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  1. I've got exactly the same problem with mine,and I only got it 5 years ago as a refurb unit from when it finally calls it a day unless I sell by then
  2. Torque converter would be my guess
  3. Mines doing similar and also my ccc randomly reboots itself maybe one day a week then it's ok.....who would ever buy BMW
  4. That's very nice!! Enjoy
  5. Looks nice enough.although I'd be questioning his ad..a dr who diy painted it ???? Why is he so upset to sell ? He's just put a new gearbox in it... It's due a service reading that aswell... maybe it's a really good one,I'm suspicious by nature..
  6. Afternoon all, not exactly the best way to join a new forum but here goes. ive had my 2006 535d for about 5years,it's been a decent car but suffered a few hiccups,the latest being a loss of low down power. between 1500-2200rpm ish it's dead unless I floor it,then it takes off. just to note,it's always been a little flat,TC problem that I've kept putting off I think anyway. it seems a lot worse the warmer the car gets but again I could be imagining this around the doors in the morning it seems 90%better ive just ordered a c110 code reader that hopefully will point to the problem/s any advice here would be greatly appreciated
  7. At worst TC are only £200
  8. Lol just read your earlier post
  9. They actually sound perfect for you after reading there web page
  10. Infact a google search shows A ZF box specialist in Newcastle austrin engineering they are called..maybe with a chat
  11. Somewhere in the back of my head I seem to remember a zf specialist shop in Stockton....could be wrong but worth a google
  12. That does seem a strange colour combo..
  13. Too far mash but we'd appreciate a general overview
  14. I've heard of the end aswell from past forums..another good reputation from what o remember..I mentioned Simon..never used him personally but I've heard nothing but very very good things about him.or put it this way,in 5-10 years of using these places I've never heard of an unhappy customer. he used to do a group discount as I'm sure the end did,excuse me if I'm wrong...the more that got it done the cheaper it was.
  15. So what does 360 and 400'feelike in comparison to standard ? Here of people saying they can't feel any difference which would bother me a lot
  16. There was or is a guy called Simon,emaps I think his business was called.he had a huge following and everyone had nothing but good things to say about him..these weren't generic maps but ones he made over the course of an hour or two with your car..this was a while ago but worth a look..around £350-400 if I remember right
  17. This sounds quite likely actually,or atleat it makes sense in my head
  18. What does £900 get you ? Bhp and torque wise I mean.. if I remember rightly the specialist I use quotes about £200 ish for 320-340 bhp maybe an extra 60-100 nm torque increase but don't quote me on that he also said for a few more pounds without exact figures it could easily be raised to 400bhp and 700NM torque must admit it sounds like fun but I'm in no rush..would mean a dpf delete for sure and I'd imagine you would need a vetter cooling system..I could be wildly wrong though
  19. They definitely aren't the rocket ship that some make out they are....but and it's a big but,they do and always will leave an Astra 2.0cdti quite easily. like I said,it's as quick as a standard hot hatch..focus,Astra vxr Megan and sort of just feels different.i love the torquey feel of a diesel personally. with DTC completely disabled..(keep your finger on till it disables) for those that didn't realise,the car truly comes alive.aslong as you control the throttle and don't just plant then the power is quite impressive for a two tonne diesel
  20. I've had two done on the 6 when I had one.apparantly it's cheaper through Apple Store with genuine parts.mine done through small phone booth and one through a large phone shop were both visibly of low quality.firat one shattered when I pulled the glass protector off and the second time the edges were multi coloured and just didn't look right
  21. Also Paul have a quick check of the nipple on the black box sitting just under the cover on the left side...small hose from actuator runs into it...mine was replaced last week aswell as another pipe change to egr...what a difference only £36 part oem part..I'll assume it was drawing air,maybe just a tiny bit but the difference is quite a lot.. if it's intermittent that could be something altogether different,possible sticky actuator. But that's me guessing
  22. My point earlier in the thread dwaynos...start randomly replacing parts without proper understanding or without checking with correct software could cost a fortune and a lot of may hit lucky to be fair....Ive seen so many on a few different forums try everything because these cars rarely run 100%. some people do actually enjoy doing this themselves,so if that's you the fair enough,you will get a million suggestions and somebody will get it personally,I use a trusted specialist who is in my opinion "shit hot" as somebody posted when I was looking for a good specialist in the sunny north east "keeps my BMW running at Mondeo money"
  23. Actuators also might need looking at,not just pressure test but also start and finish length on push rod...I'm far from an expert by the way...the BMW specialist I use plugs the lap top in and does a functionality test...looks superb
  24. I certainly will let you know.ive tried a few different brands of all,Pirelli,Dunlop and one or two others.none fantastic comfort wise,I think the Dunlop give me the most miles but they were £220ish a corner if I remember rightly...5-6years ago
  25. When my 535d want running 100% I've played with a few motors..focus rs. Or st all spoilers and bonnet vents...about the same....a new golf gttd I was faster but not a lot....anyway I lost all low power and have had some work done on the's 100% standard by the way and would without doubt now pull away from both of these with ease..... Read my loss of low power thread and it will show you the things I've replaced to get it right.