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  1. What i really want is to get a good quality sound (without big subs in a trunk) by keeping the original oem look of cabin, i also don't want usb/aux wires from phone and stuff, i love the clean original look. If anybody have upgraded the stock audio by keeping the original look please let me know how and using what components have done it. I don't wanna spend money for useless things or to break by parts beautiful home components without good result. Thanks
  2. This is what i am talking about, i am not a bass fan and i can tell that amount of bass which gives me my a5 is enough for me, what is more important for me are mids and highs. I hope is not a waste and will think twice before starting to do it but still think that anyway it will sound good.
  3. Ye, i've got the idea from first time, thanks for explaining, i also thought about that,but don't thinks this is my biggest problem on this. Will keep this in mind.
  4. Thanks for you're ideas and opinion on that Denis, is not a must for me to brake by parts the already amazingly working system by putting it into the car also i understand that it can be a loss of money/time this was just my idea that i think it will work, i thought if i get in my room such an amazing sound from that speaker, why i should not get same quality sound in a car where is even more compact space. What i want is to get in the car something close to what i have in my room. And i hate all this aftermarket units that has different plastic facture and color and that android menu, i want to keep all in oem look, light and stuff. I was thinking of a way to just control b&w system by bmw oem gps unit and from what i see is close to impossible. In any way thanks and i would like to know brand names of quality speakers that will have same size as factory ones, maybe also to change wires (if need?)
  5. Thanks, but i need quality in sound not bass, i am too old for that
  6. Btw does anybody know if harman/kardon system from e46 fits in e39?
  7. Yep, this is true, but i think b&w speakers will handle that
  8. Thanks for point of view Dan, i understand that i will not get 100% of the zeppelin sound by putting it in a car but if i will get 70% of it i will be more then happy comparing with what i have now, i don't think that it will be a bad sound, i think it will be just different but anyway a high quality sound (the best that i heard is my a5 system so...) so will see my friend, will see :). i don't think for this i will spend more then 200 pounds for all. As an audiophile can you please advice me of an alternative not too much expensive but with great quality. Thanks
  9. Brilliant idea have come in my head (in my opinion). So let's start from the beginnig, i have poorest stock sound in my e39 and the cheapest stock radio head unit (hate the looks) and as we know the sound is shi...ty. Now, home i have bowers&wilkins a5 airplay speaker which sounds just amazing, i am not the fan of bass so for me this is just best system that i had, what i want now? i want same sound quality in my e39 and i thought it will be interesting to fit B&W system in a car. So my idea consist in buying a zeppelin system (which has also a subwoofer) to tear it down and speakers to mount in stock door places and the system amplifier to mount in trunk and somehow to connect it to stock bmw tv unit that i plan to buy. If i will be lucky to get one airplay version of zeppelin the plan is to buy an airport router si this way i will have purest b&w sound in my e39 via airplay from iphone, sounds cool ha? At this point we have some problems, the b&w speakers should easily fit in door stock places of old ones as b&w are smaller and i should think of a way to fit them tight, not biggest problem in my opinion, the tweeters should also fit in stock tweeter places now remains one speaker the subwoofer which i think to put in a place of back speakers. From what i saw on gumtree you can find one zeppelin system for less then 100 punds which makes this not the most expensive upgrade. Now looking for a right b&w donor and will keep you updated how will go. Also if any have ideas that will help me with ideas on how to connect stock unit to b&w also how the best to fit smaller speakers in stock holes i will be pleased to hear. Hope will be a great project
  10. Changed egr thermostat, on my 530d, now car heats and keeps working temperature as it should
  11. One of my friends just took a seat in that one and was able no move it whatever he wanted, i guess she just waited for the right ass Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks guys, will try then will update Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Today in the morning i have noticed that my electric passenger seat doesn't wanna go forward, it works for the rest of the positions but not forward, anyone know what this can be? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Changed blower motor as mine died, not the fastest job in the world Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Hope that will be fsu, i had same problem but my blower motor died, you will need to take all dash off for changing it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk