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  1. Upcoming Service

    So today was the day, had her service done, the good news was they didn’t deem the rear pad service being quite needed yet, and they did the “value” pricing also. Whole lot came in at about £550 (oil, air filter, oil filter, micro filter, vehicle inspection and MOT) The bad news however was that despite me telling them clearly that I didn’t want the car washed and it being noted on the work sheet (I have had it machine polished at expense and then only ever washed it myself using proper techniques) What did they do? Not only did they wash it, but they managed to heavily scratch it - enough to give me the dreaded hologram effect IN ONE WASH. What the heck were they using sand paper?!?!?! So annoyed.
  2. Upcoming Service

    True that but then i potentially won't be returning if they dont seem to want to try and make things good value I guess is their risk? I've been going to them for years now over the course of two different vehicles so hopefully they'll acknowledge that. On the service booking the dude wrote "value service" and that he'll make sure they look after me on the day. We shall see!
  3. Upcoming Service

    She's booked in for a biggie this coming weekend gents, am expecting a bill of about £554-£733 depending on whether the rear brake pads also need doing or not. Otherwise its deffo time for the engine oil service with airfilter/oilfilter/microfilter, and the vehicle check, at minimum. Have tried to put pressure on them to bring the price down - lets see on the day! Will probably tell 'em not to do the MOT, will get that done myself elsewhere for half the cost. Oh and to NOT wash the car
  4. Renewed the warranty, went for the larger excess as I don't intend on claiming unless something big goes bang. If I had gone for the £100 excess option, then the extra premium over the year (plus the £100 excess at time of claim) would've amounted to more than simply the single excess of £250 I'll have to pay if I do make a claim anyway....so its kind of like the £100 option means you need to make a claim to make it worthwhile as you're paying over £250 anyway for the privilege of the lower excess.
  5. No more 550i production apparently, and soon to be followed by no more F80 M3 either...I understand they’re gas guzzlers but not like like-minded cars of old were yet they’re still being gradually stamped out it would seem https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/bmw-m3-f80-be-axed-august-due-new-emissions-test
  6. I plan to use the same “logic” tonight on my misses
  7. An M5. Now we’re talking! Some day
  8. Fair enough I hear ya. From my experience, not on this car but a previous BMW I had an E92 335i, the warranty more than paid for itself, in total I had several large expensive jobs done, ranging from a power steering pump failure, to a waste gate rattle fix (twice), a central locking system issue....all in all probably saved me about £5000 based on what invoices showed at the time. On all occasions the dealer did a good job resolving the issues, so I know they can be incompetent from what I've read on threads, but my experience has been positive to date. That coupled with the fact that I am rather useless with car DIY, its a safety net I welcome, and peace of mind lol
  9. For me I think the warranty would be for safe guarding against any big issues and so could get away with the larger excess option but am tempted to go for the £100 excess option tbh. I have a few weeks to decide I guess!
  10. and now for the plot twist... When I apply for the quote using the original number plate that the car came with prices drop a bit to...(the letter quoted the original plate mind you!) Comprehensive with Emergency Service, £250 excess - £71 per month or £856 annual. Comprehensive with Emergency Service, £100 excess - £89 per month or £1107 annual. Should I just apply using its original plate? Or my private plate (which is raising the cost) on what is the SAME CAR! Can anyone see any issue with them voting the warranty if I took it out on the original plate (bearing in mind their letter quoted the original plate)?
  11. So am almost a year now that I've owned my 2012 520D ED model which now has 58,000 miles on it. Its been a pretty much problem free and pleasant journey, albeit a low mileage year (we have probably done about 5000 miles at the most I estimate in that time of our ownership.) As from other posts you may have seen, I have had a recent intermittent rear fog light failure warning, and the same for a reverse light. Comes and goes and doesn't cause me huge concern. So on to the reason for the post, I got the BMW Insured Warranty letter through today. Logged in to obtain a quote and this is what I am presented with: Comprehensive with Emergency Service, £250 excess - £81 per month or £856 annual. Comprehensive with Emergency Service, £100 excess - £105 per month or £1107 annual. I dont plan to get anything less than comprehensive with ER. So which of the two option above to go for? I guess it depends on if I intend to claim for the smallest of issues, I don't. This is more for peace of mind on the big things that can go wrong. Also from what I've read the monthly is the one to get, not annual to prevent future price hikes. Thought folks?
  12. Upcoming Service

    It probably right cos mine still says "no service pack" for me
  13. Upcoming Service

    2012 car, currently under AUC warranty.
  14. Planning to book the car in for early Feb, and it'll just about be under AUC warranty (but since am going to renew that anyway shouldn't matter too much) and will tell them I suspect its a loose wire as it comes and goes, have a screen shot on my phone to show them. Will screenshot the reverse failure alert if it ever reappears too.
  15. Upcoming Service

    Reportedly coming in at £608 is I selected the right ones (and no brakes)