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  1. You don't sound like an arse at all John, i'm having work done on mine this weekend so will have them look into this. I'd rather it be a bush problem to be honest than messing with brakes/disks/wheel alignment etc. Does anyone know the cost of a wheel bush at at all guys? Cheers.
  2. This was found in another forum and me and Andy m wondered if it could be the issue.. Ive just found this on another post. I know its not a f10 but the symptums sound the same!?? The control arm that goes bad on the BMW E 60 is going to be the front lower control arm (stress arm). Symptoms of the bushing going bad would be when you hit the break or hit the gas you feel movement in your wheel that should not be there. A little play if you want to call it. Another way to tell is when you're hitting your brakes firmly your wheel or wheels will be feeling very bumpy. Kind of like when you have warped rotors, the same feeling as that.other than that you can also YouTube some videos on this. they usually go bad about 90,000 miles or even a little higher for someone who drive their car like a granny. If you are a spirited driver and enjoy driving your vehicle the way it was built to be driven, you will only get 60 to 70 thousand miles on yours. I changed mine out at 60,000.when you do change out your control arms if they are bad, make sure you order your sway bar links as well. They're inexpensive and it is definitely worth doing both of those at the same time. And if you're going to be purchasing a specific brand I would stick with either Meyle HD or Lemforder.
  3. Had mine for two years now.

    I'm approaching the first year with mine and i've covered 8k, my list is a little longer for bits that needed doing but they needed doing so i won't moan. Most recent was a driver headlight module needed replacing Carbon cleaned as it was on offer Glow plug relay and all 6 glow plugs fuse went taking out both usb sockets 2x new rear tyres 2x headlight bulbs failed wipers were worn when purchased so swapped for new Full service/brake fluid change for piece of mind when first purchased Plans for this year... Quad exhaust with rear diffuser Eibach sportline springs Eibach wheel spacers Speaker upgrade - bavsound stage 2 Smoked silver alloy wheel finish - had all 4 them refurbed once and the missed wrecked them in 1 week......NEVER AGAIN! Potential full metallic blue wrap as i love the car when clean but shows way too much dirt/imperfections.
  4. f10 530d fault code help?

    I know I trust very few garages to be fair, i normally have all my work done from an ex BMW specialist who's a family friend. Due to bad health he's out of action for a few months....typical when you need him.
  5. f10 530d fault code help?

    My garage never picked up my faults regarding my glow plugs/relay plug until i mentioned it too them and it was checked on the diagnostic system.
  6. F07 GT 530D Owner and newbie

    Are you in the West Midlands Anil? If so http://www.stourbridgeautomotive.co.uk/ are very good and know the cars inside out.
  7. Side/Daytime Lights Fault

    Thanks for the reply, i'll have a look.
  8. Hi all, Apologies if this has been covered previously but does anyone know the placement of the sensor for this fault? Also would a replacement need coding or a straight swap plug and play? This error happen every so often but now is on 80% of the time, sometimes has no impact on the lights and other times one of the side lights isn't lit. Sometimes a restart of engine clears the fault and it's not seen for the rest of the journey. Thanks
  9. MOT Changes coming in may

    That's a bargain!!!
  10. f10 530d fault code help?

    That's the fault/code i had on mine. I had a local bm specialist double check and they also said all 6 glowplugs needed to be replaced...which was convenient. I was hoping it would just be the relay plug but ending replaced the lot seeing as it was all accessible at the time.
  11. MOT Changes coming in may

    I still have a screw in the side of my runflat tyre, that was not even mentioned on the MOT which surprised me. They did how ever mention both rears are starting to get low.
  12. New Grill Fitted

    I still amazed i managed to remove my original chrome one without breaking it at all!! I'm happy with the new grill though, decided to go down the vinyl sticker route myself instead of the M-Sport covers etc. I think the ebay covers make the grille look cheap to be honest, just covering the face of the slat seemed to be a nice in between for me.
  13. started getting sidelight error codes out of the blue. Everything is working as it should so not too sure why these are popping up all of a sudden.
  14. This is what happened to mine! turned it into a cinema room
  15. Hopefully having them checked this weekend. Trying to make some time to have it all checked, i recently started detailing cars on weekends and i'm struggling for time.