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  1. Style5

    Any 528i’s for sale??

    You should read my last post on this car the last time it was up for sale. Yes it has mysteriously returned again. I think the seller has been a bit more honest with his description this time to be fair http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/131142-e28-528i-on-ebay/
  2. Style5

    E28 528i on ebay

    Interesting one this - wish I’d seen this thread earlier. I knew a previous owner of this car and have personally seen it in the flesh about 2 years ago. It’s very original - had all paperwork and items from the main dealer in Woking, Surrey where it was first sold. The car was owned locally by a wealthy gentleman but eventually he replaced it and literally left it standing in his drive. It lived underneath a bed of moss for years on end until a guy who worked for the wealthy gentleman asked what he was ever going to do with it. The guy was offered the car for free so he took it ! Shortly after the car changed hands, it was given a clean up and put up for sale in Aylesbury i think it was. This is when I saw it. An ex friend purchased it and I went with him to buy it. The car, because of its moss overcoat, never had an ounce of lacquer left on it. The whole thing was down to the paint. It had a few dings here and there, somebody had smashed a rear window , glass was everywhere in nooks and crannies and the replacement glass was a different colour to the rest. It had quite a few other issues too and was very tatty. It was solid though - weirdly no rust anywhere on it ! We tried to drive it back to Eastbourne but every time it got hot the engine died. A nightmare which resulted in it eventually being rescued on a recovery truck. Anyway, the engine was rebuilt, an attempt on the paint was made, a few bits done here and there but then the car became unloved again and was to be sold on. I then fell out with my then friend who owned it - The car was going to go to a Ford restorers in Eastbourne as a project for the business owner but whether it did I don’t know. Obviously at this point I never heard of it again - would be interesting to hear of what the new owner thinks of his purchase because that was a lot of money for what once was a very tired car - a solid car, but needed a lot of work. I just hope the photos on eBay were a true representation of it now current condition as it did look a heck of a lot better !
  3. Style5

    Style 5 tyre choice

    Looks really good - but of course I would say that !
  4. Style5

    Pfeba E28 Front Spoiler

    After a genuine pfeba front spoiler for E28. Not fussed on condition as long as not cracked. I know there are replica ones on eBay - maybe that’s the way I’ll have to go but really want genuine. Please see picture of type wanted
  5. Style5

    Pfeba Front Spoiler

    Yeah, rare I know but I'll keep looking. They'll be one out there somewhere. Cheers.
  6. Style5

    Pfeba Front Spoiler

    Happy New Year All. I have been looking at the pfeba front spoilers for a while now - I do want one for my car and let one slip by last year on eBay. I do see replicas on eBay but would like a genuine pfeba spoiler like in the picture. Can anybody help ? Don't mind condition as long as not cracked. Also, some say they are for early E28s and some say for late E28s - is there / what's the difference? Cheers.
  7. Luckily now found Sunroof Deflector. As for key ring / fob, just gotta keep looking!
  8. Hi and Happy Christmas Does anybody have an Ashdown Garage (now Munich Legends) Dealer Key Ring / Fob they'd like to sell ? Bit of a long shot I know. Also i am on the lookout for an E28 Sunroof Window Deflector with no cracks and fittings present. Thanks.
  9. Style5

    E12 528i Front Grill Badge Wanted

    Hi. Thanks for the suggestion- no he didn't have one. I did manage to get one from Linwar but forgot to update this thread ! Cheers.
  10. Style5

    NEC Classic Show -Fabulous 528i E28

    Hmm not sure. I have these stripes on one of my cars but they are a bit more subtle - black on grey. I think they look a bit bold on the red but it never leapt out at me when I saw it. Just about to get another silver set this week from main dealers as I really like them. They're quite uncommon. Didnt go to NEC this year - lady year I don't think there even was an E28 there ? Typical I missed this beauty and the others on the stand. They all look stunning.
  11. Style5

    NEC Classic Show -Fabulous 528i E28

    Hi, Interesting is your quote about the stripes? In what way do you think they are wrong ? Just curious that's all ? Cheers.
  12. Style5

    Fritzbits E28 M30 Manifold & Exhaust Set

    Ok thanks for the advice. I will look into it. Much appreciated.
  13. Style5

    Fritzbits E28 M30 Manifold & Exhaust Set

    Hi. Thanks - useful advice. I have heard similar before about the power thing. It is a lot of money yes and I'm certainly open to other suggestions or systems. I'm a bit green in this area and not had a lot of fruitful research. Regards
  14. Hi. Anybody got this to part with ? New or used. Would like a complete set - Fritzbits Manifold and System for E28 M30 ? Thought it may be worth an ask on here before I start saving hard for a new one if no joy ? Thanks
  15. Style5

    E12 528i Front Grill Badge Wanted

    Hi. No problem - thanks for looking though. Regards