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  1. CountryGents

    Service warning lights reset

    Thanks loads for getting back to me. I followed the Bimmertips dialogue and it worked fine. Ill save it properly for next time I can't remember. Cheers CG
  2. CountryGents

    Service warning lights reset

    Hi Guys Im pretty sure I posted how to do this here last year as I found one of a few tutorials that worked perfectly. I can't find the post if I did really make it. Either way can someone explain exactly what to do please. 2003 2.5d E39 Touring UK model. Thanks in anticipation Cheers CG
  3. CountryGents

    E39 2.5d Estate Sill replacement

    Thanks for the replies guys Im going to do it myself as I really can't afford to pay anyone. Cheers CG
  4. CountryGents

    E39 2.5d Estate Sill replacement

    Hi guys. Its been a long time since I've need to visit. Can anyone lead me to somewhere I can buy complete sill panels for my E39. Ive heard there are ones available with the jacking points. Ive searched a few sites with the help of google but have found nothing. Thanks CG
  5. CountryGents

    EGR tube for BMW 5 (E39)

    its the pipe i need, the pic lower down in the post is the exact same egr mod I've done
  6. CountryGents

    EGR tube for BMW 5 (E39)

    Ive not made it clear, the ego is already modified like the picture above, the pipe i posted a picture of has broken where the large cylinder is, where it meets the valve. It was full of wire wool and is clearly a breather of some kind but i don't really understand what it does. The thing was blowing exhaust gas straight into the car and making a hilarious swooshing sound. I need to know if its ok to weld it all the way round and thus its no longer a breather or either get a new one. I have to do one or the other.. Thanks CG
  7. CountryGents

    EGR tube for BMW 5 (E39)

    Does anyone know where i can get one of these please? Also, it the fat bit that appears to be a breather of some kind, full of wire wool that has failed. Can i just weld it together??? Cheers CG
  8. Hooray i did it, this video is slightly different to the others and following it worked !!!
  9. Thanks its so cheap i might just do it. Just fancy knowing why it won't do what its supposed to do.... Cheers CG
  10. CountryGents

    Where is the air filter ?????

    Thanks guys. Sorted CG
  11. CountryGents

    Where is the air filter ?????

    Where is the air filter ????? I can't see it and I've watched 3 videos on youtube and they are all removing one from where my coolant header tank is??? E39 2003 2.5d Thanks CG
  12. Hi guys Just want to join in this thread. Ive cleared the service interval with my Snap On scanner when i got the car in December 2016 last year when i first serviced it. The green lights have got down to one and I've changed the oil etc again and the scanner only offers the manual instructions as written above to reset again. Im now down to one amber light and a written 'oil service' icon. Any clues please as its pretty annoying. Obviously I've written down my mileage etc to change the oil next time but id like it to work properly. Cheers CG
  13. CountryGents

    525d 2003 front wheel bearing

    Can a moderator please delete my post as it is totally pointless. Made a very silly mistake when identifying the bearings. Sorry everyone My new bearing is fitted and the ABS works fine fortunately
  14. CountryGents

    525d 2003 front wheel bearing

    ok thats a relief, so the cheap bearing may work. Seems a bit hit and miss from what i read
  15. CountryGents

    525d 2003 front wheel bearing

    Can someone please help me here. Ive bought a new front wheel bearing and after a slog dismantling it and removing the hub assembly i was horrified to find that the new hub bearing assembly had not got the two lugs/tabs in the casting that triggers the ABS sensor. I feel so blessed that i had noticed on some forum or another that this was an issue while looking for a video to just run me through the job. So now I'm stranded with a new bearing that needs to be returned to china and no idea how to get the correct part without driving round the country (which i obviously can't) I really cannot afford the £150 or so I've seen while looking round the web. It crossed my mind that i could get a good engineer to weld something into the new hub but the heat might cause trouble to the bearing. Ive attached a picture of the old one and the new one... Someone please help. Thanks CG