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  1. I've got exactly the same problem with mine,and I only got it 5 years ago as a refurb unit from when it finally calls it a day unless I sell by then
  2. Torque converter would be my guess
  3. Mines doing similar and also my ccc randomly reboots itself maybe one day a week then it's ok.....who would ever buy BMW
  4. That's very nice!! Enjoy
  5. Looks nice enough.although I'd be questioning his ad..a dr who diy painted it ???? Why is he so upset to sell ? He's just put a new gearbox in it... It's due a service reading that aswell... maybe it's a really good one,I'm suspicious by nature..
  6. At worst TC are only £200
  7. Lol just read your earlier post
  8. They actually sound perfect for you after reading there web page
  9. Infact a google search shows A ZF box specialist in Newcastle austrin engineering they are called..maybe with a chat
  10. Somewhere in the back of my head I seem to remember a zf specialist shop in Stockton....could be wrong but worth a google
  11. That does seem a strange colour combo..
  12. Too far mash but we'd appreciate a general overview
  13. I've heard of the end aswell from past forums..another good reputation from what o remember..I mentioned Simon..never used him personally but I've heard nothing but very very good things about him.or put it this way,in 5-10 years of using these places I've never heard of an unhappy customer. he used to do a group discount as I'm sure the end did,excuse me if I'm wrong...the more that got it done the cheaper it was.
  14. So what does 360 and 400'feelike in comparison to standard ? Here of people saying they can't feel any difference which would bother me a lot
  15. There was or is a guy called Simon,emaps I think his business was called.he had a huge following and everyone had nothing but good things to say about him..these weren't generic maps but ones he made over the course of an hour or two with your car..this was a while ago but worth a look..around £350-400 if I remember right