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  1. Joey_Zaza

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted a roof box bought from Gumtree. Ready for the road trip this week.
  2. Joey_Zaza

    To all the newbies :-)

    Hello all just joined today after finding this forum doing a random google search, I must say its a very interesting and informative site and I shall enjoy the odd random hour poring over its contents. I've always wanted an E39 sport wagon but never got around to taking the plunge due to work and life commitments, and being a bit older (57) Im past that time in my life where I want to spend my weekends under the bonnet fiddling around, those days of trying to get my Lotus Cortina started back in the 70's left a lasting impression on me. I picked up this beauty a few days ago and have utterly fallen in love with it, the driving position and feel of the controls brought back wonderful memories of my E30 M3 that I owned back in the 90's. Fatherhood, family and work took precedence between then and now but after disposing of the diesel powered people carrier I told the wife its back to a Bimmer. Thankfully she was in agreement as long as it wasn't another 'bird puller' like my old M3 she said, which surprised me as any 'bird' is likely to find the sight of middle aged balding man sitting in an M3 trying to impress her rather sad and comical. So here she is, a one owner Japanese Import with 52000 miles and full BMW service history which is, unfortunately, all written in Japanese, making the service book with all its Japanese script pictures and notations look something like a manga comic, however, Im assured by BMW UK its all genuine as they checked it out for me which was very nice of them. I will contribute more pictures and stories of my travels to Romania where we enjoy our holidays every year, perhaps some of you may find the ruminations of an old git in an E39 amusing and informative regards Joey.