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  1. Marc_C

    19" tyres and pressures

    Hi Dan Im running RS3's on 19"' rims by coincidence. I put 32 psi front and rear and generally go by comments my 86 year old mother makes when she rides in the back as to the compliance of the ride. If she says 'ooohh its nice and smooth in here isn't it dear, reminds me of your father's Humber' then I know the pressures are just right. have a great day all Marc
  2. Marc_C

    MK Motorsport wheels

    Well, after that lot I have to say 'gordon bennet!' I think, after reading Dennis's appraisal that I will give it a miss then. I do need to consider that the car is a family wagon, it goes to Sainsbury's, after school clubs and family holidays with grandma and grandpa onboard. Riding around on cotton reels and rubber bands is likely to make those applications somewhat more 'entertaining" shall we say It was foolish of me not to consider how the practicalities of everyday use will be affected. I also didn't realise those wheels are knock-offs, looking again now how could they not be at that price! I feel a bit of a twit tbh Some years ago I had an Overfinch RR with 22" Khan's on there and that rode like a wheelbarrow over cobblestones on every single journey, I used to fool myself it was worth it for how it looked. What a dick I think I'll get my BBS replicas refinished, they look a bit worse for wear after this past Winter, and run them until next summer and get some genuine ones on there instead. Thank you guys for your advice, its been really appreciated. enjoy your evening. Marc.
  3. Marc_C

    MK Motorsport wheels

    Good morning I know there are many knowledgeable chaps here regarding the myriad of wheels and their various fitments on E39's so I was hoping someone might tell me if I can fit these beauties on my Touring? and also what kind of modifications may be required? http://www.bmautosport.co.uk/showroom/product_info.php/new-motorsport-alloys-massive-dish-105-rear-p-225 thank you in advance. Marc
  4. Marc_C

    Japanese Import E39s

    Hi all thank you for your kind words and compliments. My Touring is at the garage today. It was a failure of two coil packs. I opted to do all six as I have a six thousand mile euro road trip in July/ August and I really don't want to tempt fate on that journey. Total cost parts and labour was three hundred nicker. Never having had this issue I can't say if thats a good price or not but Im happy that my M54 engine is purring like a kitten again A pleasant evening to all. Marc.
  5. Marc_C

    Japanese Import E39s

    Hi all. Damn are we lucky to own such a fantastic car. I paid a whisker under 10k for my 52k one owner Touring Japanese import last year and I feel it would have still been a bargain at 15k being immaculate as it is. Sadly, today the engine management light came on on the M26 and she developed the most frightening misfire so its a Green Flag trailering home tomorrow Hopefully I can get it diagnosed and fixed this week. Have a great Bank Holiday everyone! Marc.
  6. Thats a lovely Touring you've got there, I dumped my previous car, a modern turbo diesel, for similar reasons as yourself as I live in zone 2. Give it lots of love and it will make an excellent, practical long term ownership prospect with no depreciation to factor in, which is very rare in this day and age of modern cars which more closely resemble sophisticated electro-mechanical devices designed by physicists. So far the running costs of my touring have far outweighed my previous car when fuel costs and road tax are taken into account. As I do less than 10k miles a year the benefits of Diesel ownership were not filtering down to me so i thought may as well enjoy a big engined petrol car before they get banned and I have long regretted selling my E30 M3 just before the market price for them exploded so this has gone some way to making me feel better about that As precautions after buying it I replaced the entire cooling system as well as the wheel bearings and the power steering pipe work. If you are ever passing Wandsworth pop in for a coffee and we can compare notes and pose a bit Good luck!
  7. Marc_C

    37k for an E34

    Thank you. Very interesting.
  8. Marc_C

    37k for an E34

    Im an E39 owner amd mooch about on that forum. However I am in the market for an unusual E34 so when I saw this: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201803274983282 I thought I would post here and seek some knowledable opinions before I drive over to take a look at it. I suppose the most pertinant question is - is it worth it? Thanks in advance.
  9. Marc_C

    e39 Auto no reverse gear

    No help to you in N. Wales but perhaps as an idea of how much money you might be looking at for a rebuilt gearbox. When I had the oil changed in my auto box at Wimbledon Automatics a few months ago I tentatively inquired as to the cost of a rebuild should it ever be necessary and they said two grand. For me I wouldn't hesitate to pay that even though my car is fifteen years old but I understand thats not the case for everyone. I hope it works out for you as your car looks nice and it would be a shame to send it to the scrapper for want of a gearbox if the rest of it has plenty of life left in it.
  10. Marc_C

    Water Pump

    I bought one of these and had it fitted https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/High-Performance-Water-Pump-EMP-STEWART-BMW-E36-E46-E39-X5-Z3-6-Cyl-M50-52-54/142105853213?hash=item21162b3d1d:g:-yQAAOSw5cNYLVD- It feels like a serious piece of work in the hand, solid and quite heavy, about twice the weight of the standard pump. Its probably overkill for most people but I fancied the look of it and thought I would give it a try. I've done 5000 miles on it so far and no issues finger crossed.
  11. Marc_C

    BPMe fuel App *warning*

    Actually, you got me thinking now. The way they came at me at the moment they blocked me in they were wound up charging and screaming. They were ready for me to resist or put up some kind of fight. God forbid If had been stupid enough to give it some attitude I have no doubt I would have been tasered or worse, shot. Perhaps Im being naive but I have lived on the streets of South London since the days when getting pulled over and being asked 'where does a jungle bunny like you get the money for a cortina then?' so in that regard we've made some progress. They have a thankless job and Im glad they are out there packing hardware ready to defend us.
  12. Marc_C

    BPMe fuel App *warning*

    There's a postscript . I had a visit from a couple of uniforms yesterday afternoon, a PC and a WPC. They were very nice and polite They said they'd come to explain the circumstances of the events of my traffic stop and to give me the opportunity to make a formal complaint to which they gave me some paperwork outling the complaints process Because armed officers were involved, the WPC explained, there is strict set of rules for investigation and follow up and as I was not arrested or charged the matter is actually quite a serious one and there will be an official investigation. They asked me to make a statement detailing the entire event and wether or not any of the officers actually drew their guns or pointed them at me or my sister. I said no they didnt I only knew they were armed because I saw holstered gun on two of them but they were not drawn at any time. Once the paperwork was done the PC told me there had been a number of Drive Offs from that particular garage late at night over the past month and some of them had involved what he described as 'an older model BMW' Consequently there were plain clothes officers parked there in an unmarked car watching the forecourt and when I was seen from a distance filling up and immediately driving away in an older model BMW they decided to intercept. So an interesting end to that and not at all what I expected. I declined to complain- its not an easy job our boys in blue do out there, gunned up street thugs, terrorists, knifemen, jesus you couldnt pay me enough to do that job. I wished them well and said Im happy and thanks for the apology.
  13. Marc_C

    BPMe fuel App *warning*

    So I downloaded this App called BPme after being given a little card promoting it when I was filling up at my local BP station a few days ago. For those of you who aren't familiar with it basically you pull into a BP station then start the App, it automatically finds the station using Location Services in your phone, you select pump number and amount you want to spend and presto the pump switches on and you fill up. Once your done you can drive away without bothering to go inside and queue to pay for fuel behind a line of people doing their weekly food and drink shopping. ( of course you have to have previously added the chosen payment method when you install and set it up) So far so good. Last night, around 11pm whilst giving my sister a lift home I pulled into my local BP and decided to put fifty quids worth in. It worked like a charm. Filled up got back in my car and drove away. Lovely. Five or so minutes later Im now pottering along the South Circular heading towards Brixton when I catch sight of a plethora of blue lights flashing in my rear view mirror- I said to my sister its always the same coming into Brixton this time of night let me pull in and let them pass. They passed allright then slammed right in front of me blocking my exit as I slammed on the brembos avoiding a collision by inches, while a second unmarked car heaved in alongside and a third unmarked car screamed to a halt behind me - I was stunned while my dear sister - who is recovering from cancer surgery- screamed in terror. With truncheons drawn the police officers in front of me charged at the car screaming "turn off the engine get out of the car get out of the car get out of the car!!!" My god what a shocker, about eight police officers in all- two of them armed with side arms I thought christ almighty what have I done!?!? my heart was pounding like a drum as my my mind raced backwards 'was I speeding?' 'did I jump a red light?' Before I could gather any more thoughts we were both bundled out of the car and held firmly by the wrists Im ashamed to say I got the evil eye from my sister when I said to the officer restraining her to not let his utility belt 'scratch the paintwork as this was an alpine white E39 sport touring and they're quite uncommon' "Your being arrested for failing to pay for fuel at Wandsworth BP station" one officer indicated to two others who were walking around the car and looking in the back "Those officers witnessed you filling up and then driving off without paying do you have anything to say? "er- yes officer" I mumbled, "I paid by App" Over the late night roar of the south circular road you could have heard a pin drop Cue a rolling of eyes and smirks to one another "I've heard 'em all " he replied " but that has to be the best one yet- your nicked!" I pleaded with them its true let me show you my phone I opened the App and showed it to him as the other officers gathered around to look at it. While I glanced at the glaring accusing faces of people in their cars as they squeezed past this semi roadblock caused by me on one of London's busiest arterial roads gawping at this plonker in his beemer who had been chased down by armed plod for goodness knows what ghastly crime. I felt truly shamed. Finally and rather belatedly the cop in charge spoke "yeah it looks like he paid by App, they could have told us about this bloody thing we're going to be chasing our own tails running down Fuel Drive Offs" Their tone changed to being quite apologetic as they gathered up to leave "sorry about your paintwork" said the cop who was restraining my sister "nice motor that is" "Sorry for the misunderstanding Sir have a nice evening" and in just a few seconds they piled back into their cars and raced away into the back roads of South London. So to summarise, the BPme App is fantastic! Just make sure to check those other cars on the forecourt when you fill up isnt unmarked plod!
  14. Marc_C

    E39 for sale 23K

    Saw this. Is it worth it? http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201711291667132
  15. Marc_C

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I gave the body a going over with Soft 99 white coloured liquid repellant hard wax, that stuff is worth its weight in gold regarding the manner in which is shrugs off dirt. After that it was a blast to Amsterdam to see some old friends and see what I could shake loose on the motorway. Got all the way there on three quarters of a tank of Euro 98 motion lotion and I gave it plenty of welly so quite pleased with that. Nothing broke or fell off but I did kerb those damn butter wheels driving around the 'Dam. Now just disembarking the Eurotunnel so home for a pot of earl grey.