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  1. TARBY, i pressed the sports button today and it may have been wishful thinking but the braking judder pretty much disappears! Tried this at all different speeds and i couldn't feel it at all which i find really strange...my short term fix is to keep the sports button on at all time now Ha!
  2. Brakes are not something i've swapped to see if makes a difference as it was only done last year. I've got Zimmerman's on the front with brembo pads
  3. Sure we don't have the same cars? That's identical to mine, starting happening not long after having the car and happens on light braking but not heavy.
  4. I'm similar to you TARBY, had all new tyres and hunter alignment and balancing done. Vibration whilst driving @ 70 - 80 have disappeared and the vibration when braking has been reduced allot but still present. All disc and pads were inspected and no lip wear etc.
  5. It's seems to be the generic response these days....I had the same for my partners Z4 which was obviously in transport mode and the aircon wasn't working since a new battery was installed. They also wanted £99 to determine the issue and further labour to remove transport mode ontop! So as they wanted 3-4 times the price of everyone else they lost the business unfortunately despite me asking several times for a quote just to remove transport mode.
  6. roundy

    Idrive NBT

    I don't have the NBT but I'd probably break the 2 hour audio file into tracks to make it easy to skip through. Easy enough to do with the right app on a pc.
  7. Yes, always had a compressor and Tyreweld in the car since the honda civic days and worse case scenario the AA
  8. Swapped my run flats last week for a full set of none run flat Kumho Ecsta LE Sport KU39 245/275 and the cars judder @ 70mph has gone completely after it's been on the hunter alignment system. Judder when breaking is still presnt ever so slightly so still some work to be done. Very happy with the tyres from what i've tested so far, bargain at £325 for a full set with my works discount from Tyreleader, had to wait 4 days for them to arrive but I've saved allot instead of having them from my local fitters. Thought i would share my news anyway as this has been driving me mad for ages!
  9. roundy

    old problem has returned :(

    Looks like a i need a new FRM3 module now after all the testing. Great!
  10. roundy

    Phone mounts.

    I'm using this and very happy with it, even holds a heavy S8+ with protective case. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01D40U016/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I managed to get this working with Carly and it's covering the basics
  12. roundy

    Door lock pin rattle - solved

    I did the same, it's the small things in life isn't it that make a big difference
  13. Found my old ELM327 out of a box of computer parts. This is working for basic clearing faults and diagnostics but i wouldn't risk it for coding etc. Least people know if anyone ever loses the Carly dongle and doesn't want to use pc software etc.
  14. Left/right Bmw side light failure / vertical head light issue has returned which has really annoyed me!! Seeing as i replaced both of the TMS modules not so long ago it's a shame i'm dealing with this again so soon. The original seller has replaced both again twice, without fail but my issue is one module works and the other won't. The working one will work right and left and the other one throws up the error regardless off which side it's in so i'm abit puzzled to be honest. To be clear i've used 2 different ebay sellers so not the same supplier both times. The working module - Lights turn on when door is opened/engine on, work normally etc The none working module - Lights don't come at startup but work as they should when the lights are switched on the driving. Just wondering have i been unlucky and had bad modules delivered. Only Error i have now is from Carly - :LM LIN bus error TMS Links Code 800FC8 I'm actually thinking of just taking the car to BMW as i'm losing my patience with this car.
  15. Glad to see you are seeing good results.