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  1. Sold for £8100, insane Two offers retracted, one cancelled, very fishy!
  2. £8.5k? The ebay listing says £5.6k still, must have retracted the bid.
  3. £5600 already from different bidders. Not seen a non-M5 E39 get so much in auction! I know alot of work has been done to this but seems a little high I'm still very tempted...
  4. When you do, drop me a PM, happy to make you a offer
  5. Indeed, keeping a eye on all the major websites and this forum for a well maintained one. Looking for a 530i sport, preferably black, not too fussed on the spec! Happy to pay the premium it's just finding a nice one
  6. Thanks guys - good advice here. Getting a feel for the price to pay based on condition. Still holding out for a really nice well looked after one, i've been searching for many months and yet no sign!
  7. Your right, it's at £5000 already! How much do you guys estimate it's gonna go for?
  8. Great point, someone who's spent so much on part replacements can only be a good sign!
  9. Seems like a very well maintained E39 which an interesting color: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-530i-M-SPORT-E39-Individual-Automatic-Facelift-Techno-Violet/192538160067?hash=item2cd42b2bc3:g:r9cAAOSwZvFa9sRa There is mention of some bubbles occurring, is this an expensive fix?
  10. GBS

    BMW 540i 86k

    Just confirmed it has 7 previous owners, less interested now
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2003-BMW-E39-540i-Sport-Auto-4-4L-V8-86-000-FSH-Genuine-M5-Alloys-Black/183210624042?hash=item2aa834442a:g:Gw8AAOSwgJla7ZOs Thoughts?
  12. Looks great, only if this was a sport I would have snapped it up
  13. GBS

    Just bought a 540i - Awesome!!

    Not a fan of the SE personally, but that color is gorgeous!
  14. GBS

    E39 530i touring

    Fair bit of work done to it!