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  1. ^^^^^ You've produced better work in Paint spending 2 minutes, while a team of BMW designers spend 3 years designing a front end and they come up with some rubbish. Your version looks miles away, although you can still notice that the grills are slightly too big for the car. You could probably say that about the older 7 series (F01) as well, but again, it sort of looks ok.....However, the latest 7 LCI is a total joke. Not sure why BMW started making stupidly narrow headlights either...
  2. I love BMWs more than anything else, especially the ones from late 90's and early 2000's, but lately what BMW decided to do with the front "kidney grills" of their new models is absolutely gross. Starting with the F30, the idea of joining them with the headlights looked a bit stupid, although over time I probably got used it and today it sort of looks ok, but still not right....Same goes for the G11, G30 and some other models.... However, the newest X5 (G05) and now the LCI 7 series just look ridiculous....How can anyone look at those front grills and say they look good? Surely you can't call them "kidney grills" no more? More like someone's buttocks stuck to the front of the car? It's just a bit sad to see what the current BMW designers are doing with the image of the make. But hey, what do I know? All what matters is whether it sells or not...I mean, just look at this:
  3. Considering that they are in as new condition and the tyres have barely been run in, I'd say the price is fair, but I'm open to genuine offers.
  4. Make me an offer, these are still for sale and need to go. Thanks
  5. Blackman

    Eleven unused E34 5 Series BMWs found

    Looks like I'm late to the party and someone's already on the case
  6. Not on Autotrader or eBay, but anyone fancy a trip to Bulgaria? Story's here > https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-germancars/eleven-unused-e34-5-series-bmws-found/39388
  7. Blackman

    E39 530i - 55k miles

    Crap/cheap tyres? Didn't realise that everyone was on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2's doing 200 mph on the way to work here....Unless you drive it like you stole it, you will struggle to tell the difference between budgets and premiums in every day driving at legal limits. The fact that it has 4 new tyres is surely a plus? Of course, one could argue that it's "cutting costs" and the owner is being cheap, but I think budget tyres are a very trivial thing to look at when assessing the condition of the car. It's very common to see almost bold Pirellis or Continentals on expensive cars, so I wouldn't really count NEW budget tyres as a negative and would look at the rest of the car to get a better picture of the overall condition. Saying that, I'm a bit sad myself and not a fan of silly modifications on this particular car, like a reversing camera, tinted windows, black M badge on the boot, carbon black wheel centre caps and the private plate...Very minor, I know, but it's not right. No wonder it took me almost a year before I bought my current car...
  8. Still got these, taking up space in my room. Happy to let them go for £1550, if you are collecting. PM, if interested. Thanks
  9. Blackman

    Best place to buy parts?

    Fuel filter (Bosch/MANN) and drive belt (Dayco/Continental) from ECP and the rest from SparePartStore24 (same as AutoDoc), ideally shocks and top mounts by Sachs and the guibo by SWAG/Ruville. If you are replacing the drive belt, might be worth checking the tensioners/rollers and do them at the same time - less headache in the future. Simples.
  10. Blackman

    Should i buy a an E34? Whats it worth?

    520i might feel a bit sluggish, plus red in colour and a Touring? I would pass and look out for a better combo, i.e. at least a 525i, ideally a manual, but nowadays you have to buy these based on body condition, rather than spec...
  11. Blackman

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    If you have either BMW top mounts (part number: 31331139437) or Sachs top mounts (part number: 802 528), which are equivalent to each other, but are still having issues, then you can be certain for 100% that your problem are NOT the top mounts, so most likely they are not matching the shocks. Going by the information shown on Bilstein's website, you may have possibly bought the incorrect kit, because your E34 is a 10/1988 build and according to their catalogue, the correct Bilstein B12 Sportline kit for your car would be part number: 46-190932, which does also specify "Model year to: 07.90", so applicable to your car, since yours was built prior to that date. However, you previously mentioned that the kit you bought is the other one (46-190949), so most likely that is where your problem lies. Although, what I do find confusing is that Bilstein recommends using their own top mounts (part number: 12-248605) with either of their kits, and these mounts are equivalent to regular, non M-tech mounts, so go figure.... Have you tried using non M-tech mounts with the shocks you have bought? If even the regular mounts won't fit the shocks, then I would just return the whole kit and buy the correct one for your car.
  12. Blackman

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    Bilstein make it quite confusing in their catalogue as well, because they say you have to use regular top mounts with their kits, saying "only with" and then listing the part number for their own set of regular front top mounts. That's how I made a mistake of buying their top mounts, thinking everything would be alright, only to find out I needed M-tech mounts. See below:
  13. Blackman

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    I've got M-Sport front top mounts on mine, part number: 31331139437, but that's because I'm running B8 Performance Plus shocks, which do require M-Sport mounts, as regular ones won't fit. And yes, I would say B8 shocks would be classed as "M-tech" suspension, hence the reason why you would need M-tech top mounts, instead of the regular ones. Like I said earlier, use the Bilstein catalogue above and find exactly what you've ordered, then see if there's anything specific mentioned about those parts. Did you buy a suspension kit, including the springs, or was it just shocks? Or use the part numbers from the boxes you have to look them up in the catalogue...
  14. Blackman

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    Make sure you are assembling the bits in the correct order. Use Bilstein's installation instructions and RealOEM as a reference to see what goes first, second, etc. Like you said, Bilstein's front shocks already come with integrated bump stops, so there's no need to use BMW ones there. If I were you, I would purchase everything starting from part number 3 on this diagram and upwards directly from BMW > http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=HD52-EUR-09-1992-E34-BMW-525i&diagId=31_0125 It's a diagram for mine (M50 525i), but pretty sure all the part numbers are exactly the same, and the fitment as well. This is what it should look like when fully assembled: Also you can use Bilstein's parts catalogue to look up exactly which B8 shocks you've got (there are 3 different ones) and see if there's anything in particular you need to know... Here's the catalogue > http://web1.carparts-cat.com/default.aspx?10=4E093FF3C31C4E4CBCA68EA6C3FABA2A018004&14=4&12=100 Hope this helps. P. S. This thread is still in the "Projects" section, can someone please move into "E34"? Thanks.
  15. Need to sell these, if you are interested, PM me your offer - I don't bite