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  1. Misterbish

    HIDs and the MOT

    Mine passed no problem, the tester did say after a certain date then it would of failed due to not having headlamp washers fitted, mine is a 2006
  2. Misterbish

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    As requested here are the recovery files in case like me a couple of months back my Android OS was corrupted and the system froze on the BMW boot logo. These files only work with units running Android 4.4.4 with 1gb of ram. USE THESE FILES AT YOUR OWN RISK Download the file from [HERE] 1.Extract the zip file to a fat32 formatted usb stick( i used 1gb size) 2.Open car and quickly insert into usb port(from android unit) 3.Switch on ignition 4.Wait 5.Green Android robot appears on screen with green status bar running beneath it. 6.Once status bar reaches end screen goes blank, remove usb stick straight away(very important) 7.Wait for a while unit will restart to Android head unit OS Now we need to tell the OS what car the unit is installed to. Download the file [HERE] 1.Extract the zip file to a fat32 formatted usb stick( i used 1gb size) 2.With Android unit running go into settings and factory setup. Now my memory is hazy here i think there is a location for CarType just point it to your usb stick, the same goes for Factory file. Hope this helps someone on day Here's a link to the forum i managed to find all the information on how to fix my head units corrupted OS all 91 pages lol
  3. Misterbish

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Changed fuel filter and finished off the wiring to my electric rear blind. Fuel filter still had factory hose clips installed, so i guess its never been changed not bad considering its now at 140,000 miles
  4. Misterbish

    SZM Connector/Plug + Blind Trim

    Hello Many thanks for that, i have just made payment via Paypal. regards Ali
  5. Misterbish

    SZM Connector/Plug + Blind Trim

    Hello Can you please give me a price and availability for the following: Socket housing 8 pol - 61136931894 Cap Covering Right - 51467117608 Cap Covering Left - 51467117607
  6. Thanks for the reply, i have now found the part i need: Socket housing 8 pol - 61136931894
  7. Happy New Year all I have been retrofitting an electric rear blind today, all went well until i went to connect up to the back of my SZM module i seem to be missing a connector, been searching around and cant find a part number so i can order one. Anyone know the part number for number 4 in the diagram X14058, i need the electrical wiring connector that goes into number 4 Thanks in advance
  8. Misterbish

    E60 530D

  9. Misterbish

    Steam from the grill

    Android head unit, torque app and wifi obd2 dongle is the way to go, + plus a multitude of options/configurations you can run with the Android head unit
  10. Misterbish

    Thermo Thermo why do you hate me?

    Hi Yes because the transmission will be still running cool despite the top hose inline mod, i have both thermostats mods done on mine
  11. Misterbish

    Halo's and eyebrows only as DRL's?

    Its been a while since i played with the drl settings on my E60, the led angel eyes are a bit naff so i turned the option off, i do remember there are quite a few options when i was coding drl's in Carly i.e rear lamps on or off instrument lighting on of off etc... I can have a look at your trace file later today when i finish work.
  12. Misterbish

    Changing From Run Flat Tires to Normal

    Its really strange how tyre pressures deviate through out the range, this is mine 2006 e60 530d On a side note Thursday night i wished i had left run flats fitted to mine, coming back from girlfriends late at night. stormy and heavy rain, driving down back roads in the middle of nowhere, idiot coming the other way refusing to dip his beams, BANG hit something in the road, moments later steering goes heavy with a harsh vibration, pull over front driver side tyre totally flat, get out can of tyre weld and emptied the contents through the valve into the tyre, nothing did not inflate the tyre, i have space saver spare and jack etc, but too dark, windy and wet so risked it and drove the last 15 miles on the flat tyre. I have the new tyre fitted and the rim checked all is ok, so i have been very lucky this time.
  13. This You need to reset the counter for the DPF so the car thinks it has a new one fitted, this can be done through WinKPF
  14. Misterbish

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    Try the Renault 5 inline thermostat mod, only costs £5 takes about 1 hour to fit and works well.
  15. Misterbish

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    So clear all the error codes Go for a drive when the DPF error in idrive shows up read the error codes logged and list them here.