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  1. This is what happened to mine! turned it into a cinema room
  2. Hopefully having them checked this weekend. Trying to make some time to have it all checked, i recently started detailing cars on weekends and i'm struggling for time.
  3. Thank you for the offer, i have a friend who's going to have a look next weekend and see whats what.
  4. I'd love to swap my wheels/tyres for a new set just see if it changes anything.
  5. I long for 80 mpg aswell I'd be happy with 45 to be fair, dam predictive text!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I was thinking yesterday after i had written the title i should have added more info. Mine only seems to be doing the 'judder' at higher speeds, i don't notice it when first starting and setting off. Definitely only happens once above 50mpg and more spirited journey's . The rest of the car is so smooth this is starting to bug me ALLOT. I'm also prone to the vibration around 60/70mpg and then it's gone over 80mpg, that seems less these days whilst in Sport mode etc.
  7. Had my Bosch wipers from ebay, can't complain.
  8. Only the hunter system which i was told the were no concerns on balancing and alignment whilst they had it etc.
  9. Just found a wheel alignment specialist near me may give them a visit over the weekend. The judder does not fill me with much confidence when the cars remapped and i brake.
  10. Hopefully i can get it resolved soon as i will start to lose the love for car at this rate. If i can't i'm not investing any more money into the car, but then again who would buy a car that judders under braking when they test drive it.
  11. A few things to consider then hmmmm. Pressure is fine on the funflats with good amount of grip left on them. They are Brembo pads and Zimmerman disks.
  12. As the title states guys, Has the been any fixes at all? I've had new front pads / disks and covered around 10k so far and doesn't give any signs of it easing up. long distances journy's and when i have people sitting in the back it seems to be worse, even to the point where passengers ask if the car should do that. The car has it's tracking done on a hunter system when i had my wheels refurbished so would like to think it's nothing to do with alignment etc. Shame as it takes the smoothness away from the car on motorway trips which i do a few times a week now.
  13. Rear seat cover for dogs

    I went down the route of covering the rear seats in cheap fleece from Primark which covered full width of the seats. Then i picked up a hammock style seat protection from here - https://www.roofbox.co.uk/scripts/rbvehsel4_tab.php/seat-covers/eb_animal_basics_velvet_hammock_stone_and_espresso_no_abvschm_st_es/Qx%40w%2C6M42VAwp3%40Rb{~cC4urewiXz%2C2n_{N7Z79{{3l The are cheaper alternatives on ebay for hammock style ones but overall i'm happy the above. It manages to keep a very excited / high maintenance golden doodle from wrecking my cream leather seats anyway.