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  1. roundy

    F10 Headlight problems FRM??

    Replacing the headlight module will hopefully resolve the issue, i had this going on for ages and used to drive me mad until i replaced the module. No problems since.
  2. roundy

    Front wheel bearings failure

    I've had all my alignment/balancing done and calibrated, different alloys etc
  3. roundy

    Front wheel bearings failure

    I'm hoping wheel bearing replacement fixes my issues on the motorway/judder around the 70 mark. Ordered mine and just need them fitted.
  4. roundy

    New car time - decisions decisions

    Congrats, do like a Silver A7!!
  5. roundy

    Gun Metal Wheels

    I'm doing allot of car detailing these days on weekends, everyone seems to want ceramic coatings so i've been doing a fair amount of testing with sealants and waxes.
  6. roundy

    Gun Metal Wheels

    They current have Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour on them, very good results and it lasts.
  7. roundy

    Aircons playing up!!!

    If it is hub bearings it's £95 for the front of mine and £24 for rear aftermarket ones. Not the cheapest fix if it's not this what's causing the problems.
  8. roundy

    Gun Metal Wheels

    Here you go, you can tell i've put a good wheel sealant on them as the rest of the car is filthy.
  9. roundy

    Gun Metal Wheels

    Yes mate will do, shame it wasn't yesterday was it would have been clean!!
  10. roundy

    Aircons playing up!!!

    I never did unfortunately, still on my to do list. I've already tried, Balancing Alignment Wheels checked for buckles New wheels and tyres New disks and pads I can't remember what other members said to try now from memory, was it Wheel hub bearing?
  11. roundy

    Aircons playing up!!!

    Journey back from Notts and the the aircon isn't kicking in again!! Fired Carly up and i too have the same error logged. I presume now this is showing within Carly i wouldn't need to have any other checks carried out and i could go straight for the condenser swap/regas to resolve the issue? Thanks James
  12. roundy

    Aircons playing up!!!

    Ha ha, ive just started the car and was having a look for my Carly dongle. Not sure if it's down to the the weather and being milder but the aircon kicked in and was blowing a very chilly breeze at full speed when i tested it. I'll take the car for a drive later and see if it's able to sustain the temp throughout the journey.
  13. roundy

    Aircons playing up!!!

    Air con specialist near me in the west midlands.
  14. roundy

    Aircons playing up!!!

    I'll fire up Carly and see what i get.
  15. roundy

    Aircons playing up!!!

    Thanks Matt.