know...thanks for your help in advance. Tim
  3. My 530e has arrived!

    Nice MKLad, I'm intrigued to find out what your mpg is....
  4. My new 530e has arrived!

    JDR - yes, you can set it to recharge constantly which hammers the mpg or you just use it in e-Auto mode which manages everything for you and keeps a bit of charge in the battery for acceleration. sjak92 - despite my suspicions originally I really like the cognac colour. It doesn't show the dirt like a beige or white would and gives the cabin a really warm feel. I like it but it is all down to your individual taste. I've had beige and black and I prefer it to both of those.
  5. My new 530e has arrived!

    So far, with no plug in charging, I have covered 450 miles and the mpg is 31.... It would appear that you need to use the plug in charging if you are going to get anywhere near decent mileage, which might help with the range which is 390 from a full tank (all 45 litres of it!). MKLad - The leather has been a hit with everyone who has seen it in the flesh. It gives the cabin a lovely spacious, light feel. Getting back in my F10, which is all black, feels like stepping into a Goth's bedroom... Enjoy your first drive and make sure to post some pics, especially of that Ivory leather while it is still pristine!!
  6. My new 530e has arrived!

    Hmmm...forget the 148mpg they brag about. I consistently got 40mpg with the 520d. I've got 25mpg today but that is probably not representative driving. We'll see how it is after a few long trips. The issue may be the range - I would get 600miles from a full tank of diesel and this is telling me 400miles. I guess it is going from a 70l tank to a 40l one. It's a bit worrying as I do 30K a year - that's a lot more time spent at the petrol station.
  7. Hi All, I picked my 530e SE up from the dealer this morning and I thought you might like a few pics and my first impressions. The dealer said it was the first they had supplied and one of the first in the country. When i ordered it in April they gave a July delivery date, so it was a nice surprise to get the call. I previously drove an F10 520d so that is the baseline I'm comparing to. The first thing that you notice is what a big improvement there is in the dash - it's very different from the F10. I specified the Variable Damper Control as I had in my previous one and there are the normal Sport and comfort settings but the comfort + setting is missing. They have added an 'adaptive' button alongside, I presume that is an on the fly adjustment depending on how you drive it. If anyone knows what it is then let us know. The other major difference is boot space - i know they have reduced it to fit the batteries but it is surprisingly small. If you have a lot to carry around check it out before you commit. Some reviews said the petrol engine was buzzy but after the diesel clatter it seems very quiet, with a high but nice sounding note. Performance wise, it is considerably faster than the 520d and the torque that comes on when the electric motor kicks in is very good - it doesn't match the growl and the power band of a 530d, but it is rapid. I specced the upgraded speakers and they sound great and I am sure the heated steering wheel and front and rear heated seats will be welcomed in the winter. There was 1 thing I did spec and shouldn't have and one that I didn't spec and should have. The display key is a giant gimmick. It's huge and looks very cool but really does nothing worth while and you can't attach other keys to it. I didn't spec the Soft Close Doors which I have had for several 5's, mainly because my kids have grown up and won't trap their fingers anymore. However after 10 years of having them I can't close the door properly anymore and keep leaving it on the latch expecting it to close itself!! My issue, I know. After a day of ownership, I love the car. It's fast, quiet, comfortable and beautifully put together. The downsides are the small boot and the lifelessness in the wheel, which improves with the Sport setting but doesn't get anywhere near the feel of an E60 - where did that feedback go? Maybe it is hidden in the options..... Hope this was interesting for you - happy to answer any questions... Tim Ps Don't ask about the charger - i will never use it. This is a P11D car!! PPs Not quite sure the Cognac seats work, but I had black previously, white and cream get too dirty so I went with them. I'll grow to like them.
  8. Where are the 530e reviews?

    It's not the 530d I would have if privately owned but as a company car, it makes perfect sense. It's quicker than my 520d and much, much less generous to HMRC. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. M550d X Drive - 395 HP, Quad Turbo, 760NM !

    You should be worried Andrew, mine blew in my 14 plate F10 at 60,000 miles. It made some spectacular smoke. The AA man told me it was because there was no oil in the sump. I asked him to guess what made that dense fog of white smoke when the turbo went.... All replaced under warranty but what a hassle...
  10. Where are the 530e reviews?

    MKLad, i saw yours on the forum and am looking forward to an in depth road test report. Love the Ivory White interior but it would last seconds with my 3 kids on it. Cognac for me!! 3 and a bit weeks to wait. I'm really looking forward to going from 184bhp to 248 along with the relative quiet of the petrol engine...
  11. I'm a current F10 520d Luxury company car driver and I've just ordered a 530e for delivery in July (!), I'm hoping June. I've looked everywhere for a review of the 530e by someone that has actually driven one and can find nothing - not a thing. Anyone know of any published first drives or anyone got one on here who can tell us about it? My Spec is: 530e SE Glacier Silver Variable damper Control BMW Loudspeaker upgrade heated front and rear seats heated steering wheel Display Key Tim