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  1. This is the company http://www.autogearboxes.co.uk/ Gearbox out job naturally, full rebuild it isn't though for the clutch packs.
  2. I had the clutch packs done on my 6hp for 850 so I would expect a service to be half of that cost. My local specialist did indeed quote me around 400 from memory but it was not the full beans service like the one from Dortmund.
  3. Enzo503

    Servicing advice

    Agreed, up until now my car has been covered with the service pack. Now my hard earned is covering the servicing costs, I am keeping an eye on what they are charging me for. I wonder how many customers do not check however?
  4. Enzo503

    Goodbye F10...

    Maybe do a cheeky swap over and see how you find the ride on the 19s?
  5. Enzo503

    Servicing advice

    No confusion on my part. All the servicing that has been done on the vehicle is on the idrive. It states what has been done and when, even states if the service was "late" and by how many miles it was late. I also do interim oil changes myself with filter so my car gets new oil every 9-10k miles. Mine has hit 80k now so I will be looking at getting the auto box oil serviced soon.
  6. Enzo503

    Servicing advice

    The above is taken direct from BMW website. On my car they have done the vehicle check every service. This will be the first time I am paying for a service and my vehicle check still has 20k miles remaining on the idrive. So it will not be done, even though they tried to push this check on me. I can check my own coolant levels and tyre wear, lights and electrical systems so for me this can be left. By the sounds of it, it is what would be expected in a normal service?
  7. Enzo503

    Servicing advice

    Vehicle Check Service Description A full inspection of your vehicle is carried out All fluids will be checked and topped up if required All wheels and tyres will be checked for damage, wear and tyre pressure All electrical systems and lights will be checked for damage and correct set up Headlights will be adjusted if required All seat belts will be checked for wear and safe operation A road test will be carried out if required Relevant service light reset Recommended after first 3 years from registration then every 2 years thereafter £79
  8. Is there a rated speed one can travel with such a unit on the rear of the car? I would not like to see my snowboarding gear overtaking me when I need to slow down.
  9. Enzo503

    Help needed to identify this noise

    Here is an advert as an example. https://www.adverts.ie/mechanics/bmw-n47-timing-chain-replacement-failure-repair/13188484
  10. Enzo503

    Help needed to identify this noise

    Kevin, It would be nice to give you better news, but unfortunately this car needs a new timing chain kit. The reason you do not hear this at idle is because the tensioner still has enough pressure in it to keep the chain steady at idle. Once you rev the engine the chain starts to move and slap against the plastic guides. Think of a push bike with a loose chain. If you continue to use that engine, you run the risk of the chain jumping a few teeth or coming off completely, new engine time. On the plus side, I have heard of figures like 850 recently on here to have the timing chain replaced. I would budget in 1k. min though. Which is not too bad considering how lengthy the job is to do. If I owned a 4 pot diesel, I would be replacing the chain kit like a regular cambelt system. Every 60-70k miles. What is the mileage on this car out of curiosity?
  11. Enzo503

    Help needed to identify this noise

    That sounds like the timing chain guides have worn to me. I would not run that engine until it is fixed.
  12. Enzo503

    F11 535i

    That I believe is to emulate a piece of tape that they use in rally cars so you know where straight up/forward is.
  13. Enzo503

    Bmw f10 2014 error code 290900

    I would first make sure it is the egr cooler that has failed. A loss of coolant is usually the first sign. If it is shown that any part of the egr unit has failed, I would be contacting BMW and asking what they will offer in terms of good will especially if the car is only just out of warranty with the fact that its clearly a weak design with so many units that are failing. There are reports of bmw covering 75% of the cost on cars that are a year out of warranty. Or as BFleming says, you can purchase a second hand one. I believe they are cheap enough to purchase and relatively straight forward to fit.
  14. Enzo503

    Bmw f10 2014 error code 290900

    https://www.motoringresearch.com/car-news/bmw-expands-diesel-fire-recall/ I am guessing that this is a failure of a single part that seems to be used across a range of engines? My 6 cylinder diesel has had the egr valve/cooler replaced under warranty already as an example.
  15. Enzo503

    Bmw f10 2014 error code 290900

    UPDATE: BMW has confirmed that 268,000 UK cars are affected. The full list, including production dates, is as below. 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-Series, X3, X4, X5, X6 4-cyl production from 12/2014 – 08/2016 6-cyl production from 07/2012 – 06/2015 1-, 2-, 7-Series, X1 4-cyl from 03/2011 – 01/2017 6-cyl from 08/2010 – 06/2015 I do not think it is just for the B47 Engine.