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  1. Hudds.taz

    The 7 Series then...

    And again BMW uses actual exhausts not the fake ones on the likes of Mercedes and Audi
  2. Hudds.taz

    Bad smell & BMW response - help/advice?

    Hey Parvus, There was a guy on here a while back who rejected his car with BMW because of an issue with the panoramic roof (tbf we all took the mick as he wouldn’t give BMW the chance to fix it) it’s wasnt so much a leak I don’t think but certainly an issue with his roof maybe worth searching on here
  3. Hudds.taz

    F10 to G30 - 530d M Sport

    Ha ha virtually just a little lower down
  4. Hudds.taz

    F10 to G30 - 530d M Sport

    Don’t make the mistake I did, I told my mum to kick under the car to open the boot and she kicked the bloody rear bumper
  5. Hudds.taz

    Icon lights not happy in cold weather?

    I had the same yesterday
  6. Hudds.taz

    Icon lights not happy in cold weather?

    That’ll be why you don’t get it then
  7. Hudds.taz

    Alpina B5, new X5 and 8 series

    What’s people’s thoughts on the new 3 series? I’m seriously contemplating getting the M340i when mine goes back in a couple of years. Failing that I may look at a X car either the 3 or 5
  8. Hudds.taz

    BMW Individual Visualizer

    Agree but if money was no object I’d be having that done
  9. Hudds.taz

    BMW Individual Visualizer

    That mantis green is beautiful I want it ha ha
  10. Hudds.taz


    Wow I thought it was only 10ltr I’ll bang some more in
  11. Hudds.taz


    Hi Guys, The car started asking for an adblue refil today so I bought 10ltr (the car only asked for 8.5lt) the car took all 10ltrs and when I checked the computer it said refill 2000 miles and 6.5ltr does that sound right?
  12. Hudds.taz

    Too Late To Wax?

    No as long as it’s dry and not freezing. I always give mine at least 1 coat in the winter
  13. Hudds.taz

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    I have a guy that has all the equipment so would just need the FSC file apparently maybe I should just contact Simon direct