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  1. One thing I'm not a fan of is the T grill in the bottom front bumper - why does this have it where most sports do not?
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-540i-M-Sport-Superb/302748950785?hash=item467d3e6101:g:u3gAAOSwsldbB1hs Honestly I know nothing about Japanese Imports but the advert mentions its grade 4.5? Anyone can advise on buying cars such as these? Looks very clean in and out, also can't help but notice it's parked on a very posh driveway GB.
  3. You weren't wrong, seems like you can tell the future
  4. Sold for £8100, insane Two offers retracted, one cancelled, very fishy!
  5. £8.5k? The ebay listing says £5.6k still, must have retracted the bid.
  6. £5600 already from different bidders. Not seen a non-M5 E39 get so much in auction! I know alot of work has been done to this but seems a little high I'm still very tempted...
  7. When you do, drop me a PM, happy to make you a offer
  8. Indeed, keeping a eye on all the major websites and this forum for a well maintained one. Looking for a 530i sport, preferably black, not too fussed on the spec! Happy to pay the premium it's just finding a nice one
  9. Thanks guys - good advice here. Getting a feel for the price to pay based on condition. Still holding out for a really nice well looked after one, i've been searching for many months and yet no sign!
  10. Your right, it's at £5000 already! How much do you guys estimate it's gonna go for?
  11. Great point, someone who's spent so much on part replacements can only be a good sign!
  12. Seems like a very well maintained E39 which an interesting color: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-530i-M-SPORT-E39-Individual-Automatic-Facelift-Techno-Violet/192538160067?hash=item2cd42b2bc3:g:r9cAAOSwZvFa9sRa There is mention of some bubbles occurring, is this an expensive fix?
  13. GBS

    BMW 540i 86k

    Just confirmed it has 7 previous owners, less interested now
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2003-BMW-E39-540i-Sport-Auto-4-4L-V8-86-000-FSH-Genuine-M5-Alloys-Black/183210624042?hash=item2aa834442a:g:Gw8AAOSwgJla7ZOs Thoughts?