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  1. huggy

    Performance parts.

    I do like the look of those skirts.... not sure about the spoiler ? Someone near me has 540i in white but has all the black kits including a stripe along and under the door handles and it looks too much - but I think the skirts add a certain something
  2. huggy

    What Can I Do With 'Connected Drive'?

    yes unbelievably easy.... I'm sure dealers do it all the time
  3. huggy

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    What is latest with this coding ? Can I join ? when and where wil lit be done ?
  4. huggy

    Service Booking Sytner

    for company cars its a no brainer..... good job we have an inept government eh who bring in these idea's and yet allow less tax to be paid without any proof of doing less environmental damage by checking fuel receipts
  5. huggy

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    excellent question
  6. huggy

    Service Booking Sytner

    is the 530e really worth the cost for 16-26 miles on a charge ? surely dragging those batteries around cost more on a long journey with reduced fuel economy
  7. huggy

    MY 2019 changes - what we know so far

    it is a stunning engine isn't it, in so many ways
  8. huggy

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    So what will this do for me.... camera monitors speed limit and shows me on dials AND HUD ? can i set speed limit to be controlled by the camera ? I asked BMW if this could be done and they said no as camera would not be installed - is this not true ? I would certainly be up for having it installed.
  9. huggy

    Engine oil level high

    Its a known intermittent fault, mine was repaired and I think its just a software update but dealer replaced oil and filter too
  10. huggy

    Tyres, wear and best tyres

    Thnak you, I will probably remain on run flats if its the best option for handling, These good Year seem good tyres but do also seem pretty damn hard and unforgiving.... and tips on what would be best replsacement duly apreciated. Michelin ? or Pirelli ? OR... ????
  11. huggy

    Just ordered my new G30 (photos)

    hardly use dials and just use head up mostly
  12. huggy

    Tyres, wear and best tyres

    no standard M sport suspension
  13. I have Good Year run flats on my 530D X Drive, 19" wheels, currently done around 23,000 miles and plenty of meat left for a while.... I think they may even get to 30,000 - how are other tyres bearing up ? Would anyone swap for NON run flats.... and why If swapping for run flats what are the best run flats for comfort and noise ? ...... and grip of course
  14. huggy

    Do I need to pay extra for Apple car play

    why would you want apple car play when idrive is so good anyway
  15. huggy

    Just ordered my new G30 (photos)

    Overall 23,000 miles over 16 months I am averaging 48MPG mix of commuting and long distance, best run was Preston - Newcastle - Northampton - Oxford - Croydon - Preston, 795 miles with 22 miles range left and London to Preston averaged 65.2 MPG