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  1. Therea no oil in that listing!
  2. Is this the correct kit for a gearbox service? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E60-E61-E90-E92-AUTOMATIC-TRANSMISSION-GEARBOX-PAN-SUMP-FILTER-7L-MEYLE-OIL-/331716473495?hash=item4d3bd7b297:g:T9MAAOSwys5WVGXx
  3. Thanks I sent you a PM
  4. Please could get you me a price for a pair of tailgate struts and front and rear wipers for my '54 E61 Please break out the pricing per item thank you
  5. I picked up a well-priced immaculate 525d and so far have: - Replaced the cracked exhaust manifold with an aftermarket cast iron from x8r - Replaced the Main and EGR thermostats with genuine stats as the temperatures were stuck around 70, now they get up to around 90 - Oil change, air filter, brake pads done I've plugged in DIS and everything is mostly fine except for some glowplug errors, as the glowplugs are so cheap should I go ahead and replace all 6? Is it worth doing the controller at the same time? I also plan to blank the swirl flaps. Any other preventative maintenance or improvements you would recommend? I've read something about vac lines? Remap? thanks a lot for your help
  6. I have an '04 E61 with goosed stats (temperature never rising about 70) I've watched some tutorials and feel really confident that I can DIY the stats, by have some questions about coolant which doesn't seem to be covered in the guides I've watched/read. - When changing the thermostats should I drain the coolant? - If not, can I just allow some to leak while changing the main thermostat and then top up? Should I remove the underside tray? - Do I need to bleed the system of air? How? Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it!