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    2002 e39 tourer
  1. xlcelt

    SLS totally failed this morning...

    Had a similar thing on mine a couple of years ago, one minute down next as high as it could go, turned out to be the connection to the sensor on the r/h side, it was corroded and giving spurious signals.Ended up getting a repair loom from BMW
  2. have you checked the wires at the plug that connects to the sensor? that's what was wrong with mine, the wires were corroded and a couple had broken off in the plug. had to get a repair loom from bmw, about £50 if i remeber correctly
  3. xlcelt

    Touring airbags and SLS

    my sls problem was the sensor, corroded wires at the plug
  4. xlcelt

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    My 2002 525d tourer 184000 on the clock passed it's mot with only an advisory for slight corrosion on rear brake pipes.Something to do when the weather gets warmer .
  5. xlcelt

    Difficulties at refuelling...

    mine is the same, only my local morrisons will fill without any problems.
  6. I had a similar problem last year, ended up being the right side level sensor but it was the wires going into the sensor had corroded, one minute it was on its backside next it was up in the air
  7. xlcelt

    E39 Touring Yet Another SLS Issue! (Land Rover Height)

    Had the same with my tourer,ended up being the plug that fits onto the sensor, the wires were corroded about 2mm out of the plug so could'nt get a soldering iron on it.BMW do a repair cable no problems since (touch wood)
  8. xlcelt

    air springs

    before you spend money on new bags have a read of my post about suspension woes i thought my problems were air bags but it turned out to be corroded wires going into the sensor plug one minute the back end was up then only one side then both down blah blah, worth having a look
  9. xlcelt

    Rear Xenon Sensor

    i have ordered a sensor from these guy's. bmminiparts £65
  10. xlcelt

    e39 tourer air suspension woes

    I.ve now got the cable and inpa (thanks jimmy) and it's coming up with the r/h sensor.i got the part number from real oem, looking online the sensors are named headlight level sensor, is this one and the same thing, my car hasn't got xenons
  11. I have the same on my tourer,only morrisons pumps give no issues for me
  12. xlcelt

    e39 tourer air suspension woes

    have ordered reader from said site, annoying thing is today did a trip of 100 miles with light on but back end was perfect.
  13. Hi everyone, my e39 252d 2002 estate dash light for the sls has come on. The suspension seems to work on occasion in that, the compressor works, the arms on the sensors are both attached, and the back end goes up and down when it should, the problem is it sometimes inflates the bags to the max and sometimes only one side will be high with the other looking normal.The dash light sometimes comes on when all looks good and today both sides were up to the max and no light on the dash, any help much appreciated