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  1. V8 Tapping Noise

    Both the tensioner and the Vanos work by oil pressure in a piston so changing the grade of oil could have a similar effect on each.
  2. You can try checking the linkage, but the manual boxes are known to have some issues with the detents in the box, Google something like e39 detent problem.
  3. V8 Tapping Noise

    Your symptoms seem too sporadic and the different noises make me think it may not be one thing. Can you stick your head under the bonnet and identify where the noise is coming from? You can use a big screw driver with the handle against you ear and the other end at different points around the engine, block, head, timing cover etc. If it's only present at start up and goes away after a few seconds it's most likely to be the timing chain tensionner, it works via oil pressure but has a spring inside to provide some tension at start up when there is now oil pressure, the spring goes weak with time. If it's never been done it's worth changing anyway. It's a two minute job. Part 20
  4. PDC Not Working No Faults

    Working now Got two new sensors from a different place and replaced the two I had previously replaced, no difference. Replaced the two old sensors so all 4 are new, no difference. Eventually after much fiddling I found that having two new sensors in the middle and two old ones on the outside and it works. I can't explain this as all four sensors should be the same and the ones that come out were all the same, and of the two old ones that are now at the outside, one came from the middle and one came from the outside. For some reason it seems the new sensors don't work in the outside position.
  5. PDC Not Working No Faults

    Can’t find any wiring issues. I’m going to get two more new sensors from a different supplier and see what happens.
  6. INPA can't connect to all modules on the car

    You could trying connecting to the modules you can't access by selecting E38, some of the body and chassis modules are the same. Don't know enough about INPA's file structure to know if the airbag for E38 uses a different file to the airbag for E39 but it may help in determining if you have all the INPA files. As suggested earlier the easiest option maybe to get the cables and software from CableShack on here, that's what I've got and it works.
  7. INPA can't connect to all modules on the car

    Really daft question but sometimes it’s the simplest things, are you selecting e39?
  8. PDC Not Working No Faults

    Thanks, I hate taking the rear bumper off these.
  9. Right lads...get your tips out!!!

    A C Schnitzer always seem to use those sort of exhaust and they always seem to be on the piss. I really like the way it looks now.
  10. PDC Not Working No Faults

    A little further forward now. Seems I may have switched the PDC off in INPA which explains why none of the sensors would activate However still not working. All sensors now click, but in INPA the right outer one (a new on) wouldn't detect an object, the other three will. Swapped this sensor over with one of the others and still the right outer still isn't showing any detection in INPA and the other three are. I'm not sure what the three wires that go to the sensor do but I'm assuming one of them is the return to the module and this must be broken between the sensor and module, so looks like bumper off time.
  11. PDC Not Working No Faults

    Thanks Dan
  12. PDC Not Working No Faults

    Thanks Dan. It just seems strange that whenever I’ve had them fail before the good ones will still show up as sensing distance when activated in INPA.
  13. PDC Not Working No Faults

    Thanks Marc Strangely enough that's what I was just doing, none of them either new or old are clicking and the status screen in INPA is permanently reading 100, even when you pass something in front of them. So basically the don't seem to be activating.
  14. PDC Not Working No Faults

    Thanks Qasimahmed, sorry I didn't make it very clear, originally there was the long tone showing that there was a fault, INPA showed two faults, both sensors. Replaced the two sensors which got rid of the faults. There is now no tone when you put it in reverse but it doesn't make a noise when you're close to something. INPA shows no faults, and you can switch the tone on with INPA, so the sound circuit is ok, just wont pick up obstacles. Dan, I don't think there's anything wrong with the other two sensors, if there was I'd have though it would record an error.
  15. PDC Not Working No Faults

    Been trying to fix the PDC on my Dad's 2000 523i, It had two faults; rear right middle sensor and rear right sensor. I replaced the right middle and that left the one fault. I then replaced the right and that got rid of the other fault. There are now no faults showing but there is no tone when you're in reverse. INPA detects the unit and shows its details so it appears to be registering. Any ideas?