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  1. very nice, looks like it's been well looked after on the body work
  2. The Focus RS boys are pushing the limits even further than that now day's, friend of mine has a mk2 focus RS with 670bhp at the front wheels Absolute animal, but still is drivable on the roads believe it or not.
  3. Yeah i'm thinking I may as well replace it even though i was told it was done. Is it a sump off job to do the filter I take it? Do you know how much oil they hold? thanks Rob
  4. I want to check the oil level on my 525 tds automatic gearbox, I can't find a dip stick anywhere, so how do I check it? The previous owner changed the ATF in the auto box about 15k miles ago along with the filter, but the oil cooler sprang a leak just before he sold it to me, this was fixed by him but he did tell me I should check the level and top it up to replace the lost fluid. Any tips of checking the level and how to top it up would be great thanks Rob.
  5. I've only had my E39 touring a couple of weeks so haven't done much to it yet, Today I gave it a service with new oil and filters. and I pressure washed off the underside as it had an oil leak in previous history that was fixed but the underside of car was never cleaned and was very dirty, came up pretty good after though for a 19 year old car. since owning it I thought I could here a boost leak, had a good look around and found the problem I replaced that hose with a silicone one I had laying around that was right size luckily, pulls much better now and no more sounds of leaking boost I noticed the Aux belt is a bit lose, looks to me like the belt tensioner is shot so have ordered a new one of them to fit at weekend.
  6. What do you mean by cluster? the speedo? if so then the clock time and the odometer faulty must mean i need to change the cluster for sure
  7. I've noticed the clock doesn't keep time, it gains about 3 minutes per day. I even replaced the head unit for one exactly the same which also does the same thing! so it's not a faulty head unit. Could it be related to why the odometer doesn't read correctly?
  8. Thanks Oneball, I've just ordered the cable and adaptor for my under bonnet 20 pin plug from cable shack. The lights were only changed in the last 2 or 3 years I believe, but the millage problem started in 2007 looking at the MOT history record online
  9. There is a problem with the rear lights, the previous owner fitted rear Led lights from the later e39, one of the inner ones on the tail gate doesn't work, it's a mess I need to sort out soon as there is resistors been added with scotch locks on the wires going to the lights. Not sure how I'm going to sort that out yet. I need to sort the front lights out to as LED bulbs have been fitted on them to and they flash like a strobe light when I start the car for about 5-10 seconds, plus from then on each head light takes turns in flashing for half a second every 60 seconds or so, very odd. What is the LCM? i've not had a BMW before so not clued up in whats what with it yet. I don't have a scan tool yet as my other vehicle I've been driving the last 10 years is a 27 year old Toyota Hilux, no ECU or anything electrical so never needed one, is there a good cheap one I can buy that work with a 1998 E39 with the 20 pin plug under the bonnet?
  10. I've been looking at getting one of these to replace the standard 1998 tape player my E39 has I was going to go with android 6.0 unit, as Google have recently announced that their new google assistant is being rolled out to all devices on Android 7.0 or 6.0, full voice control on a head unit powered by google could be quite useful and actually work properly. Do these units work with the steering wheel controls without any wiring needed? even on a 1998 E39?
  11. I had a chance to do that reset procedure today, don't think it worked lol It's now stuck on 999999 What do I try now, replace the clocks? Rob.
  12. Ha thanks for finding that! That is exactly the problem mine has, I will try the reset fix tomorrow and hopefully get my real mileage back
  13. that's not the miles the car has done though, it has flipped to 503 miles and 999,999 miles before and if I look at MOT history online, it is either 503 miles or 999,999 all the way back to 2007 I've ordered a new set of clocks from a 525 tds that work and currently read 177k so hopefully that will fix the problem. anyone know how hard the clocks are to change? also what bulbs they use inside them so I can replace with new ones while i'm at it
  14. My E39 525 tds has a problem with it's odometer, it just shows 651,053 miles and never goes up. The trip meter still works OK, as does everything else on the clocks. What can I do to fix it? Thanks Rob.