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  1. Andyrt200

    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    The same thought crossed my mind! But I guess its for safety, when the old one burst it was a heck of a bang! Judging from the amount of rusty water sprayed all over the under side they rust from the inside out as much out side in. You are meant to drain the tank on your compressor regularly, there is no way for the water to get out of the accumulators. I think there is supposed to be a dryer in the pump but mine didn’t work! On closer inspection all the subframe mounts had rust creeping under the stone chip paint, the worst was the inside of the front mount behind the fuel filler neck, the harded bit to get at! Still it’s only surface rust & its all cleaned up & painted now If anyone is making their own brake pipes: Use the tool on the left, they are available on eBay just by searching for brake pipe flaring tool. The one on the right was rubbish! A rhetorically question as I don’t actually need to get the upright off but how do you get the handbrake cable out?! It seems the rubber bellows type seal on the end is jamming it in the hole & stopping it pulling through. I bought a tool so got the ball joint out ok, spot the difference! I think even my mum would be able to feel the difference in replacing those!
  2. The black lower part of the MSport bumper with the cutout for the factory tow bar & the removable centre bit. Part numbers: 51122494800 51122695499 I ideally want both, but maybe interested in one of them.
  3. Andyrt200

    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    I’m loving the BMW build quality, on this car at least, I wasn’t so impressed with the F13 we had for a bit! The full arch liners in the rear wheel arches a lovely to take out & find it all fresh behind. I have a WRX Scooby wagon of exactly the age (2002) but I haven’t used it yet, my jack went though the rusty steel subframe the first time I tried jacking it up. When it was up there were big holes in the rear wheel arches & other places, it’s done far less miles than the E39 too! This is the worst of the rust under the E39, just one of the sub frame mounts, I had waxed it last time I was under but will paint it properly this time. Not really related but this is where the new accumulators have been living for the last year or so, they almost fit, but needed that bit of wood to keep the panel above from hitting them. I can get them in the correct place easily now though. Thanks for all the links, I’ll check them out, I did put braded hoses on our other cars... https://www.cjautos.eu/mobile/Product.aspx?ProductCode=CL01 The E39 is a bit heavy for it really so it needs to go more to one end, even then it was hard work getting it up, it was too hard for my drill so I had to do it by hand. The link bars needed new holes to get the lift platforms under the E39 chassis rails but it does get it nice & high up. The main point that annoyed me was that you still need axle stands under the car before properly working on it (I didn’t bother when just power washing from a distance outside). But I did used to find it was a pain finding some where to put a normal jack that would leave the proper jacking points clear for axle stands, so it’s good for that at least...
  4. Andyrt200

    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    I wanted a nice clean under side to work on The snow foam was rubbish, but the power washer removed most of the muck. Dan was quite right: Front drop link gone, should take care of knocking from front. Most of the rear has had it All was new stuff is on order for that lot. I’m just making up some new copper brake pipes at the mo, I was pleased to find BMW kindly put some connections under the drivers feet (hidden behind that cover panel that is hanging down) That saves me the bother of having to flare the steel pipe! It seems silly to put in new hard brake lines & leave the old rubber hose to the calipers. I put the part number from ETK in eBay but again got a massive number of different makes, any suggestions for a good one for them? There was no Lemforder or Meyle. The sub frame bushes look shot too so I found some one selling lemforder I ones they didn’t get round to fitting before writing off their 540, I just need to find a tool to fit them now...
  5. Andyrt200

    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    Thanks that link, I used some of their bushes to fix a friends Fiesta rear beam for them, they were certainly a good fit, they have been happy with them for the year they have been on.
  6. Andyrt200

    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    I’d seen those too, I was wondering what the difference was with that HD (heavy duty) kit over a normal one, I’m assuming in the rubbers. There seem to be quite a few Meyle kits for the front, but non for the rear!
  7. Andyrt200

    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    Sorry my email decided the notifications were junk. Funny you mention the cooling system, the pump went not long ago! It seems fine with the new one though, I was a little worried... Yes I’ve had poly bushes on other cars & wouldn’t want them on a daily driver. The some I had used mild steel inserts which rusted in no time, that wore the poly away & I had knocking joints very quickly! ARB bushes sound good though, thanks! I will very likely end up changing most if all while its in bits as you said.
  8. Andyrt200

    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    Thanks, yes the rubbers on the upper arms look totally gone so, they will be getting replaced for sure. Good point checking the rest though, I guess there isn’t much point replacing bits that aren’t broken, even less points in replacing them with inferior parts!
  9. Andyrt200

    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    We have been nursing our 530i Touring MSport about for quite a long time, just for occasional use. The rear feels horrible, very twichy, it’s done just over 180k now so a full refresh of most things at the rear seems like a good idea. I will do the brake pipes at the same time I have waxed them a few times but my better half wants to start using the E39 a lot more again, it a much nicer car than any of the modern company cars she has been forced use over the last few years! I had to replace the air bags & accumulators recently, the new accumulators are under the smaller bit of floor in the boot at the moment but they stop that bit from sitting down flush so I hope with the suspension in bits I will be able to squeeze the accumulators back in where they should be. Even with all new kit the suspension still saggs when left but lots of checking points to a leaky valve body. I was thinking of doing the sub frame bushes at the same time, but would anyone recommend just doing all the arms / ball joints first to see how it feels? I see there is a wide range of kits on eBay with all the arms / ball joints for the rear, some say OE quality but non say who the actual manufacturer is. Should I keep well away from them? I don’t want to go putting on substandard parts that are going to fail again all too soon. The front feels ok, but there is a light knocking noise over bumps so I will investigate that while under the car. We just took it out for one last long drive before starting the work & were reminded there is also a wining noise at 60mph+ that seems to be coming from the left rear so I’m guessing a wheel bearing (hopefully not the diff!).
  10. Andyrt200

    Won't start & remote key issues

    I couldn't find anything showing the start signal on my live data. So just again cleared the fault codes under EWS on my C110 code scaner, they were: B01 key no. 1, incorrect password 42 key no. 5, incorrect random code the same ones that had been appearing before (I think I got second key number wrong from memory) I tried searching those codes but didn't really find anything to help, just lots of conformation that the starting issues can't be related to the remote opening ones. As it was clear I wasn't going to be able to fix both issues at once we stopped bothering with trying to remotely open the car. Oddly it had been absolutely fine ever since, starting first time every time with either key. Of course I've probably jinxed it now! So any suggestions for causes of those fault codes (causing the non starting issues) would be appreciated. I seem to remember reading somewhere that replacing the reciver aerial / little wire ring thing was a good place to starting. But I'm not a big fan of just putting new bits on just incase they are faulty...
  11. Andyrt200

    Won't start & remote key issues

    Bugger! I was hoping I could just replace something & be running again. I hopefully the live data will show if the ignition switch is sending a start signal. My friend said he just cleaned the contacts on his & it was fine after. Some more investigations needed then...
  12. Andyrt200

    Won't start & remote key issues

    Ah yes that works, thanks Looks a bit little bit different but I'm sure I can work it out.
  13. Andyrt200

    Won't start & remote key issues

    Our 2002 530i MSport touring came with two keys, one old worn looking one (I've now discovered is key 1) & a new looking key. Only the new one remotely worked to open it. A year or so on & the new key started playing up with the remote locking so I replaced the battery in it & resynced that was ok for quite a while (but I'm now suspecting the battery was actually fine). However after quite a long time it started playing up again, the three press re-sync got it working again each time but the time between resyncs got shorter till I gave up & just used the key to open the door. At this point I started using the older key 1 again more as my gluing of the newer keys wasn't holding too well! But then I started having trouble with it not always starting, it wouldn't crank but the dash lit up as normal (car battery was fine). Again the problem increased in frequency, a friend suggested the ignition switch but I thought I'd just check the fault codes first & there was quite a few about the keys random code being wrong & others along the lines of key not recognised (it seems to call the new key 6). I'd read somewhere that if the battery in the key was really dead it can effect the immobiliser chip in the key, so I cut the old key apart to fit a new battery but thought I'd just test it before cutting it out & it was reading a healthy 3v. So I tried the three button re-sync for both keys & to my surprise I had two remotely working keys & a car that started first time to on both keys. That was short lived though & the starting issues return along with the remote opening issues & associated fault codes. The resync worked once more but even sooner the issues returned. Then the resync only worked on the old key 1 & both refused to start the car at all. I've tried more resyncs but to no avail, the car just won't start now at all. I guess its all related & there is some module that's given up but I can't find TIS on line any more to try to work out which one.... Luckily it's stuck at home & we have plenty of other cars. But my better half broke her left leg a while ago & the 530 is the only auto we have. She is walking again but the clutches still hurt a bit.
  14. Andyrt200

    Air suspension issues

    It had the usual slow leak making the N/S slowly drop, I had it on the to do list till the accumulator burst dropping the N/S to the ground in a instant. So I fitted a new one from BMW, but as suspected the airbag its self failed soon after. I got a new one from Aerosus as they were less than half the price of genuine ones but that failed within an hour of fitting, there was a fault in the steal pressing on the top but they changed it without fuss (apart from me having to cover the cost of post to Germany). The replacement has been fine since then. It had some heavy use for a good few hundred miles with no more sagging, which was nice. The N/S has continued to be fine ever since. I thought I really should do the O/S as it looked as bad as the N/S had even though it wasn't causing any issues, however when I fitted the new genuine accumulator & Aerosus bag the O/S stared leaking, slowly going down over a few days if not being used, just as the N/S had right at the start of the issue. I had cheated slightly by leaving the new accumulators under the floor in the boot after spending some time getting the N/S one out I wasn't sure I'd get the new one in with out bending the hard plastic pipe & I could see there was no way the O/S was going in with out at least removing the exhaust. Because of that the good O/S accumulator was still on the car so it was very easy to just plug that on to the new airbag, but unsurprisingly it still had the slow leak. So it seemed it must have been the new airbag at fault again, so I refitted the old bag back on. So it now had all the parts it had before on the O/S when it didn't leak, but it still slowly leaks! Is there anywhere else further upstream it could be leaking from? I've tried soapy water round the fittings on the top of the bag where I had to re-attach feed pipe of but there are no bubbles. So I'm wandering if there are some valves that maybe let air out again after it's been pumped up for a heavy load that could be leaking?
  15. Andyrt200

    E39 Best BM ever?

    Hello, Between my better half & my self we have had a few different BMs. We started with E28s she had a 518i & I had a 520i, I was 19 then & thought it was fast still I got blown off once too may times, so saved for ages & got a E34 535i (M30 engine) I did quite a few things to that, suspension stainless Scorpion exhaust breathing mods, chipped, clear indicators & imported 17" Star design wheels. Then my better half was forced into company cars so had a E90 320d MSport, nice but a little slow & a bit harsh on uk roads, I was a little surprised how the brand new BM seemed like a step down from my old E34. That made way for a E91 325i SE Touring again nice, but even with 17" wheels the runflat tyres still gave quite a harsh ride & you can't change them on company cars. Then she got a new job that didn't force her to have a company car so we got the E39 touring MSport, we got the 530i as they gave her a fuel allowance & she made more money back with a petrol engine. I was a little cheesed off how the stock E39 MSport was clearly better than my old E34 SE had been after all the time & money I'd spent on it that! The E39 came right after the E91, but it was 10 years old & I was amazed much better it was than the E91 that wasn't much more than two years old. The E91 had a new 2.5 petrol engine with a manual gearbox & the heaver E39 had an auto box with it's 3.0 petrol engine but still felt much faster. Even with 100k miles behind it the E39 handling shamed the E90s, the comfort & refinement also. I kind of put that down to the 5 series being better that a 3 series, but then my other halfs car policy changed & they wouldn't let her run a car over 5 years old, if she wanted to keep getting her very generous car allowance. The E39 had been paid for many times over by that allowance by then so we headed down to the local BMW dealers, thinking of F13s. They tried to palm off a very nice brand new 420d sport so it seemed rude not to at least test it, but getting back in the E39 to drive home just reinforced how good the E39 still was, the 420d seemed very much the same as the E90s we'd had. So the two year old F13 640d MSport came & we kept the E39 for moving the kids. I didn't use the F13 much as my other half was mostly out in it, but after my first solo drive 200 odd mile drive I was shocked how bad the F13 was. The 20" wheels with the runflats jumped about on the road, so we changed them for 19" BBS rims & non runflat tyres. It was much better then but even so I sill preferred the E39. The 640d twin turbo 3.0 should be a lot faster than the old M54 3.0 petrol N/A engine, but the old E39 didn't feel all that much slower after driving them back to back. As far a refinement went there really was very little to chose between the two. But as for actual driving pleasure the E39 left the F13 in the dust, driving the F13 felt like you were playing a bad video game in in all the controls the steering worst of all though, I hated that, even with totally knackered bushes the E39 lets you feel exactly what's going on....