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  1. E12 528i Front Grill Badge Wanted

    Hi. Thanks for the suggestion- no he didn't have one. I did manage to get one from Linwar but forgot to update this thread ! Cheers.
  2. NEC Classic Show -Fabulous 528i E28

    Hmm not sure. I have these stripes on one of my cars but they are a bit more subtle - black on grey. I think they look a bit bold on the red but it never leapt out at me when I saw it. Just about to get another silver set this week from main dealers as I really like them. They're quite uncommon. Didnt go to NEC this year - lady year I don't think there even was an E28 there ? Typical I missed this beauty and the others on the stand. They all look stunning.
  3. NEC Classic Show -Fabulous 528i E28

    Hi, Interesting is your quote about the stripes? In what way do you think they are wrong ? Just curious that's all ? Cheers.
  4. Fritzbits E28 M30 Manifold & Exhaust Set

    Ok thanks for the advice. I will look into it. Much appreciated.
  5. Fritzbits E28 M30 Manifold & Exhaust Set

    Hi. Thanks - useful advice. I have heard similar before about the power thing. It is a lot of money yes and I'm certainly open to other suggestions or systems. I'm a bit green in this area and not had a lot of fruitful research. Regards
  6. Hi. Anybody got this to part with ? New or used. Would like a complete set - Fritzbits Manifold and System for E28 M30 ? Thought it may be worth an ask on here before I start saving hard for a new one if no joy ? Thanks
  7. E12 528i Front Grill Badge Wanted

    Hi. No problem - thanks for looking though. Regards
  8. E12 528i Front Grill Badge Wanted

    Ok thanks. Regards
  9. Excuse me for posting here - I have also posted in the Wanted section. I need a spare E12 528i Front Grill Badge please if anyone can help. Many Thanks, Jez
  10. E12 528i Front Grill Badge Wanted

    Hi. E12 528i Front Grill Badge wanted please. Can anybody oblige? I know they are a rare thing these days. Many Thanks in advance. Jez
  11. Front Bumper Fitting

    Yup. I've literally in the last 5 mins got it on. It needs a bit of a shove to locate the brackets correctly in the rails. It just didn't feel right but on one shove it clicked in. I loosened both bolts the join the bumper to the brackets - that allowed me to get them set in exactly the right position. Then tightened them back up. I think first time around in the dark the brackets were slightly out of line. So now just doing the bolts from the underneath. Those wing brackets went on fine. Thanks for all your help. First time I'd tackled this !
  12. Front Bumper Fitting

    Many thanks. We just couldn't get the bumper in position for some reason. I'm gonna try again today. Cheers
  13. Front Bumper Fitting

    Sorry, yes the standard items.
  14. Front Bumper Fitting

    Hi All, Splondike and I were trying to fit my front bumper tonight and to be honest we struggled like mad. The blooming thing did not want to go back on and always looked like it was going to sit far too high. We never did actually get it in position so any hints or tips from anyone please ? Also, the Bumper ends that sit on the wings are clipped to said wings by a bracket- what's the best way to get this located - on the Bumper first then put the bolt through the wing ? Or bolt the bracket to the wing first and try to slide the bumper over it ? I bet this is quite a simple job but Splondike and I are struggling to be honest. Cheers, Jez
  15. Any BBS Split Rim Gurus About?

    Thanks mate. I too have bought the correct set now for piece of mind. And yes there are expensive!! Cheers