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  1. Timbre

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Been doing a good few bits on my 525 lately. Test fitted the new bumper that is being painted soon, along with a new wing. So no more dents, then will just need to sort the scratching on the door (hoping that will buff out) Put in a EGR bypass valve and did an oil change, made a big difference that (Estimate that it has been 2/3 years since the oil change was last done, previous owner) Annd wanted to sort the interior out a bit, tired of using a tape deck adapter to play music and want to run a dash cam. So got an xtrons unit which I installed yesterday, really pleased with it so far. (my old radio was stuck in and I had to remove the entire dash ) Next thing is to sort the 2 front speakers that are completely blown (didn't notice this until I installed the new unit and could shift the balance about) Any recommendations of front speaker I can get to replace the blown ones?
  2. Timbre

    Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 11/05/18

    Nice work, liking the amber angel eyes a lot. Best thing about this whole thread. Your rad dog!
  3. Timbre

    Adeel's E39 525d

    Great looking car man, inspired me to do a few things I hadn't thought of to mine. Hope to get it looking a fraction as good as this one does. Can I ask how much the tints cost? That place is only a few miles from me and I have been thinking about getting that done!
  4. Timbre

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Wet sanded / polished & waxed the headlights. V suprised with how good the results are. Also paint for the bumper / wing has been ordered and the replacement bumper ordered too.
  5. Timbre

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    General clean inside and out, felt good. Went over the engine and checked everything is good, then blasted back to london from my parents. If it wasn't for the traffic it would have been amazing.
  6. I am looking for a front wing and bumper for my 5 series e39 It is the bluewater metallic colour and ideally I would like to find a replacement in the same colour for an easy swap. But I'm finding it a little tricky to source the bits. Happy to travel to get it (within reason) or pay for postage (London) Picture here, it's paint code: 896 Thanks!
  7. Timbre

    Yo, E39

    @Loadmaster thanks, I definitely will. @Doddy666 Hey yeah they are really similar, same year? 2003? Haven't heard that about the wheels before, think they are pretty good looking wheels ha. I was going to try this kinda thing on the headlights.
  8. Timbre

    Yo, E39

    Ah yeah! Would help. Is a 525d. Here's a pic of it in it's very winter road, grime covered state. You might be able to spot the cable ties holding the right side of the front bumper on, am looking for a replacement bumper at the moment but am struggling to find one in the right bluewater metallic colour. Other things to do after I get the bumper fixed are clean up the interior and engine. Thinking changing the filters would be a very good idea as I have no idea when the last time anything like that was done. It also need new rear tyres soon and after that I am thinking of getting some spacers to get the wheels to fill the arches a little better. Oh and buff up the lights as they have become very clouded up.
  9. Timbre

    Yo, E39

    Hey, London based E39, my second car, passed down from my dad and has had a hard life. 166k on it at the moment, just replaced a split emission (that managed to melt the fan shroud) and its now going great again. Looking to clean it up in the coming months, someone manage to hit (and run) the front bumper and wing. So wanting to repair them and do it up generally. See if I can make it to 200k. Tris