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  1. MrSweet1991

    525D or 530D

    Hi All, Looking to purchase an LCI 525D or 530D, I will be doing mostly town driving so the 520D would probably appeal more in respects to MPG but I wouldn't mind sacrificing some MPG for that awesome torque increase! I am willing to DPF gut, swirl flap removal and map the car to squeeze some extra power and MPG but I'm interested to know how the two engines compare both with common problems and MPG town driving if possible. Cheers.
  2. MrSweet1991

    BMW E60 530D/525D M Sport

    Hi All, Looking for a BMW E60 530D M Sport ideally around West Midlands but don't mind travelling. Let me know what you've got!
  3. MrSweet1991

    525D or 530D

    To be honest I'm a simpleton when it comes to car work, the most I've done was changed the wishbones on an e36 I had so if it's a relatively complex job I have no chance haha. I will indeed give it a good research though, and maybe see if there's a better manifold available that I could source if it was to ever happen. Had a quick look and it does look like a right job, but it doesn't seem to hard to source a cast iron manifold as this person states: "By all accounts part number 11622248166 can be used to replace your cracked manifold, as found on these vehicles.E38 730dE39 525d SaloonE39 525d TouringE39 530d TouringE39 530d SaloonE46 330d TouringE46 330d SaloonE46 330xd TouringE46 330xd SaloonE53 X5 3.0d SUV" (reference to information) and a quick fleebay search and I found an e46 330d cast iron manifold for £80-£90 so not too bad
  4. MrSweet1991

    525D or 530D

    Great to hear, do the stats have anything to do with the auto boxes? I just did a quick Google about the stats and someone mentioned "transmission oil heat exchanger" and beings as you mentioned the auto box more likely to have an issue would the manual be a better option as they are available in both engines (mind you only 17 results found for the 3.0d)
  5. MrSweet1991

    525D or 530D

    3 Manifolds! I wonder if that's just a very unfortunate issue that's happened with your BMW? There's more time of course but I don't seem to have come across Manifold issues as of yet, could it be a particular age that suffers with Manifolds or is there something wrong that causes it?
  6. MrSweet1991

    525D or 530D

    Hi All, Well thank you all for the replies, as noted I don't mind adding a swirl flap blank and DPF removal to avoid most of the diesel regeneration problems (assuming that's all their is) so let's assume DPF has been gutted and swirl flaps are blanked what's everyone's thoughts on the two engines then in respects to MPG, Reliability and torque as I imagine that will contribute towards the 3.0d over the 2.5d I'd imagine.
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