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  1. Misterbish

    Halo's and eyebrows only as DRL's?

    Its been a while since i played with the drl settings on my E60, the led angel eyes are a bit naff so i turned the option off, i do remember there are quite a few options when i was coding drl's in Carly i.e rear lamps on or off instrument lighting on of off etc... I can have a look at your trace file later today when i finish work.
  2. Misterbish

    Changing From Run Flat Tires to Normal

    Its really strange how tyre pressures deviate through out the range, this is mine 2006 e60 530d On a side note Thursday night i wished i had left run flats fitted to mine, coming back from girlfriends late at night. stormy and heavy rain, driving down back roads in the middle of nowhere, idiot coming the other way refusing to dip his beams, BANG hit something in the road, moments later steering goes heavy with a harsh vibration, pull over front driver side tyre totally flat, get out can of tyre weld and emptied the contents through the valve into the tyre, nothing did not inflate the tyre, i have space saver spare and jack etc, but too dark, windy and wet so risked it and drove the last 15 miles on the flat tyre. I have the new tyre fitted and the rim checked all is ok, so i have been very lucky this time.
  3. This You need to reset the counter for the DPF so the car thinks it has a new one fitted, this can be done through WinKPF
  4. Misterbish

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    Try the Renault 5 inline thermostat mod, only costs £5 takes about 1 hour to fit and works well.
  5. Misterbish

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    So clear all the error codes Go for a drive when the DPF error in idrive shows up read the error codes logged and list them here.
  6. Misterbish

    Dpf issue e60 525d Lci

    Also any DPF error codes that are logged will need deleting on the fly as you are driving. How many mile have you done, it could be just the counter it getting low a re-set will sort this out.
  7. I was in the same boat when i first got my E60 couldn't believe how crap the headlights were, its the same on the girlfriends E90. Mine was a pre-Lci so i changed the headlamp units to Lci halogen projectors and it wasn't much better, i then installed a 55w hid system and was a marked improvement. To make it better i turned the headlamp aim thumb wheel to its lowest setting, then had the headlamps aligned to that setting. So now driving through town i keep the headlamps on the lower setting and if driving down country lanes i twiddle the thumbwheel to make the beam go farther without going to made as to dazzle on coming traffic.
  8. Misterbish

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    OK just tested this and the 8 shortcut buttons work when in the Android dashboard , but the shortcut labels do not show up on the Android dashboard. By default when switching to the Android dashboard AUX is automatically switched on
  9. Misterbish

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Deviant i have this WiFi Adaptor and its perfect and really cheap
  10. Misterbish

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    I found with Carly my head unit would almost ground to a halt, so i deleted it, i also couldn't get it to connect with the Carly adaptor. I'm much happier using Torque and having the custom gauges running, i have mapped the app to my voice activation button on my steering wheel, connect wifi obd adaptor, start car, wait 30 seconds hit voice activation button and voila gauges, so simple If i have error or want to code i don't mind connecting up my laptop, so Carly is pretty much obsolete in my book
  11. Misterbish

    Disable EGR

    You can make the ecu ignore the error code by editing it out, but you will need to first pull your map file from the ecu, edit out the code then install the map again, but you will still have an EGR map active but no error code thrown. You can do all this with a half decent laptop a cheap lead of the internet and MPPS software, i don't have the software name handy to edit out error codes as im at work but will post it up when i finish tonight.
  12. Misterbish

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Deviant with regards to your clock time issue, i found this snippet on another forum You can also change different clock settings in settings. My unit updates clock from car ccc unit without problems.Just turn off gps and wifi time.
  13. Misterbish

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Funny enough the seller sent me a firmware file this morning, i could tell by looking at the file size it was the wrong one but decided to give him the benefit of doubt and try to flash with it, but it crashed halfway through and locked my system up, so i reverted back to the file i found myself and now have it running again. When i tether mine i dont use bluetooth i just go through: Settings Connections Mobile networks and switch on Mobile Hotspot I don't switch on bluetooth tethering, and always have it switched off by default.
  14. Misterbish

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    After a lot or searching and reading 100's or forum topics i finally managed to find a file to re-set my head unit, sooooo glad its all working as it should.
  15. Misterbish

    E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Silly question, does your mobile network provider support mobile hotspot tethering, i was with Three and was having the same problems turned out Three didn't allow mobile hotspot without paying extra for it. With regards to the time i was having the same issue as you at first, then it corrected itself, have you run any satnav apps yet. Mine is still bust at the moment, waiting for the seller to give me a solution on how to factory re-set when its stuck in the initial boot stage