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  1. huggy

    530D - Buyers Regret

    over 26,000 miles and I average around 46mpg - 48mpg average, doing a mix fo commute and long trips it was 48 but it was reset about 5,000 miles ago and I have not done many long trips so average is 46.2 - but on a long trip it can do 60mpg easily and I get over 80- miles a tank BUT the engine is sweet, much better than my old 3 litre A6 and it does go when needed, I had a 520D on loan when miine was in garage for a couple of days and did almost 1000 miles to and from Aberdeen and it was ok .... but it wasn't my 530
  2. huggy

    Winter Wheels Today

    where would I find correct wheel/tyre size for winter tyres for 530D x drive ?
  3. I had a problem with doors squeaking / knocking..... still do if I am honest especially when door seal area is wet, dealer tried some spray/grease of some sort which I wasn't keen on and then put some clear tape on the paint around the door seal area - this was awful as edges attracted dirt and became sticky.... then they told me there was a new door seal material and replaced all door seals from a service bulletin I believe.
  4. There is a rework of all door seals for early 2017 models at least, they are a different material
  5. huggy

    530e Performance without electric

    For sure if I did mostly short or town driving / commuting I would definitely consider a 530e or other hybrid for all of the above points you mentioned., maybe my next car as my final car leading up to retirement
  6. huggy

    530e Performance without electric

    I would definitely have one as a company car for the current BIK, but compared to my 530D no thanks, I just did 400 miles to oxford and back over 2 days and still have 467 mile range - overall average over last 2-3 thousand miles since software update reset average including mostly 12-15 mile commute each way is 45mpg, return trip this afternoon from oxford I got 59mpg, a range of 750-800 is always easy to achieve even when I get a chance to stretch its legs and have some fun now and again
  7. huggy

    Winter Wheels Today

    My A6 had bolts instead of studs..... they are not easy with huge heavy wheels are they
  8. huggy

    Auto Transmission Issue

    but you can get a sport mode setting with gear selector over to left even in comfort and eco mode.... not full on sport mode but it does affect gear change I think
  9. huggy

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Yeah I was same with Audi, but once x drive came on 5 series I thought it must be worth a go.... 50 grand later and I have a car with more noises than a Dacia Duster I had on hire in dublin
  10. huggy

    Auto Transmission Issue

    Is your selector knocked over to the left and putting it into sport operation ?
  11. huggy

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Yep same here, I think a lot of materials used are quite cheap compared to Audi, I mean who fits a fairly hard plastic panel as the final end piece of the rear seat when it should be a leather cushion - no wonder the seat belts knock on it... but that is not the cause The seat belts have really hard plastic coating on the buckle and the stop on the belt is also hard so only way to stop that knocking is to buckle them up or push the buckle into the belt slot on top of rear seat..... and its really anoyg the passenger seat belt constantly knocks against the too hard side panel to be fair to them the dealer, Bowker in blackburn, have done some tremendous work in trying to fix my car and I cannot fault them, but the knocking in the rear has come back this week..... strangely when it is really cold like this morning its not noisy its often not there if heavy cases are int he boot - but its not the boot floor as i have insulated that myself Seat has been re-fixed a couple of times. it could be doors/door internal parts as it appears most doors on these G30's knock badly over bumps especially if the door seal is damp so, I am at a loss - I know some of it is because these cars are in general so quiet but I do find rattles and knocks over bumps really annoying. ..... seems to be a case of change isn't always better - sometimes its just to save manufacturing costs
  12. huggy

    What an idiot !!

    I got camera, and oddly mirrors - 3 of em and sensors..... but I just did what I did every day..... first time in 40 years I had an at fault accident so if I go another 40 years I'll be driving around 25 years after I should have stopped
  13. huggy

    What an idiot !!

    ..... know what you mean, I know people do it but I couldn't do that to anyone....not least as I it was outside my house it was always an insurance job so hey ho such is life
  14. huggy

    Google maps finally

    Is car play in any way worth the subscription fee ? What advantage does it have really over built in systems for deezer and maps etc
  15. huggy

    What an idiot !!

    Well yesterday was a bad day..... I stupidly reversed off our drive into a car parked opposite amazing how one gets to ignore reversing sensors when they go off every day reversing off the drive due to the kerb Ah well, its only a bumper and rear light so no major bodywork repairs - I felt as sick as a dog, at least hitting a moving car I could have at least tried to say it was someone else's stupidity - but alas not hitting a parked car