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  1. Hi all, Seems as though we've all been having some beautiful weather these last few days, thought it'd be a good opportunity to see what this colour is all about Here are a few pics I took on my DSLR! Hope you enjoy!! Cheers Asim
  2. TechnoE39

    Techno Violet 530i

    Thanks for the kind messages lads! Glad you like her!
  3. TechnoE39

    Techno Violet 530i

    Will deffo upload some interior shots soon!
  4. TechnoE39

    Techno Violet 530i

    Hi chaps! Name is Asim, and I'm from Birmingham, Bought this '39 back in October of last year. She had covered a 96k, but wasn't running all that well. Since my ownership, she's had a large amount of engine work carried out. Vanes rebuilt, cooling system rebuilt... The list goes on! Being a rare techno, I managed to source a full champagne interior, as it had the standard black interior. Haven't seen many in techno with the champange interior! So its even rarer now! Hope you like it, and i look forward to your responses!