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  1. just seen the review from "Autogefuhl" tahst shows the Touring do a lane change on its own during autonomous driving @ 30m:15s / 38m:58s
  2. My car is on its way ( 9605 - Pre EU Port of Exit ) hopefully arrive 20th
  3. Looks lovely inside , can't wait for my G31 ( 1 month to go )
  4. hopefully the lane change assist will be coding retrofit
  5. yes brought forward then can get vin and download owners manual to get ready for it
  6. we will have to see my production starts May 8
  7. Lane change assistant: assistance for comfortable and automatic lane changing in a speed range of between 43-80 mph via a long press of the indicator. EXPECTED AVAILABILITY FROM 07/2017 PRODUCTION bmw genius has confirmed this as true what you said pity
  8. BMW genius are looking into it , my production has moved forward to 22 May , so looks like i'll get it on launch day
  9. well the website for G30 says even when changing lanes
  10. asking BMW Genuis now about it
  11. DRIVING ASSISTANT PLUS. You’ll find a willing helper in the optional Driving Assistant Plus. Entrust it with important but monotonous tasks. The optional Driving Assistant Plus package enables automated driving in certain situations such as traffic jams, slow-moving traffic or on long journeys. And even when changing lanes, you are in good hands.
  12. what spec did you go for ?
  13. £500
  14. Same but went to someone that does it everyday , not Mechanic garage trained to fix and service cars to do it etc
  15. I ask bmw genius chat service on , just give them your order number , the schedule can change closer to the date as things move up ( closer ) when i first ordered was told i would have it on launch day (3rd June ) its currently sitting on the system for 26th June but once BMW starts production things may move quicker, Once my car Arrives its going straight to a Professional Valet for a 3day super Valet and Ceramic Pro Protection in and out