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  1. So why would there be 2 different options for the suspension kit? To be exact, there's actually 3 of them, but the third option is for vehicles built until 07.1990, so that doesn't apply to me at all, but the strange thing is that you've got 3 options for the kits, essentially for the same car?
  2. Doing some research on upgrading the suspension on my E34 and one thing I've noticed is that the B12 kit has 2 options: one says for cars built up to 09/1992 and the other option is for cars built from 10/1992. Mine was built in September 1992, so I'm assuming I would need to go for the first option, but it's a very close call....What's the difference in suspension setups for cars built during those dates? I thought all E34s were pretty much same, with exception of the M5?
  3. I wouldn't order it from eBay, as the ones available for this particular part are all from poor quality brands, i.e. Topran, Meyle and Febi. Go to your local BMW dealer, ask for the Parts department, tell the Parts adviser the last 7 digits of your VIN (chassis number), ask him to show you the diagram for the water pump/thermostat and then you can point out exactly what you need. Or you could just print the diagram above, circle the parts you need on it and take it with you to the dealer.
  4. It's not a dealer-only part...If you put the part number (11531739208) into eBay, you get loads of results. However, I would get it directly from BMW anyway, because it will probably be around 20-30 quid, so not too bad for something that you replace once in 20 years.
  5. Here's the diagram you're looking for > Pretty sure it's the item 9 you're after? Before ordering make sure it comes with the gasket item 10, and I would get the bolts item 3 as well.
  6. They are on their website > For example, at the moment they are running an up to 35% off with the code: "DAD35", celebrating Father's Day. They have a promotion for pretty much every occasion and there are usually at least 30% off codes every weekend - just visit the site and you'll see. EuroCarParts also have an online-only shop, which is > The prices there are always the lowest, but you can't pick up anything from a store, so it's home delivery only.
  7. What a huge difference Those front seats look like to be from an E38 7 series? Well done on the work.
  8. Can't really go wrong with Euro Car Parts? Make sure to reserve/collect or just buy through their website using a coupon code to get a discount.
  9. Hamish, there was no rust around the windscreen, because I'm pretty sure it was still the screen fitted from factory. From my knowledge, unless the windscreen has been poorly replaced in the past, where the fitter damaged the body surrounding the screen, they don't rust around the edges for no reason... The good news are, I finally got mine replaced last week and the mouldings were ok to be re-used, so that saved me almost 400 quid alone. Here's what my windscreen looked like: Made by Sicursiv, stamped with an older BMW logo, telling me that it could very well be the original windscreen fitted from factory. It also had the original dealer (Coombs of Guildford) supplied tax disc holder, which has obviously deteriorated over the years, but I kept it on the screen, as it was a nice touch. On the driver's side, there was the supplying dealer info sticker, which had their emergency contact number on the back of it - again, kept it due to originality. And this is how bad the crack was before we replaced the screen. To be honest, it wasn't in my view at all, and it would've passed MOT with no issues as well, but I just felt it wasn't right driving around with a cracked screen that was getting worse by the day, as it expanded 3 times since the initial crack appeared. Notice how it cracked right from the bottom of the screen, where the cowling panel is - we did notice a very tiny chip in there, but the crack didn't start from it, so possibly that chip just weakened the screen around that area, especially since it's a 20+ year old screen, and it just got worse from there. Now replacing the windscreen was a big deal for me, because I've heard way too many stories about poor jobs, where the new screens leaked or caused excessive wind noise or simply were poor quality. So I was more concerned about the person doing the job and the windscreen being fitted, rather than the overall cost. Of course, I had a budget in mind, but I really wanted to find someone with knowledge and experience, especially since not everyone knows the specifics of E34 windscreens. I phoned around 15+ companies and got quotes anywhere from 150 to 600 pounds, but the main problem was that no one could tell me exactly what brand windscreen I would get (they kept mentioning "OEM") and I would have no idea who would turn up to do the job. By all means, I'm sure there are very bright windscreen fitters out there, but I was looking for someone with a personal approach, someone would come recommended and would be known around car enthusiasts. The best person for the job? Paul from Glasstec! He's also on Pistonheads (Glassman) and you can check out his website here > His blog also has tons of info about the industry and is definitely a great read, if you want to know more about vehicle glazing > Paul gave me a few different options for the windscreen, some being genuine BMW and some aftermarket, and before we agreed the deal, he also found out exactly the brand of the screen I'll be getting, which was Pilkington, and quoted me £295 inc. VAT to supply and fit the aftermarket screen, which was what I went for eventually. The price also included the windscreen clips as well. Needless to say, a top guy and I would highly recommend him, if you are after a quality job. Now moving on, here you can see the old windscreen removed, and Paul also did a favour by cleaning around the top heater vent area and the speaker covers, which are removed on this pic. Below is the new screen getting ready to be fitted. Notice the correct way of mounting the rear view mirror. You have to separate the end bit from the mirror housing and attach it to the windscreen, along with a rubber surround, which often goes missing (it prevents mirror vibration). Then after it has dried up, you can mount the mirror on it. Again, this is something that you would have to know from experience of working on older BMWs. A bit of marketing from Paul and more importantly, proof that he supplied and fitted the screen to avoid any issues with customers down the line. Almost finished, just need to let it dry for a couple of hours and we are ready to go! And the final touch from Glasstec....One thing I learned from Paul that day about Pilkington windscreens, is that depending where the "dot" is around their logo, it tells you the country where the screen was manufactured. In my case, you can see the dot is below the second "I" letter, which means it was made in China. Interesting stuff.... Overall, very happy with the result and now I've got a blue tint on top of the windscreen as well - it serves a purpose when it's sunny out there. With the windscreen sorted, I can now concentrate on what I was planning to do next, which was the rear subframe bushes, the rear ARB links and bushes, pitman arms and the exhaust mounts. Once the shopping is done, I'll post an update and let you know about the progress. Thanks for following.
  10. I kept looking on forums and in Google for someone who was experienced and recommended by others, going by reviews, etc. Came across Paul from Glasstec and got it done for £300 inc. VAT - that's an aftermarket windscreen made by Pilkington. Very happy with the result. Top guy, knows what he's doing, also cleaned the top speaker trims and the heater vent on the dashboard, while the screen was out, as well as put the cowling panels properly, so they are now stuck to the windscreen, rather than wobbling around - a true professional. Highly recommended, if anyone needs windscreen work >
  11. Must be someone who got their windscreen replaced?
  12. 25k unbelievable! That's a museum example Find a local dealer and let them rent it from you to display it in their showroom! P.S. Just need to get the rear bumper sorted...
  13. Ok, so finally all the front suspension bits are now fitted, so here's a list of parts that were purchased and I took a few photos during the work as well. Starting with the lower arms, there are 4 of them on the front for the E34, 2 on each side and in my case, since I've got a manual gearbox, according to Lemforder's parts catalogue, 2 arms are made of aluminium and 2 are steel. Aluminium arms - BMW part number: 31 12 1 139 987 (left) and 31 12 1 139 988 (right) Lemforder: 10497 01 (left) and 10498 01 (right) Steel lower arms (these can be bought with or without bushes, so preferably get the ones with bushes pre-installed) - BMW part number: 31 12 1 141 097 (left) and 31 12 1 141 098 (right) Lemforder: 27020 01 (left) and 27021 01 (right) I would recommend buying all new hardware, i.e. bolts, nuts and washers for all the arms as well, as it would be a good idea to renew some 20 year old bolts with fresh new ones. Then moving onto the steering side of things, I bought the steering assembly with complete track rods and the steering idler arm as well. Steering assembly - BMW part number: 32 21 1 138 865 Lemforder: 10626 02 (this is for RHD vehicles) Track rod (complete inner + outer) x2, there's no difference between left and right, so BMW part number for both is: 32 21 1 135 668 Lemforder: 10617 01 The steering/idler arm, whatever you want to call it, BMW part number: 32 21 1 136 450 Lemforder: 35745 01 (comes complete with the bush) Same here, get all the new bolts and nuts, if you want to do the job properly. And finally the front anti-roll bar links and bushes: Front ARB links x2 - BMW part number: 31 35 1 130 075 Lemforder: 10576 02 Front ARB bushes x2 (23mm thick for a normal ARB, sport or M bushes are thicker) - BMW part number: 31 35 1 135 805 Lemforder: 13831 01 (these are no longer available from Lemforder, so you'll have to get them from a dealer, but they are reasonably priced anyway) I also bought the brackets and securing nuts for the ARB bushes as well, since the existing ones were quite rusty. And that's it really. This is how it all looked like: And the nuts and bolts, all from BMW - added to about 100 quid alone, but that's including bushes and brackets. The arms and all the steering parts were bought from various places, including EuroCarParts, SparePartStore24 and MisterAuto. My goal was to buy quality parts, but without having to pay premium just for the sake of having the BMW badge on the parts. Lemforder are an OEM supplier, so as long as you buy genuine Lemforder parts, then they are as good as what dealers would supply, but at a considerably lower price. When I've put together everything that was needed to get the front suspension sorted, we got to work: Old rusty, tired bits out (amazingly most of it was genuine BMW with the logos): And new shiny bits in: Got the wheel alignment done at the Alignment Centre in Perivale (UB6 7HQ) last week and now the car drives perfectly straight with the steering wheel right in the middle, no pulling and no knocks - nice, smooth driving. While the car was on the ramp, I took a few photos of the rear bits, which need doing - most importantly, the rear subframe bushes. Looking at the photo, you'll notice that someone replaced them in the past, but they didn't push the bushes all the way in, so because of that I sometimes get a clunk from the rear when going over speed bumps. So that's the main thing, which needs doing on the rear, but also the rear ARB links are tired, so probably will replace the bushes along with the pitman arms while I'm there as well.... And the centre exhaust mounts are stretching, so not a big a deal, will get them replaced too. Note to myself, NEVER to buy Febi exhaust mounts again.....Genuine BMW only. Just as I started doing research on where to buy the parts for the rear suspension, etc, when I was going to work the other day, I noticed a small crack at the bottom of my windscreen - totally random, there was no chip there or anything to indicate that it could possibly crack. So I ignored it, thinking it will take a while until it gets worse, but about half an hour later when I got to work, I noticed it expanded and stretched further up towards the centre of the windscreen - it's not obstructing the view of the read, but I'd rather get it done now before it gets too bad. So looks like windscreen replacement will be the next job before I do any further work on the rear suspension. Just out of interest, called BMW for the price on a genuine front windscreen, was quoted £320 inc. VAT. Those black mouldings around the windscreen are £188 each - the pricing on some BMW bits is just ridiculous. Anyway, at the moment I'm looking for a decent windscreen replacement specialist, as I want to fit a quality windscreen, manufactured by OEM suppliers, such as Pilkington, Saint Gobain or Guardian - only genuine stuff. Will get a pic of the crack some time later and possibly take a few pictures when the windscreen gets replaced as well....Totally unexpected expenditure, but what can you do? It has to be done!
  14. Bumping this thread, as don't really want to create another one.... My windscreen cracked today, right from the bottom section, where the scuttle trim panels are, and I've got a feeling it's going to get worse quite quickly. I'd like to replace it, but would rather pay someone recommended from the forum, than a random guy from insurance....Also as much as I'd like to fit a genuine BMW screen, but seems like they are about £360, so not really an option. What other decent brands are out there? Let me know if you know a decent windscreen guy around London or within M25. Also any parts I should purchase in advance as something could break or won't be re-usable?
  15. This is now sold, please close or delete the thread. Thank you.