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  1. 530i smoke smell in cabin cold start

    Sounds like a hole in the manifold. Typical symptoms
  2. I feel your pain..my 2006 535d has been an absolute pain in the arse from day 1...problem is that when it’s all working i love it...had it 6 years now and am hoping to hold onto it for another year or two max. i think if anything else died on it I’d give up.. 640d next I think....love them,but this 5 has really got me questioning bmw reliability
  3. To LCI or not?

    Go lci.....the pre lci in general has way to many issues..I've got a pre lci on "56" I never miss a service and don't look for cheap parts,I honestly tear it well.i e spent over 3k this year alone on it and if I wanted the full thing like the day I bought it,god knows how much I'd have to spend had over 6years and I'd guess I've nearly bought it twice
  4. New Tyres and handling feels naff

    Just fitted 4new uniroyal rain sport 3s...coming from firestone run flats which were garbage..mine took a few miles to settle in which I've never ever experienced before. It wobbly and strange.but after a week or two they seem very good.no Mrs wheelspin when it slightly wet or greasy. The improved comfort is most definitely due to leaving run flats £110 a corner with very good economy and wet ratings..if that even means anything
  5. 530d no power till after 3500rpm help

    Can be lots of things but I'll bet it's just a boost hose,very cheap easy fix..530d is single turbo..think it's the vacuum a hole causes that's makes the car very slow before boost kicks in...I'll assume the pressure is to much once the engine is high Reving
  6. 530d no power till after 3500rpm help

    had this twice with my 535...was boost hose both times,the smallest of holes,unseen by eye will cause this...mine was super slow before 2500-3000
  7. i drive monitor screen

    I've got exactly the same problem with mine,and I only got it 5 years ago as a refurb unit from BMW...repair when it finally calls it a day unless I sell by then
  8. E60 530D...Pre 2K lag, any ideas?

    Torque converter would be my guess
  9. Antenna Amplifier

    Mines doing similar and also my ccc randomly reboots itself maybe one day a week then it's ok.....who would ever buy BMW
  10. New to BMW

    That's very nice!! Enjoy
  11. 535ia Auto

    Looks nice enough.although I'd be questioning his ad..a dr who diy painted it ???? Why is he so upset to sell ? He's just put a new gearbox in it... It's due a service reading that aswell... maybe it's a really good one,I'm suspicious by nature..
  12. E60 LCI Auto Transmission Fault!

    At worst TC are only £200
  13. E60 LCI Auto Transmission Fault!

    Lol just read your earlier post
  14. E60 LCI Auto Transmission Fault!

    They actually sound perfect for you after reading there web page
  15. E60 LCI Auto Transmission Fault!

    Infact a google search shows A ZF box specialist in Newcastle austrin engineering they are called..maybe with a chat