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  1. Online Parts

    There are quite a few ".co.uk" registered sites, who sell parts, but I think most of them are just sort of white-label sites of AutoDoc GmBH. All their pricing is exactly the same, but just the company names are different, although all the invoices are under AutoDoc. I've been ordering a lot of my parts from here > https://www.sparepartstore24.co.uk/ Again, all the parts I've received from them are AutoDoc branded, the invoices, the boxes, etc. Although, nothing but positive experience with them - competitive prices, good choice of parts and quite fast delivery. Keep in mind, the parts come from Germany.
  2. 275 40 18 tyre on 18 x 9 on a touring

    As above on the chart, normally you get either 245 or 255 rubber on a 9J rim.
  3. BMW M5 f10

    Ebay is your friend, also look into buying a used wing mirror complete with the glass - not sure, but may be cheaper, than buying a brand-new glass only?
  4. What have you done on your E34 Today

    That Nokia 5110 is a nice touch - could be used as a weapon for self defence too
  5. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    Lovely colour and good that you're saving it, but the 540i definitely needs a manual box Have you managed to have a look at the sill panels/jacking points? Probably with the skirts on, you can't see much anyway...
  6. Instrument cluster issues - Capacitors?

    The plug that goes into the adjuster unit, which is behind the headlights themselves? So one on each side? P. S. Number 21 is what we are talking about? > http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=HD52-EUR-09-1992-E34-BMW-525i&diagId=63_0042
  7. Instrument cluster issues - Capacitors?

    What company have you found? I've had an issue with mine since I bought the car, but it never bothered me....It only happens when I switch the lights ON, then the cluster keeps randomly throwing warning messages for bulbs being out on the brake lights, license plate lights, etc, while of course all the lights are working fine. I don't remember exactly if the warnings are just for the rear lights or the front as well, so it could be a wiring issue somewhere, rather than the cluster itself? Anyway, not sure if this is a common problem, so I thought I would put it out there if anyone has come across this?
  8. Stick on go faster stripes

    To be honest, these stripes are better than M3/M5 badges on 2.0L diesels...
  9. Good news, making progress on the suspension upgrade - finally bought the Bilstein B12 kit, which combines B8 Performance Plus shocks and Eibach springs. I went for the "Pro Kit", which provides only mild lowering (up to 40mm all around), because I'm not a fan of lowered cars and I want an OEM look as well as practicality for every day use. There's also a B12 Sportline kit, which gives you up to 50mm lowering and it's a bit more expensive, but I thought it won't be necessary and the "Pro" kit should do the job fine. Make sure you check Bilstein's parts catalogue for the right kit for your E34, as they had 3 different options for mine. I believe this is mainly due to the differences in the front top mounts on early/late cars, hence the reason why Bilstein also say that you have to buy their set of front top mounts, if you are going for the complete suspension kit. My E34 is a 525i Saloon, M50 (September 1992 build), so the correct Bilstein B12 Pro Suspension Kit part number is: 46-190918 With this kit you also have to buy a set of Bilstein front top mounts (part number: 12-248605), so then the front shocks provided in the kit will fit 100%. The mounts also come with new washers and nuts, so that's a good thing. The rear shocks/top mounts were not affected by any changes throughout the production, so you can buy them from your preferred manufacturer. A few pics before I started unboxing everything: As I mentioned earlier, the shocks included with this kit are B8 Performance Plus. The part number for the front ones is: 34-030196. They come with blue dust covers included as well as the top nuts for securing the shock. The rear shocks are part number: 24-014861, strangely enough they don't come with the boots, although the top nuts are included and some additional bits you'll see in the photos below, which will probably come handy when we come to fit the kit. Now moving onto the Eibach springs - my ones are black, because they are for the B12 Pro kit. If you go for the Sportline, then you'll get red springs, which are stiffer and lower the car a bit more. The front springs are part number: F2014001 and the rear springs are part number: F2013002. For the rear top mounts, I decided to go with Sachs, which is basically same as Lemforder (OEM), and the part number is: 802 381. Before I bought the suspension kit, I ordered a Sachs front bump stops and dust covers kit and now I'm thinking that the dust covers won't be needed since the shocks already have them, but I may use the bump stops. The Sachs front dust cover kit is part number: 900 004. For some reason I couldn't find a kit for the rear that would include both the dust covers and the bump stops, so I had to order Sachs rear bump stops (part number: 900 050) separately and Ruville rear dust covers (part number: 845004) on their own as well. Ruville is a quality, OEM parts manufacturer, although you don't hear about them too often, they are part of Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket, who owns LUK, FAG and INA - these brands don't need any introduction. And lastly, also ordered a few bits and pieces from BMW - mainly I was after the spring plates for the front as well as upper/lower spring pads for front and rear. Also ordered the top nuts for all the shocks, but I didn't realise that the suspension kit would come with them. Got the bolts for securing the rear shocks just in case too, but I'm sure the ones on the car could be re-used. So that's all the parts for the suspension overhaul, now it's just a matter of doing the work. As usual, will take a few photos while we're replacing the parts and then will update the thread. Aiming to get it all done by the end of the month or if not, then early October. Once it's all finished, the next step will be a set of staggered Throwing Stars (style 21) and I'm pretty confident this combination will completely transform how the car drives/handles. We'll have to wait and see. Thanks for following.
  10. First month in an F10 528i 3.0

    Great engine choice. I was just about to post that it's a 4 cylinder one, not 6, but then did some research and realised that earlier F10's actually had naturally aspirated straight sixes, which only from 2012 changed to Turbo 4's. Looks nice being an M-Sport as well and like the colour too, although it is quite common. As for xenons, if you want them, then I would look into retro-fitting genuine BMW xenon headlights, so everything remains original - butchering a clean car with a £50 Chinese HID kit would be a shame.
  11. Glovebox Torch - Can they be refurbished?

    I'm not too sure, but I think BMW still sells these? Although, it may be quite pricy...
  12. Wipers

    Don't have a picture of mine fitted, but it's not a 100% perfect look, because for example, the end piece of the passenger side wiper blade stays in the air and doesn't fully touch the windscreen, since aero wiper blades are designed for flat windscreens, so they don't curve as regular wiper blades do. Not sure how fussed you are about these kind of things, but it doesn't bother me at all. If you are ordering a set of regular wiper blades for an E34, then make sure the Bosch part number is correct, which should be: 3 397 118 302 The price you mentioned sounds about right.
  13. Wipers

    You are supposed to change wiper blades in pairs? The passenger one should be > 61 61 8 217 706 (that's for RHD vehicles) KitsonRis, as Adam said above, you can get a Bosch set from EuroCarParts, which is the same look as genuine BMW ones, and it's a direct fit as well. Just put your reg onto their website and then use one of their coupon codes to get a discount on the wiper blades. If you want Bosch AeroTwin wipers (that's what I have), then you'll have to change the wiper arm on the driver's side, because it has that stupid reverse hook on it, so if you get just a regular wiper blades set, then the driver's side won't fit - they have to be E34 specific. People go around this issue in different ways, such as modifying the fittings, cutting and welding the end section of the wiper arm, but for me the easiest option was to get a driver's side E36 wiper arm, which is a direct swap, and it has a normal hook, so you can upgrade to Bosch AeroTwin with no problems. I would recommend this option, as personally I think they clean better, they are quieter and will probably last longer as well.
  14. Water Ingress

    Agreed, shame to see an E30 go to waste like that. Generally, I dislike this kind of idiotic experiments on cars...Unless, it's a Vauxhall
  15. CD43 head unit - Blaupunkt made

    Check your PM's