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  1. Hi V8 Warrior, how did you get your screen to display engine info ??
  2. I purchased some Red 7 (autosmart) I must say as my wheels were really contaminated with rust from my disc's after standing outside for quite some time prior to giving the old girl some tlc they really did scrub up well
  3. Thanks Pidgeonpost, I actually found a very similar list yesterday, I was more after what can be coded to give a more personal feel to my car if that makes sense ??
  4. The rear shelf is sun bleached, as my sun blind has been up all the time there's a definite two tone shade going on. Under the speaker grills was the original black so I thought I'd use some black leather dye, the picture doesn't do it justice but it looks 100% better than it did. I've just received my cable set from Jimmy and loaded it onto my computer so I can sit in garage and view on the big screen, not sure if I'm going to have a go at coding as could be out of my depth as there's nothing mechanical to mess with. Are there any lists of e39 codes available ????? Big Vee
  5. Been a while since an update, put fuel in today and started first turn of key.
  6. Hi Jimmy, which cable do I need to purchase for my e39, built 07/99 it has the 16 pin in car & 20 pin in engine bay.  cheers Big Vee

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    2. jimmy


      Sorry K-Line cable set, the D-Can set also cover later models up to 2015,

      the K-Line covers up to 2007.

    3. Big_Vern


      I'll order shortly


    4. jimmy


      No worries, thanks.

  7. Here's the rear calipers all sprayed and baked in the oven, new seals and just waiting for the last front caliper to finish final bake. Thanks pigeonpost for the spray, i bought a couple more as i like to give a good depth of paint. Ned to purchase a new front piston as the chrome has lifted and like things right especially hydraulic systems. further updates as I progress. Big Vee
  8. Coughing..... I'm still on Oxygen
  9. I would be interested to see how much of a job the fuel vapour line is to replace. Mine is looking a bit worse for wear but looks like the tank may need dropping to get to it. Also, how were the original subframe bushes? i know the touring boys tend to change these but I thought the saloon was much less susceptible to chewing these up? Jameswsb Here is a pic of how far up under the body the pipe reaches, the 70mm was a bit shy also the part # if you need to purchase. Lastly happy new shockers to me, just need to clean up the front strut peices and grease up the bearing race.
  10. Your right about the tank it would need dropping but you might get away with pushing it to the rear a bit to access the pipe clips as it's only sticks about 70mm up from where it bends round the body, so you should be able to reach it with side cutters, your looking around £25 for the pipe. After removing my subframe bushes only one had come away fron the centre aluminium insert, as to why I decided to change these was a rocking of car fwd to aft when pulling up to stop or when applying the handbrake. I hope this helps.
  11. Just a quick update to the progress of the old girl.... I've just ordered original front & rear shocks, two rear steel brake pipes, two rear caliper repair kits. and the fuel vapour line which had rotted through. Extracted the sub frame bushes with the tool in pics, I will also be adding the powerflex bush inserts too. Finished welding the to offside rotted area, I'm not a welder but as an old boss once said its GORILLA welding..... ugly but strong just need to seam sealer to make it look good !!!!!
  12. I've already heated up a ring gear in the oven for a mate after machining down his flywheel so the house is used to a bit of smoke.
  13. Thanks pidgeonpost, yes they are the same ones and really pleased with how they've scrubbed up. I might yet be giving you a reply for the grey high temp spray.