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  1. Lost a inlet manifold washer

    Nice one thanks a lot Just brought one
  2. E60 wind deflectors

    Those are the ones i brought, were could i of gone wrong when fitting them, i even followed their Youtube video.. Shame really as i did like the look of them
  3. Lost a inlet manifold washer

    I like the quality of those images can you share the manufacture and model, i did the missus E90 and found one swirl flap missing, would like to put my mind at ease and make sure it isn't stuck in the head somewhere
  4. E60 wind deflectors

    I brought some for mine last year, they were on for less than a day before i binned them, too much wind whistle from were the clips go up into the window seal to hold the wind deflectors in place, the window would not seal properly with them clips in place hence the wind noise. Or i could of made a complete cock up fitting them, so it could of been all my fault
  5. OBD2 Port Draining Battery

    If it has a switch then i suppose so yes, the Carly OBD dongle has a on/off switch and when switch off and left in the port it doesn't drain the battery. Where did you get your hud from
  6. OBD2 Port Draining Battery

    The only way is to look at the WDS find the live feed pin, run a new live wire to a switched accessory feed, i would look for you on WDS but i cant access it from work computer Nice hud by the way
  7. E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    I used the default GPS antenna and mounted in the passenger side a pillar, i kept the oem one connected for the CCC unit incase i need to use the oem sat nav, mine doesn't have any connection issues that i have noticed. Good find on the screen protector i have just ordered a couple. Let us know how you get on with the RCA jack cable, if it will solve my low volume on startup using AUX i might go down that route
  8. E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Hi No I didn't have to connect anything other than the multiplug extention lead that came with the kit, also had to relocate the most optical cable (green/black) from the oem multiplug to the new multiplug extention that then connects into the back of the ccc unit. Aux volume is very low on startup, did you crank up the volume while in the android dashboard.
  9. E60/E61 LCI Active Adjustable Headrest Retrofit

    Just fitted my Lci active headrests, got mine off a 2010 X5, had to find ones for electric headrests, definitely a big improvement. I removed the explosive charges and will list them on ebay to try and recoup some cash to go towards the costs for the headrests. They were not cheap at £120 delivered
  10. replacing/Rerouting rear aux input

    Well not exactly plug and play you have to splice some wires, 5 wires from the carly unit total, 3 go into your AUX wires and the other 2 go to your Cigarette lighter power and earth. Took me a little over 30 minutes to fit. Auto connects to your phone once bluetooth is in range
  11. replacing/Rerouting rear aux input

    Hi You could opbt for one of these, i have one and they are good. Alternative to AUX
  12. E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Sorry Osealy, i seemed to miss your post, i have my phone set to both dashboards, if i'm in the OEM dashboard then the MULF takes the call, if im in the android dashboard the phone app takes the call, as far as i can tell both systems seem to use the factory fitted mic, which is all good in my book.
  13. E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Finally managed to tether my S7 to the android unit, turned out my phone contract did not allow tethering, had to buy an addon for it to work(i hate you three), got Waze installed and all working, suppose the skies the limit with what i can do with this android unit now
  14. Retrofit E90 LCI LED numberplate lights

    Good find Dotcom thanks for the heads up
  15. Retrofit E90 LCI LED numberplate lights

    Problem with the Ebay LED's units is failing after 6 months of so, i have just gone through a second set, this time i opted for original light units swapping out the bulbs for LED's, then MP found this tutorial and posted it up for a couple of us, sometimes you can't beat original equipment. Thanks again MP for the post.