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  1. Thanks mate. I too have bought the correct set now for piece of mind. And yes there are expensive!! Cheers
  2. Just wanna mention that after taking flack all day about not having enough cylinders etc etc my M5.18i performed impeccably yet again all the way there and mashing Splondike on the way back - ain't no good having all that power if you go the wrong way lol !!
  3. Hi Mick. Thanks mate. I did suss it in the end. I had some old instructions that were a bit faded but made sense when I found the screw to pull out. Hope it's going wel for you mate. Regards Jez
  4. Cheers Mate. Drag don't make much difference to a 518i !!
  5. Hi, yes cheers for that. The instructions were rubbish and I sussed that screw could be the only thing to remove. Bit fiddly but the actual worst thing was putting on the spring loaded clips / clamps. Had to scrape away sealant from behind the arches to get the clamps on ! I have a weird car - one side seems to be heavier with sealant than the other. Ha ha. Had the same fitting the sunroof wind deflector. Thanks for your help - it was spot on
  6. Ebay Germany. They crop up from time to time. Just make sure they will post to England and accept PayPal unless your ok with bank transfers. These were a new set ! Lucky find.
  7. Hi, i have all the fitting kit but the fronts are a nightmare - or am I missing something? Just how do they go ? Thanks
  8. Thanks for that. Yes they aren't snug at all in filling the holes and that's why I too have the doubt. Just because he thinks they're ok isn't a justification that they are. Thanks for your help.
  9. I'm just currently having a set of BBS RC090 wheels refurbished. The bolts are pretty shot after taking them apart so I sourced some new ones - or so I thought. I did find some proper ones on eBay but after messaging the seller 4 times I got no reply so I didn't really want to send them my money after that! So I settled on a set that claimed to be for these wheels. The original ones are tapered with splines. These 2nd choice new ones have no splines and aren't tapered. The seller claims to be an engineer and is upset at my questioning of his item. Basically, the bolts don't quite fill the rim hole and can be wobbled about a little. He says they are ok to use as the clamping force on applying the nut is enough to keep all ok. They are 2 piece rims. Can anybody enlighten me if these are safe to use or not ? I'm not too confident and have told him that but he refuses to give me my money back. Guess where they're from..........will I ever learn !
  10. Thanks everybody - useful information apart from that via young Splondike !!
  11. Need to double check as already been stung by buying a set of BBS alloys that didn't fit ! Lost a lot of money on those. So I have seen another set - they are BBS RC090 8Jx 17H2. 5x120. IS20 which I believe is ET 20 ? So they are ok for my 1986 E28 528i ? I just want to check and double check this time - help appreciated everybody. Thanks.
  12. Hi Bit of a long shot this but does anybody have a front downpipe bmw no 18111175828 for an E28 518i. Need it quick because I've titted about what car to take to some up coming shows and now I've made my mind up. New preferably but vgc is good too. Part one on this link. Thanks.
  13. Spotted today at Broad Oak BMW Ashford Kent. Lovely car indeed. Anybody's on here ?
  14. Thanks again Duncan. I will pass this information on. I had seen the computer fixing screws section on RealOEM but odd the cover section doesn't list them. Anymore, we will try what you recommend. Thank you for your help.
  15. Thanks Duncan. That could be why they can't be seen on RealOEM ? Can you remember how long they are ?