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  1. Hi, looking for someone to replace both oil pan gaskets on my e39 Thanks Kalp
  2. I took my e39 to Automatic Transmissions Preston on Wednesday. I got an excellent efficient service from them at a very good price, they showed me the old oil which made me glad I went there. The customer service & staff is one of the best I've seen. i'm now looking to get both oil sump gaskets replaced with them thanks kalp
  3. I'm gonna be keeping these clocks I'm afraid
  4. I've had a set of push & pull hand controls fitted when I bought the car, the DSC issue came several months after those were fitted. I wouldn't have been aware of the ABS light (and the DSC) coming on, as I only recently tried the other cluster to compare against each other.
  5. Hi, the DSC light as I have to turn it off to drive anywhere, and the ABS light are illuminated whilst running kalp
  6. Hi, I need some serious direction here please as I don't know where to begin I'm going to try and keep this simple and I hope I'm not rambling on. Ok, so my mechanic tells me that my engine management light doesn't work, so I do some searching on the net which I'm led to believe that some models don't show it on ignition. I recently bought a donor car, took out that instrument cluster to do some testing, and compare what I saw on both of them. With both clusters on ignition I noted the following not illuminating up on my original cluster: - Parking Brake "( ! )" Warning Light - ABS Warning Light - Air Bag Warning Light - Traction Control Warning Light On the Instrument Cluster Test I've noted the following: - Engine management light comes on both clusters whilst on test - Parking brake "( ! )" warning light flashes red&amber on the donor cluster whilst on test So I kept the donor cluster in the car so I can see which warning light I get whilst driving around town. Now I do have a DSC issue as I have to turn it off as car goes into limp mode, and that highlights on the cluster. Here is what's confusing me, I have diagnostic software and from the readings I do have a faulty o2 sensor pre cat, Wouldn't this show the EML on the cluster? I also have the ABS warning light on the cluster too and diagnostic shows as wheel speed sensor. I really don't know where to begin tackling all of this so any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated, I got my piggy bank at the ready NB: the pictures of both clusters are at ignition, the original from my car is the one without the silver rings. Thanks Kalp
  7. Ive had most of the bushes done already, think I've only got to replace the ARB bushes, and because of its age the front shocks but I'm not sure (other than Sachs) which brand to get. I'll get it all checked again. drop links and ARB bushes have been done on the rear
  8. It will need the wheel alignment doing as the steering wheel is off centre and veers left when straightened up. I've just recently put 18" wheels on with new tyres and was kind of paranoid that because of the spacers it would knock the geometry out and would need new tyres before I knew it
  9. Hi, I have on my touring 15mm spacers on the rear on each side and it dawned on me regarding wheel alignment settings. I'd like to hear your opinions on whether to stick to the recommended settings or whether any members have tinkered around with them and made their tyres last longer and ultimately wear evenly My tyre sizes are 235/40/18 on the front & 265/35/18 on the rear Thanks Kalp
  10. I got grey sport seats, and I'm in Greater Manchester Kalp
  11. Thanks for the welcome. my heart ruled my head when I bought this one, but I'm up for the challenge. I had been looking ages for one, just the right colour with pearlescent paint. The first work it had done was the cooling system, new rad, pipes, water pump, thermostat etc The interior is grey which I'm not into, I will be changing it to black from a donor car I bought recently and other bits too
  12. Hi, I would like to say hello to everyone. I have a 1997 540i Touring which does have a few issues to deal with and I hope members of the forum will be able to guide me in rectifying these issues. heres some pics fo my car (sorry the weather hasn't been great today) https://goo.gl/photos/meXJtLcWojCudieZA https://goo.gl/photos/px3AU8c3tcFT2K6W9 https://goo.gl/photos/LmRKMT4uSWG6BT3Y6 https://goo.gl/photos/qpY19SDjVyCADmiB9 https://goo.gl/photos/wdrDWKjdYTtA4yQGA https://goo.gl/photos/vvvqWdp3VVBy7chp6 Many thanks Kalpesh