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  1. Rear seat cover for dogs

    I went down the route of covering the rear seats in cheap fleece from Primark which covered full width of the seats. Then i picked up a hammock style seat protection from here - https://www.roofbox.co.uk/scripts/rbvehsel4_tab.php/seat-covers/eb_animal_basics_velvet_hammock_stone_and_espresso_no_abvschm_st_es/Qx%40w%2C6M42VAwp3%40Rb{~cC4urewiXz%2C2n_{N7Z79{{3l The are cheaper alternatives on ebay for hammock style ones but overall i'm happy the above. It manages to keep a very excited / high maintenance golden doodle from wrecking my cream leather seats anyway.
  2. How did they turn out? I have some bad ones on mine.
  3. Got rid of the Runflats

    My friend just swapped his run flats with KUMHO Ecsta Le Sports and couldn't be happier, think he's covered about 5k miles now. Once i need to swap mine i wouldn't turn my nose up at these - full set isn't bad for £475 for staggered 19".
  4. Engine Fault Reduced Powrr

    Full service was done just under 6 months ago and that was me being abit over the top as it had already been done recently by a Bm specialist. I wanted piece of mind knowing oil had been changed & all the relevant filters etc. Touch wood
  5. Engine Fault Reduced Powrr

    Hi Steve, I had the same error pop up about 4 weeks ago now. Mine happened after the car was low on fuel and re-filled. Since then the cars been flawless again. My faults were cleared with Carly and not returned......Fingers crossed.
  6. 2010 F10 525d Aircon Condenser

    I had a similar noise on mine occur recently, hardly any cold air at all and steaming happening a fair amount. I assumed the aircon just needed to be re-gassed. I've not asked BM if mine needs the recall done as the re-gas seems to have corrected it, well all but the steaming anyway.
  7. I'm leaving the nail in until it loses pressure, not using the car now for about 8 days.
  8. Wonder how long it will take to lose any pressure, not budged yet.
  9. Ha ha, my partner had run flats on the front of her Z4 and non run flats on the rear for over a year so i'm happy to take that risk. As long as it doesn't make the brake judder/vibration around 60-80mhp any worse than it already is.
  10. I was hoping it wouldn't be a new tyre, if that's the case for the cost of 1x run flat you could get 2x none run flats. I've been wanting to ditch them anyway.
  11. About 3.5 hours in total, the fallout spray does allot of the hard work so hardly had any claying to do. The de-swirling and cermaic coat was the longest part but it's like anything, if you look after the car with good products the inbetween washes are very quick as not allot bonds to the paint work or wheels.
  12. Before i found the screw in my run flat i managed to do a good deep clean on her, still hate carbon black unless it's spotless. *Snowfoamed*Fallout remover all over paintwork and wheels (clayed where needed)*Removed some imperfections in the paint work with a mild compound. *Stone chips filled with Sonax*All panels de-swirled*Sealed with Ceramic 3 year protector
  13. Gained a screw in my rear run flat, hoping it can be repaired.
  14. Help with Carly App fault report

    Does the idrive list all errors? I know when my car had rough idle in the winter i thought something was seriously wrong at first. Carly showed the problem to be glowplug relay/glow plugs but nothing ever came up on the idrive at all, maybe it only shows certain area's.