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  1. Mobileman

    F10 535d

    Had my f11 535 for 3 weeks now never stopped grining ! even more since had it remapped just over a week ago by far the best load lugger that’s not a 4-6 litre petrol estate and I’d say same probably goes for the F10
  2. Mobileman

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    Hey if any of you are good with a bit soldering then I recommend making this , had one on my e61 and about to make another for my f11 saves about £100+ over the celllink or black Vue battery pack and far more useful imo http://blog.nagimov.com/uninterruptible-5v-usb-power-supply/ maybe will post how how to guide when get in Xmas hols and get chance to make a new one up
  3. Mobileman

    Run flat repair

    I’ve had run flats repaired before at garage local to me even does stuff for the dealers and trade
  4. Mobileman

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Economy not noticed any huge difference but only had car week n half before but still managed over 1800 miles reading around 30 round doors and 40 on a run difference in pickup and grunt through gears is cracking so responsive and 3 digits far to easy to get too very quickly so got to watch the right foot comoany that hat I used are local to me in Newcastle but they are dealer for one of the big tuning cos that appear when you search , so far so good and no issues and few friend me had cars done last few years by some local company and tuning company so happy to pm you who incase it’s breaking any rules finally think im going to get the same tuner to do the gearbox tune one that’s avail, apparently give quicker smoother shift and torque limiters
  5. Mobileman

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Saturday had it chipped now a healthy 400bhp Sunday rained so much couldn’t do anything Monday checked carpets all seems dry since last weeks mods Tuesday got stone chip on screen Today had stone chip repaired and change wiper blades
  6. Anyone know the part number for this for drivers side looks like I might to order both if can’t seal either up 1ZS 010 131-651 passenger side thanks
  7. What wheels are these searched m455 but can’t see which wheels these are when searching for description , poss 20” m5 ??
  8. Mobileman

    Well its goodbye E60 hello F10

  9. Mobileman

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Well had chance today to nip up to my mates garage and borrow few tools, even for a spanner novice like me it took an hour including clearing all the chamber at the top of debris etc and flush through 1&2) dirty gunk and leaves and recent high tide mark indicating this could well be issue of damp carpets in passenger rear (not ruled out vapour barrier yet though) 3&4) nibbled the rubber seal but then filled it and then decided to drill couple holes keeping all soundproofing material intact 5&6) cleaned up and put some sealeant around the yellow peril also fingers crossed waiting for big down pour to check out the fix but the bucket test seemed promising )
  10. Mobileman

    Winter Tyres ?

    hmm ive never ran winter tyres on any bmw i've owned including the bad winters of 2010 2-3ft snow and earlier this year, I have seen great tyre videos in terms of showing extra grip and better braking but is adjusting your driving not main thing ? im comfortable driving on ice and in snow but am i missing something i need to know about ?
  11. Mobileman

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    well 6 days into owning my 2012 F11 535d noticed passenger rear windows looked steamed up carpet feels dry until take out mat holders and push finger in there then get the wet sponge squelch, quick look in engine bay to see some debris but its pitch black now so tmrw strip it down, clean and modify then dry out if that fails look likes nex thing to check is vapour barriers on door god bless this forum hope its not too much damage over years its been on road and just my good old northern weather
  12. Mobileman

    Android headunit

    Is this for f10/f11 cic then ? As I’m looking for one
  13. Mobileman

    Tyres - Recommendations

    I’m running rainsport 3’s on my e61 and so far done 10k in just short of 4months with pretty spirited driving for a four potter diesel and 35k miles a year[emoji23] I’ve Ran Avon zz5 (liked these)and kumo Zr sports (shocking) and Pirelli p zero ( nice but wet grip poor) before the rainsports and road noise is quieter , wet handling far superior and wear rates don’t seem bad now bearing in mind they £80 for the 245 40 18 xl and both the above cost more iirc If I was to spend then another £40 tyre to get some Conti’s I’d say they’re a bargain when you take that into account as that’s another 6 months of rainsports State of the roads these days I find picking up puncture more of issue than wear rates
  14. Mobileman

    Tom Tom map updates

    TBH I use waze it’s far better than nearly all satnavs or software out there IMO tried loads as I drive 750-1000 miles a week it gave me the most consistent times , updates and easy of use Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk