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  1. New front discs have resolved the issue for the time being then? I don't if i can be bothered to swap my zimmerman's over, i've just done a 3 hour journey this morning into work and every time i was braking it's really starting to grind on me now.
  2. Used Carly to read the error code and it came up with a message about the glow plugs. So don't remember which one exactly.
  3. I had something similar on my car and it turned out to be the glow plug relay. Soon as that was replaced it was fine again.
  4. roundy

    drivetrain error

    I have not got round to having the issue looked into unfortunately. The cars cost me allot of money recently with new brakes and a whole front light cluster needing replacing, i'm considering either getting rid or taking our a years insurance as the faults keep on coming!
  5. I wonder if the EMF side things would explain why the breaking judder isn't as bad in Sports mode.
  6. roundy

    drivetrain error

    I've had the issue for sometime, randomly happens but only ever happens at the beginning of a journey. The issue isn't shown in the system check but shows on Carly / code readers etc. Just be mindful if you start any journey's where you may be going onto a motorway/roundabout where you need to start off with abit of pace, it almost caught me out this year and i was very lucky the wasn't a major accident. My car will judder first and feel sluggish so i know when it's going to happen now. When i asked my local indy about it they said it could be anything!
  7. So i find at the beginning of a journey if i carry out some hard braking a few times (about 4-5 times at around 20mph to 50mph) the rest of time i have no judder regardless the speed i'm going. hmmmmmm
  8. I had my rear disc/pads replaced aswell a few weeks back and i still have the issue.
  9. Did have another journey late last night and in some cases it's no where near as bad as before.
  10. Yep going to give the digital thermometer a go.
  11. Just had the front disc's off on mine and removed any of the rust build up (which wasn't removed when the disc's were replaced). Started off great with no judder when testing, then it kicked in after i had been in the car for about 20+ mins and got upto some speed. My issue is only when breaking not anything around 40/50 mark and fading above that speed. So other than new disc's/pads again on the front again i've tried a fair amount. *4x new non run flats & balanced *4 different wheels all & balanced - not powder coated
  12. Same here, balancing was done and new tyres all round, i'll do the braking later tonight to see if that makes any difference. Motorway cruising is still an issue but better than before around the 50 mark, still never understood why it doesn't seem as bad with the sports button on though.