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    2004 Alpina B3s, 1998 540i Touring, 2013 R1200GS LC, Mk1 Mini Cooper S
  1. As per the title, good condition, photos to follow when I can get into the shed.
  2. Genuine front spoiler 41 00 698 (comes from the dealer in a kit incl glue 41 00 699 at the knockdown price of £534.76) from a pre facelift E39. Will need stripping before painting but there is no significant damage to the plastic. Collection only please (Worcester).
  3. 1998 540i Touring Spares or Repair

    Now sold
  4. 1998 540i Touring Spares or Repair

    Now Sold
  5. 1998 540i Touring Spares or Repair

    Looking at what's on eBay, how about £900?
  6. 1998 540i Touring Spares or Repair

    In Worcester
  7. 540i INPA readings

    Don't know about the cam/vanos readings as mine is a non vanos car but the rest looks ok to me. Have you got a screen shot of the analog 1 and smoothness values? If it's intermittent I wouldn't have thought it was related to the chain change unless you've not properly located an electrical connector or vac hose.
  8. Whats your favorite e34 colour ?

    Saw this at the weekend. My favourite colour, Daytona Violet, (looks a bit dark in the photo), even better if it was on a touring.
  9. Help! Can't get intake manifold off.

    You'll get away without disconnecting the alternator loom as long as its free to move around and you've got the plastic sparkplug/head cover off. The one that runs down the front of the engine and you can't see what it is, is for the oil level, to disconnect it you/ll have to take the engine undertray off, it's plugged into the triangular sensor on the bottom of the sump. You'll then have to unclip it, I think 3 of them and feed it back up to the top of the engine. Once you've done that one all the drivers side engine loom can be moved out of the way and you should be ready to go.
  10. Mild exhaust problem.....

    Part 17 should be screwed tight into the body. Maybe its rusted away????
  11. Mild exhaust problem.....

    Part 17 is a stud that screws into the body, the exhaust hanger bolts to it with a nut and square/pyramid shaped washer, the top of which locates around a similar shaped protrusion on the body, if it's flush with the body, it's done up.
  12. Help! Can't get intake manifold off.

    Right hand drive cars are way harder as the loom is connected on both sides of the engine bay. I've had mine off a few times and have found you need to do the following: Unplug the sensors for cam, ASC, TPS, MAP thermostat, fuel vent, coolant temp, knock, MAF, inlet temp and oil level and feed them all back so they're free above the manifold. Also need to cut the tie wraps that hold the loom to the back of the manifold and back of the engine on the passenger side, there's 2 or three. Make sure the loom to the alternator is free too but no need to disconnect. Remove the fuel rail while the manifold is still attached to the engine. Remove both the nuts and the spacers that hold the manfiold on. You should now have enough slack to get the manifold out from under the loom by lifting it clear of the studs and pulling forward.
  13. E34 M5 Homebase Worcester

    Lovely looking M5 in my favourite colour.
  14. Remote locking stopped working

    When the boot lid handle micro switch failed on my e46 it affected the central locking in a similar way but it also blew a fuse at the same time. Not sure if that's helpful info or not.