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  1. huggy

    Real world mpg and range

    Now averaged 47.3 over last 12,000 miles overall, generally get 52-56-62 on motorway depending if I drive sough through M6 roadworks where i coast at 50 ish and get around 60mpg or drive north on the open road an get around 52 driving around 70 ish all of which I think is amazing for a 3 litre x Drive
  2. huggy

    Online Entertainment

    Found out why trying to access it this morning, it would appear i signed out of it so warning message came up as i need to input my username and password
  3. huggy

    Online Entertainment

    yeah i had software update done not long ago but it happened again last week, nothing would fix it apart from turning off ignition and opening door and locking car and getting in and starting again and it worked
  4. huggy

    Online Entertainment

    yes quite, it was ok up to today but i haven’t used it for 2 weeks or so the tech does get confused from time to time, like the rear camera randomly just giving black screen i will try again tomorrow
  5. huggy

    Text message on display

    it is probably the worst manufacturer for explaining advanced features, they tell you in so many ways how to open a car door or move a seat but once it gets to tech its really flaky, dealer experts are pretty good though once you get hold of one of them
  6. huggy

    G31 rear wiper blade

    Not sure if it helps as I now have the saloon but on my previous car, Audi A6 Avant, the rear wiper did not fold back like the front, it only lifted a couple of inches to be able to wipe around and under it and give just enough space to replace the wiper blade
  7. huggy

    Online Entertainment

    Having used Deezer since i had the car in 2017 I was surprised today to try to access it that the connected drive said certain apps can only be accessed when car is stationary Has anyone else seen this ?
  8. huggy

    Coolant Tank Cap Removal.

    Oddly my 530D gave me coolant level low last week but after it warned up the fault went away and didnt come back since
  9. huggy

    Comfort access key security update

    700 Euro to fix their security problem ? No thanks someone can pinch it as long as i don’t get it back
  10. huggy

    Oil level above maximum warning

    i had this months ago and it was rectified with a software update, it was a know. error with the sensor reading incorrect, it was a quick while you wait fix
  11. huggy

    Wiper Speed

    mine did it from new, when they went so fast they hit a pillar on drivers side, only way to stop it was to turn wipers off and wait a couple of seconds and turn back on..... which is not good when its raining so hard - Dealer never found a cause BUT its not done it for a while now
  12. huggy

    DAB Radio problems.

    Well maybe boy they didn’t have anything very exciting except perhaps an S5 or similar - and this car has a much better engine and gearbox - maybe i am just comparing as i am disappointed with the basic quality of some parts in the interior and external trim Audi had some issues too, the cars without window frames always appeared noisy, seals around glass seemed to deteriorate quickly and needed a lot of attention and on the whole the tech was poor, certainly on my A6 the sat nav and general tech was outdated - and looking at the new A6 coming out its too many touch screens pays yer money and takes yer chances - engine is fantastic, economy can be truly amazing and on a decent road this car never fails to bring a big smile.... and wife says it’s the best car we have ever had
  13. huggy

    DAB Radio problems.

    I find planet rock and magic drop out all the time but programs like BBC are fine. One thing i am amazed about is on my Audi it used to swap over to FM pretty seamlessly if FM signal was present but no DAB signal, but BMW seems to be behind in some areas
  14. huggy

    Rattles and annoying noises

    same car different engine isn't it n?
  15. huggy

    Rattles and annoying noises

    mine runs smooth as anything, its just the annoying rattles from the back coasting slowly around town centres