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  1. New E61 owner

    It's disgusting how they treat people. An instance like that is actually criminal. I think they they are so used to people just eating what ever they say, that they are caught off guard when anyone legitimately questions something and they lie to cover up what they've done. Got it the car back today totally fixed from my normal garage. Crank case pressure excessive. A few hoses and filters changed and a clean out and bang. It's fixed.
  2. New E61 owner

    I emailed them to complain and they are washing their hands of it, saying they spoke to the mechanic again and they said they did inspect it, and offered another inspection as a good will gesture. Yeah right.
  3. New E61 owner

    Update from my mechanic today, there is is a foam filter missing from a crank case vent that is allowing oil to enter the charge air hose system and leak out past the intercooler hose seals. My guy guy also told me that nothing had been disturbed for a while in respect to what was required to strip down to inspect the low pressure turbo. And that there was minimal play in the impeller shaft. So basically the dealer lied to me that any inspection had taken place, including a face to face discussion of the internal condition of the low pressure turbo. They also charged £100 for the privilege and wanted £2858 to fit a new turbo. Unbelieveable.
  4. New E61 owner

    So BMW found that it's the large low pressure turbo that's leaking oil. Bad news. Its currently at my family mechanics waiting on them looking at it on Monday. Im looking into getting the turbo refurbished, if I can find somewhere that does it properly.
  5. New E61 owner

    Thanks. Im hoping it's just the intercooler pipework that's leaking and not either of the turbos. Think im doing the right thing taking it to BMW. £100 for a checkup and then I'll be better informed on where to go next.
  6. New E61 owner

    Hi, thanks for the welcome!
  7. New E61 owner

    Hello! Im Marcus, and I'm the proud owner of this E61 535d m sport LCI hope to find the forum a good source of info on any issues that may pop up in the future. She goes into BMW tomorrow for a once over, so I'll know what needs doing. It has an oil leak, and I've read that this can be the red charge air hose that can perish. Hoping it's just that, as it is dirty; but I'll wait to see what the experts say. Expecting to spend some money on it to get it ship shape. In general though its in great shape for 109,000 miles. The sunroof (heard they are problematic) has been coded just to vent, so I'll ask about that when I'm in too. Cheers