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  1. E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

    Now i have driven the car 10 000km snd it works perfectly, now im into upgrading the sound some pictures:
  2. E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

    Its alive, the engine is put back in the car and the downpipe is finished. Only the alpina softwsre remains
  3. E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

    Have made some progress, the downpipe is soon finished
  4. E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

    No this is not d25, this is an original m57a1 from alpina d10 biturbo wich is 3 liter and has a way bigger pump than both d25 and d30
  5. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    i started my engine conversion got a project log on my profile
  6. E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

    Now the engine swap has finally begun, i rahter post pictures than writing a long story
  7. E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

    do anybody have knowledge about the automatic tailgate ? it wan't open properly. if i open the small glas first it will lift without any problem, but no all the way, so i have to press many times to get it fully open, is there any sensor that tells how far the tailgate is open since it want open fully in one operation? is it possible to reset or something ? when i press the last time so its fully open it still tryes to push a little further so i think the hydralics is healthy. i know i have to change the tailgate damper.
  8. E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

    i bought this car with an intension to never sell it because this is how i want my car to be and it cant be bought. i like to have something no one else got so this is my way of building the perfect daily driven e39. very few people do more to their dieselcar than tuning it. and there is only 2 d10 engines ever been on the market known to man and mine is one of them. both is actually in norway i will start the engineswap after a bmw car meet on the first weekend in june.
  9. E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

    the car was put together by wtcc parts and body, not a wtcc car, the engine is from a stock alpina d10 biturbo. there is a person here in norway running stage 4 kit from the guy i bought the engine from that has around 350 bhp and as you say upgraded the stock gearbox
  10. E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

    thanks the engine was previously used in a bmw e46 wtcc car with a borgwarner turbo and other nozzles, intercooler and water injection etc, but the internals was stock alpina. now im going to fit the engine, keep the auto transmission and see how far i get after tuningsoftware. the only internal change is other springvalves. but the previous owners setup was safed on around 400 hp the handling is not so importent, its going to look good and have a little extra horses burn som tires etc. im hoping to upgrade the cheap coilovers to KW or bilstein, but i can only find kw v1 for touring with air and nothing from bilstein... and a lsd differential ofc i saw a d10 with upgraded stock hybrid turbos reach 350hp on the wheels, the stock turbo's are almost the same as on e46 320d 136 hp, but these are vnt turbos on the alpina. and yes, engine was very expensive, and it will get worse...
  11. E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

    thankyou i will, first priority is to get the alpina engine up and running
  12. E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

  13. E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

    there is one for sale in norway to but its way to simple.. only leatherseats and webasto. all in all this project is way cheaper than an alpina d10
  14. E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

    btw do someone got the partnumber for the female yellow socket on the facelift seat ?
  15. E39 2003 525dat - biturbo project

    hello i just want to show you guys my little project here in norway i just bought myself a 525dat in good condition that im going to give more power. then i bought myself an alpina d10 biturbo engine. my goal is to reach more than 300bhp out on the wheels, the engine have managed 440whp with a bigger single turbo previously here's the option list : i also got a set of style 95 wheels that is coming on to the car very soon, and im also going to fit my contourseats from a preface e38 into my facelift e39. here are som pictures: