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    2004 Alpina B3s, 1998 540i Touring, 2013 R1200GS LC, Mk1 Mini Cooper S
  1. Just keep saying NO till you're happy. Remember it's your car and you have to agree to their work/offer. If it's at an "approved repairer" go see them. Most do both insurance and private work. They charge differently for each. See if there's a way they can bring the cost down. A genuine wing is £300, a genuine bumper £450 and a Hella headlight £420. The cost of those parts alone is probably enough for them to write it off.
  2. Different plugs in it and the coils from the Alpina and no change, so think I can rule those out.
  3. Thanks. There wasn't any difference between the symptoms with the old plugs and the new ones but it's something to look at.
  4. The ones I put in are the OEM ones. That's what BMW recommends for the M62
  5. No. It's got the twin prong NGK ones in. Might try taking one out and seeing what the spark looks like. Adaptions are leaning it off. Lambda sensors are sooty but the plugs are really clean and never wet.
  6. Thanks Ive swapped the relays with the Ines from the Alpina and it made no difference. Worth a try! May get new coils but the ones from the Alpina made no difference.
  7. Yes, I reset them eveytime I do something. The adaption values have returned to what they were before after everything I've done except putting the X5 injectors in and in that case they just leaned it off a couple of points more than it once was doing previously. I think its running slightly rich but can't think of a reason. I've not excluded.
  8. I've fixed a couple of vacuum leaks (manifold gaskets, and broken pipe). I've replaced the PCV valve which was cracked. And it all made no difference. I've done about 5 vacuum tests and my local Indy has done a smoke test. So I'm pretty sure it's not a vacuum leak even though the symptoms suggest that. Ive even checked the cam timing and that's ok. Ive measured the ignition timing with a stobe and it was in the ball park for a Ford v8 (couldn't find any details of M62 timing) it also advanced with revs. Thanks again. There's no stupid ideas or obvious posts. As it's got to be something.
  9. Yep!! Argh. The problem doesn't follow injectors or coils or plugs etc. Looking at the smoothness data in INPA it moves around. It's present at all times and all revs, hot or cold. So it must be something that affects everything e.g. Inlet, maf, etc. But I've ruled them all out, I think. Thanks. Ive had a fiddle with all the connectors but without effect.
  10. Injectors have been tested and one was duff and was replaced. Made no difference. And I've now got a different set in out of an X5 that are known to be good just in case they weren't ok and that's made no difference.
  11. Regulator changed, fuel pressure fixed. And guess what, the misfire is still there. What is it with this car I've fixed about a gazillion things that will cause it to not run properly and not one of them has fixed it?!
  12. Cheers. Couldn't be bothered crawling under the car at 7 this morning to check the filter outlet, going to take a chance and get a new regulator on the way home from work. I'd however put money on it not fixing the misfire even if it fixes the pressure!!!!!!!
  13. Connected the gauge straight to the pump outlet and it's giving 4 bar so that rules out the pump.
  14. Fuel filter is new. I can't work out in my head if a bad regulator would give low pressure and still give you the 0.5bar increase at WOT which it does.
  15. I haven't got a reading in INPA for the pump. There is just the in tank pump on mine. It is a little weird as as I checked the pressure previously and it was 3bar and 3.5bar at wide open throttle. The misfire hasn't changed since then but now the fuel pressure is low.