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  1. I've just had an email from Celtic Tuning regarding gearbox tuning for the ZF8 box, has anyone had this done or experiences? info... "We've been developing the software for a while now on the ZF8 automatic gearbox software which we are finally able to offer our customers and our worldwide dealer network. So, what are the benefits of tuning your ZF8 gearbox? All automatic gearboxes have maximum torque limits which prevent the engine from developing its potential maximum power. As an example, the 8HP45X as fitted to the 2.0D 184bhp, has two torque limiters set at 380Nm and 440NM. The 380NM is for 3rd and 6th gears while all others are 440Nm. Once we have lifted the limiters, the engine makes around 450-470NM from our stage 1 tune in EVERY gear, which is a minimum of 70NM in 3rd and 6th gained over a stage 1 tune alone"
  2. roundy

    Retrofit split/folding rear seat F10

    When i purchased my car it was actually sold stating the rear seats folded!!! Wasn't happy when traveled to London to find out that wasn't the case!!! The guy who was selling it had his pa knock up the add in the Autotrader and didn't think it was an issue. That and all 4 wheels had been kerbed but thankfully i managed to knock £800 off the sale! I do still miss the rear seats going down though especially when all previous cars have had the option by default. Would go as far to say my 2008 civic with it's seats down can fit more luggage than my 5 series. I too was hoping the would be a retro fit but may consider swapping my car for a 535 Estate or a A6 Avant as i need the room.
  3. roundy

    Remap or not?

    Agree with the insurance info, i told mine and didn't go up allot at all! May be wrong but would assume you would get more than 60bhp+ on the twin turbo model you have, for example Celtic Tuning claim the following... 400bhp / 570lb/ft
  4. roundy

    Remap or not?

    Not a F11, but loved my car (525 3.0D twin scroll turbo) even more since being remapped and you would have allot more torque than me! Are you already sitting around the 308bhp/465lb figure at the moment? The guy on here called 'Mashed Potatoes' will be able to give you more info as he maps cars the last time i checked.
  5. roundy

    Coding Costs

    I would say modules that needed updating as my car for example hadn't had any since 2011, also had the gearbox reset to see if that could fix an issue i was having.
  6. roundy

    Shaken not stirred.

    Yeah not to sure why it's doing that, I've not really ever uploaded video on this site before. Bet it's probably a weird setting set on my Huawei p20 Pro. It plays if you download it on VLC player but not windows media player.
  7. roundy

    Shaken not stirred.

    My 2011 525D 3.0 - did vibrate a fair amount when first placed on the car. VID_20181006_172607.mp4
  8. roundy

    Coding Costs

    I have used DD coding aswell, £100 flat rate covers anything you want if you don't want to use Carly/software and laptop.
  9. roundy

    Android 7.1 10.25" screen

    any pics?
  10. Covered allot of miles in the last few weeks, maybe 1500+ with Cornwall to Scotland so the car needed a good clean to say the least. I'm happy i had previously applied some good ceramic protection on the body and alloys - quick wash and back to being clean. Have to say this is the first time i've spent allot of time driving this car on motorways and country roads. I did have some Drive Train issues in Cornwall but since then and probably 800+ miles on the car was very pleasant drive and capable car.
  11. roundy

    old problem has returned :(

    They kept the unit after they had shown me all the rust on the connectors, i did how ever keep the sensor and sent that back to seller on ebay.
  12. roundy

    old problem has returned :(

    A new Hella headunit and coding was £600 ish
  13. roundy

    Drivetrain Fault

    Had the car updated and still have the issue with the drivetrain problems, and worse than ever! I'm in Cornwall at the moment and where we pull off the drive we go up hill pretty much immediately, so the car is now having the error/losing power soon as we got the inclide. Just had the car back from an Indy to resolve another issue costing me £600 so I'm reluctant to spend more cash so soon.
  14. roundy

    old problem has returned :(

    Light error fixed, whole new light module installed.
  15. roundy

    old problem has returned :(

    Way thing's are going i'll be selling it, sick of all the problems.