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  1. Afternoon all My 525 tds touring came with aftermarket headlights when I bought it, they are in the style of facelift models with LED Halo's around the lights. The lenses on them are terrible with the usual discolouring, but also have hairline cracks in them so a polish up is not going to sort them out. also they leak water in them both, so fit for the bin only. I bought a pair of genuine Hella facelift lights that are like new and fitted them last night, problem is my loom for the lights is still the pre facelift plugs so I haven't been able to connect up the front indicators or angel eyes. Does anyone know where I could get an adaptor plug (if they exist) for both indicators and angel eyes. Or at the very least can I buy the correct plugs from anywhere, so I can cut off the old ones from the Light Loom and fit the correct ones to it? I've done a search on ebay, amazon etc. and can't find anything yet, doesn't help that I don't really know the names of what I'm searching for. thanks Rob.
  2. 5ADay

    E39 525 tds touring electric gremlins

    no sunroof of any type. I replaced the rear lights on it so need to check it's not leaking in that way with a hose somehow, it's not that much water getting in but was enough to cause problems.
  3. 5ADay

    E39 525 tds touring electric gremlins

    Just an update to this as I have solved it this weekend at last In my case the car didn't have a webesto engine pre heater, so it couldn't of been that. I un plugged the CD changer which hadn't worked since I've had the car anyway, but it didn't help any of the electric problems I was having. After driving in the rain lots in the last week the electric problems got a lot worse, so I guessed it must be to do with water getting in some where on the car. After a good look around I noticed in the boot pocket under the CD changer was wet, I have dried it out and fully removed the CD changer, I then cut off the 2 plugs that went to the CD changer as both looked a little corroded, and as if by magic all electric problems have gone, everything working as it should again. I've done over 100 miles since without 1 single issue so pretty sure it's fixed it, I now need to find out how the water is getting in and fix that...
  4. 5ADay

    E39 525 tds touring electric gremlins

    I ordered a new ignition switch (genuine BMW part) which came yesterday. I fitted it last night, was a nice simple job that only took 20 minutes thanks to YouTube video I watched. Bad news is it's exactly the same still, has made no difference. An old friend of mine runs his own garage and has a Snapon code reader thing that plugs in to my old OBD1 port on this BMW, so I'm going to pop see him tonight after work and hopefully be able to get some idea of what's going on. Anyone got any other ideas that could cause all these intermittent electric gremlins? thanks.
  5. 5ADay

    E39 525 tds touring electric gremlins

    OK thanks guys, is it worth me taking the ignition switch off to look at it, and open it up? Or do they fail in a way that doesn't show any problems with the switch itself? Do these things need coding if replaced? Just thinking of the chip in the key for the imoblizer
  6. 5ADay

    E39 525 tds touring electric gremlins

    No it doesn't have that unfortunately (wish it did)
  7. I've got a 525 tds touring (1998) All been going great till yesterday when I started the car I noticed the air suspension light was on, my first thought was oh no not the dreaded air suspension packing up. But then I noticed my incinerators dont work either, along with the wipers, and even stranger the clock on the radio has disappeared. After a 30 minute drive I got to where I was going, next time I started it 30 minutes later all was fine for the hour drive home. no warning lights and clock, wipers and indicators all back to normal. This morning when I started it all the above problems are back, but with the wipers still working this time. Lunch time just now I checked it and all was OK again the first time I started it, stopped it and started again and all the problems are back. What is up with it? seems very odd to me.
  8. 5ADay

    alternative maps for Xtrons PF7139BS

    Why do you need it on SD card? dos it not have Wi-Fi? on mine i just went to the google play store on the head unit, downloaded google maps (free), job done. I also downloaded co pilot for Europe so no data was needed like it is for google maps.
  9. 5ADay

    Diesel Depreciation Society

    No they won't run veg oil, no common rail diesels do. But I should be able to fit the M51 engine in a facelift E39 2002 touring no problem, or is it 2003 year they run up to? I've had mine chipped to 180bhp which makes it go more like a modern diesel. But plan to get more out of it yet and fit a charge cooler rather than the small wing mounted inter cooler. Plus fit water injection, like I've already done to my hilux. Then with some larger internals fitted to the injection pump and a larger Turbo I bet 250bhp can quite easily be reached. On my 26 year old hilux 2.8d I have managed to get from the stock 92bhp to 180bhp, and that has 2 less cylinders, and only revs to 4k rpm Max
  10. 5ADay

    Diesel Depreciation Society

    Be a long time before I start looking at electric cars, as I have them beat on cost and greenness already. And the answer is a E39 touring lol My E39 525 tds touring runs on 100% used cooking oil, I've done 8000 miles in it since I bought it for £1000 this year, and not a single drop of diesel used yet me the wife, 3 kids plus the dog, have all been to cornwall this summer holiday in it with all are gear plus a 580 litre roof box full on the roof. (900 mile round trip) same again but to the new forest camping on the last bank holiday weekend. and down to the south of france at the start of the summer holidays. plus its my daily hack to work and back. I collect veg oil from one chip shop near where I work (been getting it from there for 11 years) I pay the owner 10p per litre for the oil, collect about 120 litres per week every friday on way home from work. I won't bore you on how it's cleaned etc, but It works out some where between 1 or 2p per mile driving I have 500 miles range on the standard tank, and just add extra 25 litre drums in the boot if my trip is more than that, and use a little electric pump to re fuel. My other vehicle is a Toyota Hilux that I've had 11 years now, all of which has been run on the same used cooking oil (over 200k miles in my ownership) I don't mind owning older vehicles, i'm not one of those people that feels I need to be in the newest latest car every 3 years. I plan on either buying a mint E39 touring and fitting my old school diesel engine in it, or maybe I will restore this one like I did the Hilux, but looking at the market It looks cheaper to buy a mint E39 and transplant the engine in i think. Maybe when the electric car can do over 1000 miles range and cost 1p per mile, plus only cost £1000 to buy in first place I will reconsider lol
  11. 5ADay

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Back-Rear-Tail-Lights-Lamps-Replace-For-BMW-E39-Only-Touring-97-04-LED-Red-Clear/352023998840?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 that's the ones I got.
  12. 5ADay

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I replaced all 4 rear light clusters for aftermarket LED ones, mine is pre facelift that had the non LED rear lights from the factory. I forgot to take pictures of it with the old lights, but we all know what they looked like. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KlIhkNE20nlaRhmRcrHZKwxiczCTwfgcCw/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bYKutP96OnVH143DK2o-blX8B4y49AOqWQ/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e2O7hxWYxjzgb10EdoxW55if8_cz75K0pg/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/14mCHzSIH2kQhbVDxwnxvqt9MdKliNM4o6Q/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WvtwL6nEhozq7NBwgieYaTm2BKeO6KpgKQ/view?usp=sharing Bit rubbish that photobucket has stopped working, i've tried to link to the pictures on google drive but cant get the pictures to show up, only links. What are people using to host pictures now photobucket charges $400 per year for 3rd party linking?
  13. 5ADay

    Speed camera detector

    I have one of these in both my BMW and my Toyota Hilux https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aguri-Fusion-GTX200-Detector-Bluetooth/dp/B071XYW2K3/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1499941594&sr=8-4&keywords=speed+camera+detector Radar and laser detector, GPS database, plus HD dash camera all in one unit. It detects police guns and the mobile vans from about a mile away on motorway. Has a GPS sensor and a updatable database for all know speed cameras in Europe (no subscription fee) can update to latest database via USB lead on a computer or via Bluetooth using your mobile phone. Has settings so you can be warned of all spots that often have a mobile speed trap. screen displays your real speed using GPS sensor. The Dash camera is good also with all the normal features you get on them, including parking mode where the camera detects movement in front of the camera and records in HD video if it detects someone, this was useful recently when over the road from me reversed off there driveway in to my mrs van and drove off, she noticed the damage before she went to work so I looked on the camera and sure enough we caught them doing it, that night when they came home we went over to show them the video, funny how they said they was just about to come and tell us lol. needless to say they paid for the damage (£450 worth so quids in on both detector/cameras already) The dash camera also has G sensor in it so if knocked while parked up it records, or if in a crash while driving it write protects the file so it doesn't record over it. I would say having a Dash camera is a no brainier, but I thought may as well spend a little more and get one with speed camera detector built in as you never know when you might miss a sign or be a little bit over the limit etc. I'm sure most if honest have been over the speed limit before, and will do again.
  14. 5ADay

    e39 M5 as an investment?

    fast forward 20 years and there wont be many cars left that have an engine, nearly all will be 100% electric with motors by then IMO, so any old school iconic combustion engine cars that are still in good nick will be worth way more than today. in 20 years time wont be many E39 m5's left, rust will get nearly all in the end. parts will get harder and more expensive to get hold of to. Just look at what the old RS Fords sell for now days.(way more than they cost new!)
  15. 5ADay

    What battery for key?

    My 1998 E39 doesn't have a diamond shape key, did that not come later on the facelift model E39? My key looks like this: