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  1. M535I Project

    Usual bodyshops don't like working on old/rusty cars, because it's too much hassle and a lot of work, compared to spraying bumpers and wings for new'ish Corsas and Fiestas. You need to look for restoration type of bodyshops, who deal with older/classic cars - they will charge more, but they know what they're getting into, plus usually the work standards are higher since the owners are more clued about cars/repairs, etc. Try Googling bodyshops in your area or most likely you'll have to travel for a decent place...
  2. Dave, the car had around 120k on the clock when I took them off, so obviously they are not exactly brand-new, but I'm not asking for much either.
  3. 1994 BMW E34 540I/6 - BK35093

    Love the look of those 17" staggered style 16's....They are so simple, but perfect for an E34.
  4. Simon, I haven't fitted them yet. Still waiting for the cover bolts to come from Germany, so I can put the covers the correct way round with new original bolts, otherwise the existing ones are rusty and as above, I've got 2 offside covers for the wheels on the front. £250 for a staggered set is a good price, but you would struggle to find the covers for them later on, if you needed them. However, another thing to keep an eye on, is the offset, as these wheels can be from the 8 series, E31. Not a huge difference, but makes sense to get an E34 set, if you can.
  5. Hey everyone, a quick update here. I've taken some photos of the car with the Bilstein B12 kit fitted, so you can get an idea of how it looks on original 15's. As you can see, it's pretty much spot on with very little gap between the wheels and the wheel arches. The tyres fitted are factory fitment, i.e. 225/60/15 all around. Also I managed to find a nice, staggered set of E34 17" Throwing stars (Style 21) with covers in original condition, so very happy about that. And I even got a spare wheel too, but the centre cap is missing. They also have the correct size tyres fitted on them (235/45/17 on the front and 255/40/17 on the rear) with plenty of tread left as well. The fronts are Dunlop with about 5-6mm of tread and the rears are a budget-brand, Barum, but they are like new with 7mm of tread remaining, so I think I'll keep them for now and see how they perform. Here's the spec of the wheels: The front wheels are: 8x17 ET20 - BMW part number: 36112226706 The rear wheels are: 9x17 ET22 - BMW part number: 36112226707 I balanced the wheels last week and they are all 100% straight, which is of course, good news. The paint is slightly bubbling on the covers in some places, but I'm not too bothered about that for now. However, I've ordered a set of 4 new BMW badges (they just stick-on), as the existing ones are in poor condition, and actually one of them came off by itself. They are quite reasonably priced - you can get a set of 4 from BMW for 20 quid. The part number for the BMW badges for Throwing star covers is: 36136758569 (they are 70mm in size) Those of you who know these wheels well, will notice that I've got 2 driver's side covers on both front wheels, which is obviously incorrect. Since these covers are directional, originally designed for cooling the brakes on the M5, you are supposed to have a separate set of covers for left and right side. Fortunately, the spare wheel has a left side cover, which is what I need to make the fronts perfect, but what I noticed is that the bolts that hold these covers to the wheels are quite rusty, so let's hope it won't be an issue taking them off. I've ordered 30 new cover bolts anyway, as I'd like to replace them on all the wheels, so I won't have any problems with them in the future. The BMW part number for the cover bolts is: 36112227124 (you'll need 5 of these per wheel) I'm currently waiting to receive all the bits from BMW, so when it's all here, I'll take a few pics while swapping the covers and then will get some photos with the car on Throwing stars as well. Really pleased with the wheels, so I've got a feeling that the handling/suspension setup will be spot on....Just one thing that gives away the age of the car dynamically, is the play in the steering, which to my liking, is a bit too excessive, so I'll need to look into that after the wheels are sorted and see what's the problem. That's it for now, I'll be sure to update the thread soon enough. Thanks for following.
  6. Guys need to sell this asap - £100 takes it all.
  7. Guys, make an offer - I don't want to put this on eBay, was hoping for a quick sale. Cheers
  8. The price is not fixed and I'm open to offers. Need to sell this, so make an offer, if you are interested. Thanks
  9. I have recently upgraded my front/rear suspension to a full Bilstein B12 kit, so everything that was originally on the car is now for sale. I also made a mistake of buying wrong top mounts, which are suitable only for normal suspension, NOT sport, so they are also for sale, along with new front spring cups and spring pads, various new washers/nuts and brand-new front Sachs dust covers and bump stops. The full list of items for sale is as below with their part numbers: x2 Used front shock absorbers made by Boge: 834903003128 x2 Used front springs - not sure what make they are, most likely genuine BMW x2 New front top mounts made by Bilstein, including new nuts - 12-248605 (OEM part number: 31331139452) - these are suitable for the above shocks x1 New Sachs front dust cover kit, includes front shock absorber dust covers and bump stops - 900 004 x2 New BMW front shock absorber top nuts - 31321139422 x2 New BMW front washers for the top nuts - 07119905829 x2 New BMW front washers that go under the top mounts - 31331110196 x2 New BMW front washers that sit between the top mounts and the spring cups - 31336776760 x2 New BMW front spring cups - 31331128524 x2 New BMW front upper spring pads - 31331128523 x2 Used BMW front lower spring pads x2 New BMW front spacers, these are the first thing to go on the shocks - 31321129977 x2 Genuine used BMW rear shock absorbers (made by BOGE), complete with springs, top mounts and all the hardware - 33521135860 I don't have new top mounts for the rear shocks, as the ones that I bought matched my car, so we got them fitted with the new suspension. However, I would advise buying new top mounts for the rear before you fit the shocks. Also the bump stops on the rear have split, so ideally you'll also need new bump stops for the rear. Overall, the shocks and springs were in good condition before we removed them, but obviously keep in mind that they are probably 20+ years old, so don't expect Ferrari-like handling. However, if you need something soft and comfortable to waft you along, then these will do the job fine. They were removed from my 1992 E34 525i, so please make sure they fit your car before you commit to buy. The BMW bits along with the top mounts cost me £100+, so if I get £150 for the whole lot, then I'll be happy with that. Due to size and weight, this will have to be a collection-only from west London, but if you pay the asking price, then I could probably deliver them to you, assuming you are not too far away from London. PM me, if interested. Thanks for looking.
  10. Online Parts

    As far as I remember, I had something similar before they processed my order, so nothing unusual - they probably get a lot of fake orders with fraudulent payments/details.
  11. Looking for a staggered set of Throwing stars (17x8J + 17x9J), specifically for an E34 with the correct offset, being ET20 on the front and ET22 on the rear. Must be complete with the throwing stars covers and the caps, although can be with or without tyres. Have to be straight with no cracks/buckles, perfectly balanced, but don't necessarily need to be cosmetically 100%, as I can refurb if needed. I'm willing to pick up and pay cash on collection. If you have a set for sale, please PM me your price/condition and I'll come back to you asap. Thanks
  12. Finally, got the Bilstein B12 kit fully fitted and unfortunately, it wasn't without any issues... Despite me doing tons of research, checking all the part numbers and being aware of the problem with the front top mounts on E34s, we still ended up doing this job twice, because while everything went nice and smoothly on the rear of the car, we had to leave the front stock until I bought the correct parts. And to be honest, I can't really blame myself in this case, because I did everything as Bilstein say in their parts catalogue and yet it was a mistake on their side. Basically, if you look up the B12 Pro suspension kit using Bilstein's parts catalogue for my car (E34 525i 24V 09/1992), you get 3 different options there, depending on what month/year your vehicle was made. So like I mentioned in my previous post, the B12 Pro kit that applies to my car is Bilstein part number: 46-190918. Now if you read carefully the description of this kit in their parts catalogue, you will notice that they say you have to buy their front top mounts (part number: 12-248605) as well, in order to fit this kit, which is exactly what I've done....So would you think that everything would be good and well. However, the problem is that the front top mounts they recommend are for NORMAL suspension, but the E34 B12 Pro kit comes with B8 Performance shocks (both front and rear), which are M-Sport, meaning the front top mounts have to be M-Sport as well, so when we came to fit the front shocks, the Bilstein top mounts were leaving no thread on the shock for the securing nut, since the inner diameter of the mounts wasn't large enough to go further down the shock. At least if I knew what exactly was included in the kit, then possibly I would've been able to look into it further and get the right parts the first time. But again, I simply followed Bilstein's recommendations, bought exactly what they said and the parts still didn't match... Well, you live and learn. The good news is that the rear top mounts were fine and it doesn't matter what shocks you have, the part remains the same. In order to get the front shocks fitted, I had to order the following parts: x2 Front M-Sport top mounts - Lemforder part number: 34 990 01 (BMW: 31331139437) - these are one piece with the spring cup holders, unlike the regular mounts, which are separate. x2 M-Sport specific front upper spring pads: 31331128522 x2 Support washers - 31321139423 (very important, these go right below the top mounts) x6 Hex nuts for the top mounts - 07119905374 x2 Washer/stoppers - 31331139334 (these go on top of the mounts, before the final top nut, M-Sport only) x2 Plastic caps - 31331133729 (M-Sport specific as well) Also you will need x2 plastic rings (BMW: 31311132625), which are used to keep the dust covers in place. However, one thing note is that the B8 Performance shocks have integrated bump stops and also come with their own dust covers, so we ended up not using the Sachs bump stop kit, which I originally bought for the front. This is what the above all looked like, ready for fitting: Everything went pretty smoothly on the rear without much drama - just make sure to check Bilstein's instructions for fitting the rear shocks (funny I say this, after describing their errors above), as there was a metal pin that we couldn't figure out where to put - turned out that it had to be fitted in the bump stop. Otherwise, rear bench and back seats out, also the parcel shelf and you can now get to the rear top mounts. The shocks/springs on the rear were original BMW, possibly since factory, and to be honest were in quite reasonable condition. Apart from split bump stops and knackered top mounts, they looked fine, so I'll see if I can sell them, because they seemed to good to throw away. As for Bilsteins, they bolted straight up. There are no M-sport differences here, so whatever top mounts you have, they will fit fine. The only problem we had on the rear is that one of the seat belt covers fell apart, when we removed it, so I ordered one from BMW (it was about 30 quid), specifically for my interior, which is Silver-Grey. The part number for Silver-Grey rear seat belt cover is: 52208143500 Now doing the fronts does require a bit more work, because the struts have to come out completely, so you have to remove the brake calipers and undo the bottom bolts for the struts. There's some wiggling involved to get them out, so having someone helping you out makes things a lot easier. I noticed that the front top mounts were original BMW (made by Elastmetall), although the rubber was cracked in quite a few places, but surprisingly the bump stops were in great shape. The springs looked quite decent as well with no cracks or broken parts. I couldn't see no BMW logos on the shocks, so can't really say whether they were fitted from factory or replaced afterwards, although they are made by Boge, which is an OEM manufacturer. Here's the plastic ring, which I mentioned earlier, that goes first on the strut. After you have tightened the large nut that secures the shock to the strut (this is Bilstein specific and comes with the shocks), then you put on the Bilstein dust covers and mount the bottom part onto this ring. This is what it all should look like when fully assembled. Notice the amount of thread sticking out on the shock and also M-Sport specific dust caps, which are required, because regular top mounts have different covers. I haven't managed to take any photos of the car fitted with the kit yet, so I'll be sure to update the thread once I have them. Overall, I'm very happy with the way the car sits right now - it's not stupidly low, so still very practical for every day use, but you no longer have a massive arch gap, so it's a good balance. It's basically how stock M-Sport suspension looks like on a lot of modern BMWs, nothing too crazy. As for the ride, you can feel that it has become firmer and there's a better response from the steering inputs, but personally for me, it's not too harsh and still usable. However, I'm planning to change the wheels to 17" Style 21 Throwing Stars, so I think once I have put lower profile tyres and bigger wheels (currently it's on original 15's with 225/65/15 rubber), then that will further harden the ride, but I prefer cars with slightly harder suspension anyway, as they are more stable and planted on the road. That's it for now. Don't have any mega plans for the rest of the year really...I'll see if I can source a staggered set of Throwing stars, get some decent tyres for them, but otherwise I doubt I'll do anything else in 2017. Well, maybe just change the engine oil, possibly the gearbox and diff oil as well. Seems like all the big jobs are out of the way, just one thing remaining is the clutch, which I'm not planning to do this year. I'll need to check what else I'll need apart from the clutch kit, buy all the parts, check everything and only then get it all done. Apart from that, there are some things that don't bother me too much, like a sagging headliner and door cards coming loose, but I'm sure I can live with that for now.... Thanks for following and all your help guys.
  13. Suspension

    Depending what shocks/springs you go for, a lot of them don't lower the car much and it still remains a practical/daily drive, so as long as you don't go for anything more than 20-35mm drop, then you'll be fine with a sport suspension, because finding stock shocks/springs with a stiffer ride might be a bit tricky.
  14. Suspension

    I wouldn't expect any noticeable difference in handling, considering the "sport suspension" will be over 25 years old, so most likely knackered and no longer has much stiffness left in it. Apart from new looks of the car being lower, I'd say you're wasting your time. If you want better handling, then buy new sport shocks/springs.
  15. Replacement Engine

    eBay is your best friend or check the parts section on this forum to see if members are breaking any E34s.