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  1. X5 E53 battery parasitic draw

    Hedgehog = Final Stage Resistor Top tip - many thanks Hedgehogimageset.pdf
  2. Recently my X5 has started to flatten the battery overnight. It's a new battery and has been tested OK as has the Alternator. It seems to run down over a period of ten or more days. There's no real draw seen on the Amps when the engine is off and I'm advised that it could be something starting up during the night and running e.g. Heater. I've started pulling the fuses one at a time (Telephone last week then Heater 34 & 64 this week) to try and isolate the problem - if there is one. Is there a cunning way to check this without a logger? It's used mainly for short journeys so could it be I'm simply not giving the battery enough time to charge?
  3. X5 E53 Solar Chargers

    I have a 7W solar charging panel and was thinking of running a wire from the battery terminals in the boot out and connecting to a Visua 7W Solar Powered Battery Charger sitting on the parcel shelf. It does have a Built in Diode to prevent reverse charging. Does anyone see any benefit or harm in this? Would I have to disconnect it before running? jc