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  1. Thanks Mick. Very kind of you to say. Good Luck. Jez.
  2. Best of luck in your new adventures. 2 lovely cars you have there.
  3. No longer required as I've managed to procure one now. Thanks to all those who tried to help. Regards.
  4. What a motor !
  5. Hello, I have been after a 528i grille badge. Would you be so kind as to consider parting with this off of the car ? If so could you please pm me so we can discuss a price. Many thanks in advance. Jez.
  6. Yeah give it a go. I did mine last weekend again. Nice car btw
  7. Goose fat and feathers smeared all over the back seats !
  8. Hi. Just one required 19 spoke 17" Alpina replica open lug rim required - not with tyre. Please see photo of what I need. If anybody has one please pm me. Cash waiting. Many Thanks in advance.
  9. Good point - like I say though it's all done at your own risk. I'm not telling anyone to do it. It's just a little tip that I've found to work ok so far.
  10. Well I use Ambre Solaire clear + protect. These sprays are different to traditional sunscreens in that they offer high protection in a transparent formulation and they are non-greasy and non-sticky, leaving absolutely no white marks. The spray is really easy to use
  11. Hi All I read this a good few years ago and have been doing it since on an old Capri I used to have and now on my E28s. UV is what causes old dashboards to crack. And what protects us from UV rays ? Yup - Sun Tan Lotion! Your have to get the clear or translucent spray type and not the white cream or kids green lotion etc or you will ruin your dash understandably. Clean all dirt and dust from your dashboard, spray it on your dash and gently rub it in and hey presto - UV protection. Like I say I have done it on black dashboards but not any other colour - Beige may be a bit risky but you could always try a tiny bit first. It's just a tip and done at your risk if you try it but for £8-9 quid for factor 50, I've done it for ages. It shines nice and it smells fresh too ! Could save you a fortune in the long run ?
  12. Nope, went to Dealer and can't get anymore. Shame.
  13. Going up there soon. Will let you know. Cheers
  14. Yup !
  15. Hi Does anybody have an Chrome E12 528i Front Grille Badge that they would like to part with ? Must be minimum good condition if possible. Cash waiting Thanks.