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  1. Hi ad touring they're from 3sdm.co.uk. Forged style 3.62 https://www.3sdm.co.uk/forged-wheels/forged-3-62/
  2. Hi Dennis I do have a KY 'street comfort' Coil Over kit as the next on my To-Do list along with a BBK, and I anticipate a 20 or 30mm drop to go with that. I have also taken delivery of a rooftop boot lid spoiler too by coincidence. The wheels are 8.5 x19 on the fronts and 10 x 19 back, Im not sure the lip sizes, I have to check that out. Due to the quite hefty cost of them further modification of them will have to wait a few months :-) and , no, Im not getting them diamond cut. After I've done the coilover Install I'll look at changing the Gold to gunmetal. Thanks again for all your advice btw.
  3. Hi Loadmaster I had a set of BBS Le-Mans replicas before, the spokes were gunmetal. I kind of wish I had gone for the Driftworks version now. Oh well I'll go back to 360 Wheels in the Spring and get the basket weave centres replaces with something along the lines of the Le-Mans finish.
  4. yes, damn, thats it, its the bloody colour, the gold. I kneewww it was too pimpish! what was I thinking. Ok, I shall take that on board, The basket weave mesh style I think has something going for it, but your right, its those damn gold centres.
  5. Ok so after much soul searching and some very helpful advice from a chap here called Dennis ( thank you Dennis!) I finally plumped for a new set of wheels to replace my fake BBS Le-Mans which had suffered badly from last winter and need a refurb that was more than their value. Now, I've tried to go for a not too modern, not too old school but kind of something in the middle look that is flattering to the quite conservative styling - but still quite handsome - Touring - and in keeping to the era in which it was made. The thing is Im not so sure I made the right decision now they're actually on the car. Im preparing myself for a slating as I know there are some quite strong views and opinions on wheels on this forum and I respect them all, hence my asking you all for your thoughts. Im erring on slinging them in my lockup and putting on a set of Alpina softlines So what do you gentlemen think? Oh, ignore the Jack Russell trying to steal it, he'd just had a tear up with Staffie on Parsons Green and got me into a bit of bother with the owner.
  6. Marc_C

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took the old girl to Chelsea today, thought she looked right at home parked up on the Kings Road amongst all the modern metal. Got a couple of issues that need addressing at the next service due next week though Air bag warning light stays on while the Air-Con (being severely tested these past days) is cold but not as cold as it was last year so maybe a re-gas is needed? I also have an occasional warning light coming on saying "rear self levelling suspension not working' though, strangely, when I turn off the engine and turn it back on the light and fault clears immediately. We're planning to drive the Trans - Fagarasan highway in Romania and I don't fancy getting a collapsed rear suspension doing that so need to find out why its doing that. Also I wanted to ask an opinion, back when I had my E30 M3 I used to drain out the coolant mixture out of the S14 engine every year and replenish with fresh mixture. Is there any benefit to changing out the coolant on my M54 engine every year? or is it overkill? otherwise I hope your all enjoying the lovely weather. Marc
  7. Marc_C

    Lake victoria behind driver's seat

    Great, thank you, yes I did a search for the vapour barrier on here amd found some useful stuff. Thanks for the tips guys!
  8. Marc_C

    Lake victoria behind driver's seat

    Oookaayy .. erm whats a vapour barrier and where should I look for that? I was always pretty handy with car mechanics as a youngster, I could tear down a lotus cortina engine and rebuild it with my eyes closed but today's car nomenclature is just beyond me
  9. Hi all after the heavy rain of last night I've discovered a pool of water behind the driver's seat, and its a veritable bloody flood, how that much water got into my beautiful car is beyond me. Doors, windows and sunroof where all fully closed. It took me half an hour to soak and mop it out. Any ideas as to what may be the cause? I did notice today when driving in the sunny weather I opened the sunroof and when I went around a corner we all got doused by some water that hadnt drained away? Might that be connected to the flooding? Thank you in advance for any insight. Marc
  10. Marc_C


    Now sold! Thank you for your inquiries Gentlemen. A pleasant Bank holiday to you all. Marc
  11. Marc_C


    I'll be honest here and say I never used the phone bluetooth connection. I never even bothered to pair my phone up with it as I never take or make calls, even hands free, when Im behind the wheel. It came with the car as part of the conversion from a Japanese unit to this one as a courtesy by the dealers I bought the car from. I had always intended to have it pulled out and replaced as part of a substantial upgrade to the whole audio system in the car and that was done last year, and is still ongoing, and I've had this unit sitting around since. The sat nav was great, it worked even down in Romania and Moldova, the touch screen with its BMW logo and layout gave a nice ambient 'OEM' feel to it too, even the audio was pleasant it just wasnt suitable for the set up I wanted. Marc.
  12. Marc_C


    I was going to sling this on Ebay, its a year old and immaculate with the BMW graphical interface, nice bit of kit but I want to pimp up my hifi and I'm not particularly concerned with keeping it real so if you want a bargain pm me. have a great day Marc.
  13. Marc_C

    19" tyres and pressures

    Hi Dan Im running RS3's on 19"' rims by coincidence. I put 32 psi front and rear and generally go by comments my 86 year old mother makes when she rides in the back as to the compliance of the ride. If she says 'ooohh its nice and smooth in here isn't it dear, reminds me of your father's Humber' then I know the pressures are just right. have a great day all Marc
  14. Marc_C

    MK Motorsport wheels

    Well, after that lot I have to say 'gordon bennet!' I think, after reading Dennis's appraisal that I will give it a miss then. I do need to consider that the car is a family wagon, it goes to Sainsbury's, after school clubs and family holidays with grandma and grandpa onboard. Riding around on cotton reels and rubber bands is likely to make those applications somewhat more 'entertaining" shall we say It was foolish of me not to consider how the practicalities of everyday use will be affected. I also didn't realise those wheels are knock-offs, looking again now how could they not be at that price! I feel a bit of a twit tbh Some years ago I had an Overfinch RR with 22" Khan's on there and that rode like a wheelbarrow over cobblestones on every single journey, I used to fool myself it was worth it for how it looked. What a dick I think I'll get my BBS replicas refinished, they look a bit worse for wear after this past Winter, and run them until next summer and get some genuine ones on there instead. Thank you guys for your advice, its been really appreciated. enjoy your evening. Marc.