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  1. So about 6 months ago I had a gearbox oil leak and sent it to a local Indy for repair and a gearbox service. Recently I’ve noticed when slowing down that sometimes it CLUNKS when going into first gear. It doesn’t seem to do it all the time, but when it does you can really feel it. From research online it seems that the solution is a gearbox service! Any other ideas? car has done around 100k miles thanks!
  2. 2004 E61 525d Boot not opening

    Please could someone with an e61 check something for me? if you open your boot and manually close the latch-hook like this... when you hold hold down the open boot button on your key (with the boot still open), does the latch release? Or is there some kind of sensor that detects when the boot is closed and then allows operation of the latch?
  3. 2004 E61 525d Boot not opening

    Looks like I’m still gonna have problems with this. if I slam the tailgate down hard I can open it no problem. If I close it gently (normally) the only way to open it is with the pullcord from the inside. I’m guessing the debris that was lodged in the latch has buggered up the mechanism somehow!
  4. 2004 E61 525d Boot not opening

    So the culprit appears to be some pebbles and broken glass (!?) in the latch. Cleared those out and it seems to be opening ok.
  5. 2004 E61 525d Boot not opening

    I found the cord thank god. thank you so much for your help.
  6. 2004 E61 525d Boot not opening

    And there’s no thumb screws or cords or buttons or flaps behind that fabric panel.
  7. 2004 E61 525d Boot not opening

    i tried taking that whole panel off but it is also screwed from the other side.
  8. 2004 E61 525d Boot not opening

    I’m afraid there is no cover to remove and no flap. That guide appears to be for a later model e61.
  9. 2004 E61 525d Boot not opening

    Well the initial urgency has subsided as I managed to squeeze my 3 year old down the side of the tray to retrieve the locking wheel nut. Most fun he’s ever had. now to figure out how I’m gonna open this damn boot!
  10. 2004 E61 525d Boot not opening

    Thanks Gonzo. Unfortunately that guide is for a later model of e61.
  11. 2004 E61 525d Boot not opening

    I have a lever for the bonnet but can’t see a button for the boot?
  12. Hi Everyone, So I know this is a common problem, but I'm really in a bit of a bind at the moment as I need my locking wheel not which is down by the spare wheel. The boot won't open with the handle or with the key. It opens slightly then retracts back. Boot Window opening button does nothing I can't find any way to manually open the boot from inside. I have climbed in the back and looked for buttons or holes or cords and there's just nothing related to the opening of the boot. It seems like these features were added to later versions of the e61. I'm assuming it's an electrical problem, but any idea how I can get this boot open to even start repairing it? Thanks!
  13. E61 Tyres/Wheels

    Thanks, is the wider tyre recommended or preferable?
  14. E61 Tyres/Wheels

    Actually it looks like this tyre sizing is perfectly normal for the 525d E61 so not sure why Black Circles is so rubbish. Thanks everyone, you can ignore me