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  1. Robert F Fluff

    2006 530d auto gearbox service

    Well I've arrived at Preston. Google maps said 1hr 55 from my house, arrived at 730..... Left at 550 got fuel cruised up at 65 (52 in the roadworks for fuckin miles) Cars returned a quite respectable 55.5 to the gallon. Will let you know the out come.
  2. Robert F Fluff

    2006 530d auto gearbox service

    Im travelling up to Preston on sat morning to have mine done by Auto Transmissions, after all the good reviews on here. 4 hr round trip from Derbyshire.
  3. Robert F Fluff

    I think I'm being overcharged

    Why Auto transmissions?
  4. Robert F Fluff

    E60 LCI Auto Transmission Fault!

    Cheers for the reply James, is it possible to have it done on a sat? and how long do you need it for? And is that just oil and filter changed or is there anything else? Many thanks
  5. Robert F Fluff

    E60 LCI Auto Transmission Fault!

    Sorry to hijack this thread, how much is a full service and replace whats ever bits need doing? And how long does it take as im in Ashbourne Derbyshire. Many thanks
  6. Robert F Fluff

    Automatic Transmissions Preston - Thumbs up!

    Evening, roughly how long does this take from start to finish? I live in Derbyshire and unless someone can put on to a good team as such then im going to have to make the trip. And is it doable on a Saturday at all? 09 plate 530d LCI regards Rob
  7. Robert F Fluff

    E60 Gearbox reset.

    Sounds technical that does lol, ill try it in the morning, Thanks very much for the reply.
  8. Robert F Fluff

    Front grille bit

    Sorry for the delay, is this still available? Regards Rob
  9. Robert F Fluff

    E60 Gearbox reset.

    Good afternoon, my car I hanging in 5th rather than going up to 6th, someone has suggested resetting the gearbox before I take it in to be looked at. Ive got the leads and tis set up from the cableshack guys, is there a step by step guide on how to do it or can some one give me a step by step please. Many thanks inadvance
  10. Robert F Fluff

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Washed mine this morning as its been parked in works yard all week. Buggared off to walk the dog the missus has arranged for the builder to pop round and drill the holes for the new house number to be put on the new porch blah blah. So now the back end of my car is covered in brick dust, thank fully neither of them decided to wipe if off.
  11. Robert F Fluff

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Washed it and had to wash hers too.
  12. Afternoon people my car is coming up for a service in April. anyone recommend me somewhere to take it please. Im in Ashbourne. Hughes brothers in Derby, has anyone had dealing with them? Thanks in advance
  13. Robert F Fluff


    Ive just chucked a pair of kumhos on the front of mine in your sizes and they were £104 fitted. No complaints so far but ive only done 500 miles
  14. Robert F Fluff

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    This I went to Eden tyres in Derby and I had already spoken with them to order me in 2 kumhos. ( the difference in me getting them and taking them and them ordering them was £2 extra wheel) Full alignment on the Hunter machine they have the bill was £257. This was for the fronts only though. Will report back after ive done a few hundred miles at the weekend, but I ordered them on the backing of the reviews on here as im new to BMW ownership.
  15. Robert F Fluff


    Buggar would seem its just going to have to be a no your not having any then.