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  1. M88RCC

    E60 Window wiper relay

    Bank transfer sent and address emailed. Can you confirm that you have received please? Regards
  2. M88RCC

    E60 Window wiper relay

    Afternoon, Could you give me a price for a replacement window wiper relay for a E60 registration YF08YBE and delivered to G31 3AU. Cheers
  3. M88RCC

    Passenger replacement bulb cover 2008 E60

    Cheers Phil, Money has just been sent via Paypal. Let me know if you get it Marc
  4. M88RCC

    Angel eye question (sorry!)

    Just installed mine at the weekend and I installed the packs. I wouldn't worry about it at all just make sure they are not touching the bulb etc. I tucked mine right down the bottom and on the right
  5. Morning, Could you give me a price for a replacement bulb cover that goes on the inside of the passenger light enclosure reg is YF08 YBE. Delivery to G31 3AU. Thanks
  6. M88RCC

    2008 E60 passenger light cover

    Hey all, Fitted my HIDs at the weekend and in the process my inside light cover cracked. Does anyone have one I can purchase? Thanks
  7. M88RCC

    Personalised reg numbers

    I have one, had it for years M88RCC Not currently on the car as I just bought it but I might put it on
  8. M88RCC

    Passenger wiper arm

    Haha, Thanks for replying! Thats the weird thing the wipers work as normal and all seem good, just the passenger one pops up and the bottom of its cycle resulting in it sitting higher than the drivers side one.
  9. M88RCC

    Passenger wiper arm

    Looking for advice on this, Passenger wiper arm sits higher on the window than the drivers side. Wipers work as intended but the passenger one will go down to the lowest position, like at the bottom of a full cycle then pops back up about 3" and that's where it sits when they are off or at the lowest point during an intermittent cycle (rain sense etc). Has anyone experienced this before of advice on what I could check to see why it does this. Want to fix it so that when they come to rest they are both at the same height. Just to be clear the passenger wiper arm is going full down then popping back up so its not like its not going all the way down. Hope this is semi-clear Thanks
  10. M88RCC

    2008 520d

    Jimmy, Looking to buy a cable or set or cables that will enable me to basically keep an eye on the car for diags and faults also be able to re-code if I add additional modules to the IDrive etc (if this can be done?). Could you let me know what I need here please? Thank you
  11. M88RCC

    IDrive help?

    Thanks for the reply, You make a valid point, I have seen a few videos and some information stating it would work, thought I would ask on here first to see if anyone has done something similar. But yes, pretty poor description of what it is and does! Its an interface module that you can get that plugs into the BMW IDrive system that will give you hands free and Bluetooth streaming from a phone for music etc. On a side note, I see your a biker. I am also but interesting bike you have from your Garage description - do you have pics of it? Thanks
  12. M88RCC

    IDrive help?

    No one knows this? I fired a mail off to Dension to ask them but nothing back as of yet
  13. M88RCC

    IDrive help?

    Morning all, Looking at getting a Dension but I am a bit stumped as on their website it says none are compatible with my car. I have the IDrive Business (the basic one) on my 2008 520d M Sport - as far as I can tell there is no bluetooth or nav installed. Also if I get a Dension do I have to have the car coded, and if this is the case can I do it myself if I order one of the cables to connect up a lappy to the car? Thank you
  14. Has anyone got any info on this - looking to get this mod done. I see he hasn't been on for quite a while, is there any alternatives at all? Cheers