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  1. Xavster

    Got rid of the Runflats

    Maybe. Garage spent a while messing around with pressures though and the only thing that worked was swapping front to back.
  2. Xavster

    Got rid of the Runflats

    Can anybody explain to me why my car felt awful with RFT at the front and non-rft at the back, but now feels fine with them the other way round?
  3. Xavster

    Got rid of the Runflats

    On an F11? And it handles ok?
  4. Xavster

    Got rid of the Runflats

    My experience has pushed me towards keeping run flats next time. The way the car handled with softer side walls made me think it has clearly been designed with run flats in mind.
  5. Xavster

    Got rid of the Runflats

    Nothing wrong with Kumho Ecstas. Used them on our old 325i and our Lexus IS250 without issue. What would you recommend putting on the rear of our f11 to replace the RFT when the time comes?
  6. Xavster

    Got rid of the Runflats

    We tried this on our f11 530d. Swapped the rear Michelin RFT for Kumho non-rft. Fronts were still Michelin RFT. Had 4 wheel alignment done at the same time. The car felt awful. Very unstable at motorway speeds - I think it was dangerous. Needless to say it went straight back to the fitters, who put a lot of time into getting it right. Swapping the new tyres to the front and putting the rfts on the back sorted it. I’m now not convinced that putting non rft on the back of an f11 (with air suspension) is a good idea!
  7. Xavster

    Side View Camera Failure

    Where did you get the replacement camera sshooie? Was it an easy fit?
  8. Xavster

    Audio question

    Thank you. I meant that I don't have tweeters in the rear doors - I've found the ones in the roof. So the centre speaker is normal with 676? As I said - the sound is good!
  9. Xavster

    Audio question

    Hello all My 2010 f11 has option code 676 - business loudspeaker system. This I believe gives me tweeters in the doors and an amp in the boot. However - it turns out I also have a centre speaker in the dash. See the photo attached. Should this be there, or has someone been tweaking? Overall I think the sound is pretty good! I don't have speakers in the rear doors. Thanks all.
  10. Xavster

    Service question

    I think I'll probs get the service done at BMW and use Indy for anything else.
  11. Xavster

    Service question

    It's a 2011 F11 530d. I need to get the key read apparently to see what it needs. Could be up to £600 at BMW!
  12. Xavster

    Service question

    Hi all How important is full BMW history? Our 530d is due a service and up until now has been serviced at BMW. We have a very good specialist Indy just up the road and I'm considering using him for the service. Would that stop me subsequently getting a BMW extended warranty? Anything else to consider? Thanks all.
  13. Xavster

    Potential new owner - few questions

    I checked mine this morning and the car rose up a few cm at the rear after starting. I take it that is not normal? The car had been parked since last night. No error codes or strange noises. If I buy non BMW part, is there any difference in ride/handling?
  14. Xavster

    Pro Nav Upgrade

    I'm interested in this too. Is the eBay chap legit or is it a slightly grey area? are BMW likely to get upset if I use one of his codes?