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  1. cleverfeets

    Breaking Titan 530d Manual Remapped Decat

    Rear subframe polybushes?
  2. cleverfeets

    E39 530D consistent power loss

    Recently, I've spoken with a couple other members offline with the M57 and they report a similar issue with the loss of power as I've described - almost as if it might be normal! Also, I've noticed in the service history there was loads of different kinds of sprays & intake cleaners [Maybe the previous owner was trying to solve this same issue?] purchased; also a Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor in the same time period. (I'm not certain that it's actually the new superseded part number 13627787076 ) Would either attempting to code the sensor and/or replace it with a known 13627787076 (superseded) or 137122247002 (original) sensor be worthwhile? I still have the opportunity but have not yet changed the actuator, vacuum hoses, turbo and fit the decat!
  3. cleverfeets

    Swapping Seats (airbag question)

    I had temporarily swapped alcantara seats from a 2002 530i into my 2002 530d, also the sport (facelift) steering wheel - had no issues and didn't require any coding.
  4. cleverfeets

    E39 530D consistent power loss

    525td: I like your way better! I read about some other complex way that involved lifting the engine away - not keen! While I'm in there, am I right in fitting this decat downpipe? Also, I have interest - what is the turbo upgrade?
  5. cleverfeets

    E39 530D consistent power loss

    I've reviewed the service history provided by the previous owner and can find no evidence that the turbo has ever been replaced. As this 530d has about 275k miles on it I reckon it's probably still the original turbo. Maybe fitting a new turbo will sort this issue?! (I sure hope so!) Anybody have any advice or suggestions on where to get a replacement turbo and/or how to replace the turbo? (I found this link/instructable, but it makes it sound, too easy!)
  6. cleverfeets

    E39 530D consistent power loss

    Thank you for the info about Testo, 525td! Attached are my results... 2016-10-28-082906_initial_run.csv 2016-10-28-083112_post_initial_run_gradual_power.csv
  7. cleverfeets

    E39 530D consistent power loss

    Haven’t been able to get DIS working, yet… But got into the DDE with INPA. There's an INPA language mismatch error, makes for a bit of a challenging read but from basic translation the stored codes looks to be something about the glow plug relay, the electric fan and it’s no happy that the EGR isn’t working as it’s deleted! (1152 Elektroluefter code comes back straight away so I reckon it's goosed, wherever it is!) Injector values seem to be okay from what I'm seeing. INPA-PrintFile - na_fs.pdf INPA-PrintFile - na_fs_after clear.pdf
  8. cleverfeets

    E39 530D consistent power loss

    Thank you for the reply, AlexGSi2200 - will check the injectors with INPA and post the results.
  9. cleverfeets

    E39 530D consistent power loss

    Thank you for the reply, 525td - will post the results once I'm able to read the codes and/or log data.
  10. cleverfeets

    E39 530D consistent power loss

    Having an issue with my 2002 5' E39 BMW 530d, manual. I found this post on the forum, another member had the same issue but the fix (if any) was not posted. What started as intermittent / (maybe only when DSC was off?) is now consistent: every time in 1st gear only, but only when accelerating quickly (foot down, WOT) from standstill or from rolling, after reaching 3500 - 4000 rpm it feels like hitting a wall - all power disappears, and there might have been a puff of smoke noticed a few times. If I change into 2nd gear straight away the engine feels like it's recovering from the 4k 'incident' but all is good and normal power resumes. If I gradually increase power in 1st gear, can achieve and go beyond 3500 - 4000 rpm without issue. In 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th gear can never get the same problem to show. The engine pulls fine through all gears/rev range, power delivery is fine in 1st gear if I gradually floor it. Doesn't matter if I have been cruising on the dual-carriageway and floor it in any gear. (above 1st, of course.) The 530d is stock apart from an EGR blank fitted and the swirl flaps removed by the previous owner. The upgraded vortex oil breather is installed instead of the old loo roll one. A blue Simota cotton high flow air filter is installed. Fuel filter was replaced during last service, June 2016. Checked the MAF sensor, visually appears clean but also gave it a clean with the spray. All pipes & vac hoses around & under the engine cover appear fine and intact. No CEL. Drove 500+ miles with a bottle of diesel turbo cleaner added to a full tank, I've got INPA (DIS_V57, SSS, V54, TIS, V8) but am waiting for the cable to arrive in the post before I can utilise the diagnostic capabilities. -- So... Is what I'm experiencing symptoms of sticky vanes and/or over boosting? Also, I've still yet to verify the low side fuel pressure with INPA. Any advice / guidance will be received with much appreciation!