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  1. Exactly the same as my one - L reg, no airbag, narrow grill, M50B25TU, but facelift mirrors Yours is 100% a pre-facelift.
  2. Even if they fit, Throwing stars will look a bit funny on an E60, because it's a car, which is 2 generations ahead of the wheels, since they were originally made for the E34 M5. By the way, if you would like to sell the wheels, then I'd be interested
  3. Here, ironically enough, they even have a photo of an M parallel wheel >
  4. Adam, In my case, whether the bolts were tapered or not, I still would've been able to easily fit these wheels, because as soon as I put them on the hub, they were perfectly in the centre. I believe this is due to the fact that the difference between hub diamater of E34 and E39 is only 1.6mm, which barely makes a difference when fitting the wheels. However, I had to use hub/spigot rings in the past on my other cars, because the bore of the wheel was so much bigger than the hub that the only way to fit them on was to line up the bolt holes and stick the bolts in while balancing the wheel on your hands, without it actually having to sit on the hub. That way you will DEFINITELY get vibrations, no matter what bolts you have, because the wheel doesn't actually sit on the hub and is only supported by the bolts. In city driving you won't probably notice any difference, but you will be sure to get vibrations at high speeds, and I wouldn't recommend fitting wheels this way anyway.
  5. Having driven on 18's for a few days, they are worlds apart compared to the 15's and not necessarily in a good way....The ride is quite harsh, the steering seems to be quite heavy (all front suspension is new) and I'm getting a feeling that it's form over function more than anything else. Can't argue with the fact that the handling has improved, it's pretty flat around the corners and I really love the look of the M parallels, but I'm not sure if I could live with them long-term. I was thinking about going for M5 17" style 21 wheels, but then in the end decided to go for 18's....They really are huge wheels.
  6. Had a look on the ramp again this morning, turns out those marks are absolutely normal - it's basically where the tyre hasn't touched the road surface hence the reason the tread looks clean. I've driven a few times properly today again and it all seems to be fine. I think it was just my imagination of the tyre rubbing noise See the part numbers and wheel specs in my first post - they are genuine E39 wheels, but this is all now sorted anyway. Thanks.
  7. Hey Simon, yes, we checked the clearance when fitted the wheels on a flat surface and you could just about squeeze a piece of cardboard between the tyre and the strut - the wheels move freely and looking at the wear it probably only happens at certain loads/angles? I struggle to believe this is the setup on late M5's, unless the struts are different?
  8. Any thoughts on this guys or am I being too picky with the inner marks on the tyres? Surely that can't be right?
  9. As others said, wipers hitting the bonnet - it's a common problem with E34s = worn linkage. A replacement linkage from BMW is around £700. With regards to the tyres, the original size on 15's is quite unusual (225/60/15), so there aren't many manufacturers who do it, but anything like Kumho, Falken or Continental will be fine.
  10. Looks clean, although if I'm not mistaken, I can see some bubbling around the jacking point on the driver's side front? LEDs would look a bit silly on a E34, to be honest, so I wouldn't personally do it. Before you start spending money on things, which don't really matter, get it serviced properly and see what it needs engine/suspension/brakes wise, and once sorted, then you can move onto other things....These cars are over 20 years old, so keep that in mind.
  11. Regular Shell Unleaded is what I use too, but it's more about driving regularly and sometimes thrashing it to the limit too - at the end of the day, it has to be driven properly from time to time
  12. I bought myself a set of E39 18" M Parallels, as I wanted to improve the handling/stability of my E34, since on original 15's and big tyres it's a bit too bouncy for me. However, I've run into a few problems... First of all, the specs of the wheels that I bought are as below: 8Jx18 ET:20 bore:74mm 36-11-2-229-635 9Jx18 ET:24 bore:74mm 36-11-2-229-640 I know that the M Parallels originally fitted to an E34 M5 had a slightly different offset on the rear, being ET22, but I'm pretty sure that's negligible and won't make any difference re fitment. The front wheels on the E34 M5 are exactly as above. I've done my research before buying the wheels, so I knew that the centre bore of the E39 is slightly larger than on the E34, that's why I bought hub rings to make sure the wheels will sit properly on the hub. The strange thing is that when I actually fitted them, the wheels sat perfectly centered on the hub and I didn't even had to use the rings? So I was a bit confused? I know that if you fit wheels with the centre bore not sitting properly on the hub and the wheel just hanging on the bolts, then you normally get vibrations on high speeds, but the above wheels sat perfectly fine on the hub without any rings needed? I haven't driven the car at high speeds yet, so I guess I'll find out if I need to fit the rings or not.....Anyone with similar experience? Another thing I wanted to ask is the tyre fitment.... The factory spec of E39 M Parallels is 235/40/18 on the front and 265/35/18 on the rear. I wanted to keep the tyre specs as per E34 M5, so I bought 4 tyres sized 245/40/18 since according to BMW M Registry, all the latest E34 M5's had this setup. The rear seems to be fine to me, but when I fitted the fronts I noticed that the gap between the strut and the tyre is almost non-existent. So that got me a bit worried and when driving home I could hear very slight hissing/rubbing noise, which obviously wasn't there before I changed the wheels. I got home and upon checking the tyres, the rears look ok to me, but the fronts have this very slight wear on the inner edge, which I think is exactly where it rubs on the strut? See images below: The noise/rubbing is very minimal and sometimes you don't even hear anything at all, so that probably explains why the marks are so minor, because I drove the car about 5-6 miles after fitting the wheels. As far as I understand, the inner wear that you see on the photos is where it's rubbing, correct? That can't be normal? Now the question is, why are the 245/40/18 tyres rubbing on the front, when the wheel/tyre spec is exactly the same as on the E34 M5? The suspension is all stock, by the way. Should I go with E39 tyre specs (235/40/18), as above? The gap between the front strut and the tyre is so tiny that I'm even thinking to run 225/40/18 on the front? Does that sound ok? Or 225/45/18, not sure what would be the correct setup? Please advise. So yeah, overall I'm happy the way the car looks and the ride seems fine, but couldn't figure out how the wheels fitted nicely with no hub rings and why the front tyres are rubbing, when specs seems to be correct for the E34? Appreciate your help. Thanks
  13. Both US threads were related to the E34, but if you have actually owned pre and post facelift ones and say there are all the same, then that's the answer. Such a small silly thing, but a bit annoying.
  14. Hi Geoff, strange you say that, because I've read a few threads where people said that facelifted E34s had normal wiper arms....But mind you, it could only apply to North American market possibly... Here are the threads:
  15. I've got a pre-facelift E34, so it has that stupid reverse-hook wiper arm on the driver's side, which stops me from fitting regular wipers or even aero wipers, because I can only only get basic Bosch wiper blades, which are a direct fit, specifically for an E34. Now as far as I know, the facelifted E34s had this problem fixed and both wiper arms have conventional hooks, so you can fit normal wiper blades, as long as they are the right size, and even easily upgrade to aero blades, if you wanted to. So what I'm after is a facelifted E34 driver's side wiper arm, assuming it's in good condition, straight and not rusty. Please PM me a few photos and your price posted. Thanks