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  1. E39 for sale 23K

    Saw this. Is it worth it? http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201711291667132
  2. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I gave the body a going over with Soft 99 white coloured liquid repellant hard wax, that stuff is worth its weight in gold regarding the manner in which is shrugs off dirt. After that it was a blast to Amsterdam to see some old friends and see what I could shake loose on the motorway. Got all the way there on three quarters of a tank of Euro 98 motion lotion and I gave it plenty of welly so quite pleased with that. Nothing broke or fell off but I did kerb those damn butter wheels driving around the 'Dam. Now just disembarking the Eurotunnel so home for a pot of earl grey.
  3. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    MOT today. First one since I bought it exactly a year ago. Mileage is now at 60k and a bit so wasn't really expecting any issues. It was nice to hear the Tester querying the age of the car relative to its overall condition. Though you can't see it in the picture there was a chap with a four year old Range Rover sport getting his MOT done in the adjoining bay. A sporty sort, sheepskin jacket, Churchill brogues, golfing trousers, you know the type, anyway he looked over at my car and with a patronising tone in his voice said 'they don't make them like that anymore do they' I smiled and let it go then he had to ruin it by adding 'they go for ever those old bangers' A short while later he was in an uproar as the examiner failed his Rangey on a leaking suspension strut, excessive play in the steering and a worn wheel bearing. As I collected my new MOT certificate I nodded towards his car and said 'they still make them like that then?' That shut him up.
  4. Japanese Import E39s

    I don't know if this is worth anything to anyone thinking of doing this but I had similar reservations when I bought mine. The seller, who was confident the mileage was genuine, very kindly suggested I take the VIN number to my local BMW dealer and see if they could find service records or a maintenance history on their database to confirm/refute the mileage the car came with which was 50K . I took the number to BMW here in Battersea and paid a small fee (it is BMW ) and they said they would contact me in a day or so as they were a bit busy. They duly called me back to say that the car had been serviced at the 'Nicole BMW dealer, Saiwai ward, Kanagawa prefecture, Kawasaki Japan' (I copied that mouthful from the email they sent me afterwards) and the mileage at its last service was 49K. If the car 'looks and feels right' then its a case of 'heart over head' and you really must have it then this might be an option. I do know E39's are disappearing fast, tourings even faster as many lived long lives as faithful family transport or middle management chariots you only have to look on eBay to see how many are being broken up for parts each week. In another two years you won't find one for love nor money as those of us who have invested cash into them for long term ownership won't part with them at any price. Good luck whatever you decide. Either way that particular Touring is not going to hang around long even at that price.
  5. 530i ROAD NOISE ?

    it looks gorgeous. There are less of these each passing year. The Saloon is just so timeless looking and perhaps even more classy and refined today, relative to modern equivalents, than when it was made. It is so unusual for an older car to age so beautifully as the E39 has done. Budget for 500 or so on it once you have purchased it so you know where you stand re; servicing and known faults. Im no V8 expert but the 3.0 has its own 'unique' set of foibles, cooling system, valve cover etc etc.... perhaps a gearbox oil change too won't hurt.
  6. 530i ROAD NOISE ?

    Hi, yes its a Japanese Import. On another thread relating to that on here I did notice there was a varied set of opinions and experiences relating to buying a Japanese Import. And that is completely understandable of course. I bought mine with a full checkable history from Seymour Pope and paid, for what was a fourteen year old estate car, hugely over the odds. I was looking for something that I could keep for a very long time and was sick of throwing good money after bad on buying newer cars hence my reasoning for paying that bit extra. I was happy with what I got. The car had a verified 50k miles on it and was for all intents and purposes as close to brand new as I was ever going to find. This was my first foray back to a large engined petrol powered Beemer since the eighties, all my previous nine Beemers were all diesel, and Im done with diesels, they're great when they are going but when they go wrong they'll crucify you. If that V8 on the Autotrader has been well looked after buy the damn thing, large capacity petrol engines are a thing of beauty and we may not get to enjoy them in another twenty years when they are all outlawed! Go an take a look at it and let us see some pics when you've bought it
  7. 530i ROAD NOISE ?

    Im running 19's with 'elastic band' Uniroyal Rainsport 3's and its like a magic carpet ride. All I can hear is air around the windscreen at 100mph. I was going to put Contis to replace the Federals it came with which, to my ears at least, sounded like BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tyres at high speed, but the tyre shop suggested these RS3's which were marginally cheaper and a promise of a refund if I was unhappy with them. I've done a few hundred miles on them and have to say for day to day, motorway, long and short journeys, loaded and empty they are quiet, refined at speed and good in the wet. There was also the bonus that the tread pattern is unusual and, I think, suits the character of the car, but thats just my humble opinion.
  8. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Had the wheel polishing session cut short by the neighbour's dogs. damn mutts.
  9. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    got blocked in by a Lambo in Battersea park today, had a right go at me he did too...
  10. Japanese Import E39s

    Yes, they were. The paperwork that came with the car included its build sheet, the fitted options as specified by the customer and shipping papers from Hamburg to Kawasaki. Those were the only documents in German everything else is in Japanese including the service book,. The car is described in the shipping doc as 'Euro Spec' When I replaced all those parts I simply but my car's model year and type into the search field on Ebay and bought what I needed, everything fitted right out of the box. The biggest issue, if you could call it that, is when you start the car a woman's voice in Japanese instructs me to "fasten my seat belt and to make sure all my doors are closed before driving away" at least thats what the dealer told me she is saying, she could be quoting the address of a Tokyo blowjob bar for all I know. I have been listening to it for almost a year now and its starting to get a bit annoying so Its slowly moving up the To-Do list on the car.
  11. Japanese Import E39s

    Hi yes, i did, a place called Seymour Pope, they seem to specialise in exotic, esoteric and unusual metal from Japan and other places. They source the cars themselves and ship them over at their own cost, they also covered the cost of all the necessary paperwork to get the car UK registered, MOT'd and the new number issued from DVLC as well as the Stereo/SatNav conversion, they also gave the car a six month parts and labour warranty too. Ironically the car I originally wanted from them was also a Japanese Import, a 525 E34 Touring in full Racing Dynamics trim which was absolutely gorgeous fully optioned in Black with a black leather interior and a double sunroof, that was up for 7K if my memory serves. Anyway, that one didn't hang around. So after that I kept my eye on their website and when this one came up I put a holding deposit on it without viewing which they assured me was refundable if I changed my mind, of course, after taking one look at it I bought it on the spot. Good luck if you decide to go ahead, you wont regret it.
  12. Japanese Import E39s

    Hi there I bought my E39 Touring in February 2017 as a Japanese Import. It was a2003 model and It came with a ridiculously low mileage of 50k and of course a full main dealer service history. When i took delivery of it I have to say it looked and felt, in every regard, like a brand new vehicle, it was truly immaculate with not a scratch, pimple, dent, swirl or blemish. Of course I paid over the odds for it compared to a UK sourced one but as it was my intention to own and run it for the long term and because after years of pissing good money after bad on brand new cars and promising myself I would never do it again, I felt comfortable paying Nine grand for it. The car was fully factory optioned as Japanese rarely buy base models in this class of vehicle. The dealerships converted the stereo/satnav to an Xtrons unit making it uk compatible but suggested leaving the speedo in Km/ph leaving the mileage untampered as they felt this would compromise the value of the car, it doesn't bother me to be honest, I have left it as it is. I have since racked up another ten thousand trouble free miles in it doing a number of jobs to it based on 'preventative' maintainence because its almost fifteen years old and I intend to drive this one until they prise the M-Sport steering wheel out of my cold dead hands. To that end I had all the wheel bearings replaced, a new valve cover, power steering pipework, radiator, water pump ( I had one of those Stewart EMP Waterpump jobbies put in) viscous cooling fan and thermostat and all cooling system pipework replaced as well as a full service. Last job was fitting a set of Uniroyal RS3 tyres to replace the noisy Federal tyres it came with. oh yes, I had the gearbox oil changed too. If your in it for long term ownership I recommend it, you will probably pay a bit more but it will be worth every penny. Good Luck.
  13. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Getting this Basser sub installed, JL audio amps, a pioneer head unit and some Ground Zero mids.
  14. Hey - Ive got a classic!

    I think your correct. But I also think that will change as the years pass with lesser models becoming more valuable simply because the M5's, 540's and Alpina's etc will become unaffordable to most but serious collectors and museums, plus the 'lesser models' are actually more eminently drivable and usable as day-to-day cars for the regular owner who appreciates quality and longevity but do not want to pay for a new car and do not need or want the larger engined cars. A comparable analogy is the E30. We saw the value of the E30 M3 rise to stratospheric heights between 1999, when you could pick one up from the Auto Trader for 4 grand, ( I know because thats what I paid for mine) to 2014 when you could pick one up for 40k plus, and in the process becoming relatively unaffordable to most but serious collectors and Middle Eastern gentlemen. This has had a knock on effect on 'lesser' E30 Models, for which, a decade ago, you could buy for five hundred pounds, we now see 'humble' E30 325i sports and 318 Tourings going for serious money and increasing year on year. So hold on to your pre-facelift 523i SE Touring Auto. Just keep it well maintained and enjoy it until you retire at which time it will be worth enough to put your grandchildren through College.
  15. E39 Buying Guide

    Honest John has a nice piece about the E39 in his 'Future Classic Friday' section https://classics.honestjohn.co.uk/news/comment/2017-10/future-classic-friday-bmw-5-series-e39/