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  1. I was just getting into admiring this tech achievement, but after page 3 on Tapatalk all I get is this: It's almost as annoying as all the downvibe content [emoji1] Cheers, Steve
  2. Barboots

    G30 Configurator now live

    It was a roadshow pre-release in Australia Dave. They will be somewhere else by now. Cheers, Steve
  3. Barboots

    G30 Configurator now live

    The B&W system lacked a lot of sparkle with flat EQ. It didn't really sound right until the treble was almost maxxed out. Disappointing for the entry cost, but that aside it was quite impressive. The gimmick interior lighting looked like it belonged on a lesser marque...
  4. Just waiting for the covers to come off the new 5 Series here at the pre-release in Perth Australia. They've been pretty straight up about not wanting photos to hit social media... Cheers, Steve
  5. Is body/chassis earthing the best approach with these things? I'd be grabbing the earth off the lighter socket or similar... but in the past I have always wired back to the battery. Clearly I'm in a new dimension now! Talking to my service manager about hooking a Blackvue DR-650S 2 Channel up left me with a lot of cautions and considerations... though no definitive answers. I think it's a Cellink B for me, as I have no interest in causing any drain issues. From what I was told there appears to be a lot of potential to keep modules awake... Cheers, Steve
  6. Hi all. I'm curious about how aggressive the battery drain warning is. I'm weighing up the options for powering the Blackvue DR-650s 2 channel I just installed in the girlfriend's Fiver. In my Grand Cherokee I just run direct from the battery, but I know to power down the camera if leaving the car for longer periods like at home. I suspect that she will forget... Rough data or anecdotal experience would be great, though I'd really like to know the Amp Hour or Voltage threshold/s which bring about the battery drain warning. Also, does this warning log a code? Cheers, Steve