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  1. It spoils the cut of my trousers. But it keeps her in doors happy [emoji3] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. The usual scam laws apply 1) The wording of the description is all in capitals and has errors ( PUSH START FRONT and 16 SERVICES ) 2 Services per year @ ~10k miles per year 2) No interior pictures 3) Sellers referred to in the thirt person 4) Inoccuous location. Clearly residential but very sanitised 5) Take a leaf from Wheeler Dealers - No see, no bid With these and the reluctance to meet with you, it is one to run from IMHO
  3. I am with Golfer1; * is for the screen off for night driving.
  4. BTCC Every time.. Watched it today and in what sport can you see 2 multi Champions at their sport knock each other out of a race within the 1st 100m.. Epic !!
  5. The HK system also provides digital sound processing from DTS
  6. I agree <again> with Sshooie :-). I experienced the update but unlike the problem you are having mine reconnected fine.. Some obvious questions 1) Have you turned your phone off and on - Some times with IOS this is needed to see Wifi components 2) Have you forced IOS to forget the Wifi
  7. I am am wondering if lane departure warning is a similar example. If you have the adaptive headlights with adaptive main beam then you have the KADAR camera. Apart from the code I am struggling to find anything else lane departure uses.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Hmm, not sure his latest interest will outlive his love for games. A slight set back, New girlfriend, lost cherry and 3 months will see him return to GTA. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Nash I think TopGear addressed this with their review of the last but one M5. Their message was there was simply too many options that got in the way of a pure driving experience. I am with sshooie (spookily on many things) KISS is my motto to life. Plus it is kinda naughty to think you are hacking your car (when you are not in reality). Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. don't I feel the lemon... And I have a Phd too boot Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. as my teanager would say.. Ewww, dats Ger'ay
  12. I hope the retro fit ambient lighting is better than the option factory fit. With the factory fit in mine you get a choice of two; BMW Orange or Modern (White) neither of which are really noticable against the lighting in the cabin from all the instruments.
  13. I have the phone cradle for the iPhone 6 & 7 and all it does is connect the phone to the car without the need for the use of the USB, whilst keeping the phone secure. So I can charge, play music and access those supported apps via the iDrive, whilst leaving the USB free for additional storage for Video etc.
  14. I am glad this has been discussed and is deamed "normal" as I fitted into 535iAR's Dad's state of mind when I saw I had condensation in my headlights recently..
  15. So. A Big Ex-Royal Marine and his lady are having a quiet drink in a pub, when the ex-marine goes to syphon his python. While he is away from his girl, a rather suave fellow in the Bar walks over and whispers 3 things the Ex-Marine's GF@s ear, to which she immediately goes bright red with embarrassment and tells Mr Suave how filthy he is and how her boyfriend will hear about this on his return and will kick the shit out of him. At this Mr Suave returns to his seat, not long after which the Ex-Marine returns. On his return the Ex-Marine's GF tells him about Mr Suave saying "He said he wanted to rip my panties off with his teeth and breath in the gusset"!! At this the Ex-Marine stands up and rolling his left sleeve up to reveal a forearm like Popeye's announces "I'll give im fuck'in gusset." "No, no" his GF cries “There is more. He said that after ripping off my panties with his teeth and breathing in the gusset, he was going to lick my Jack-n-danny out like a cat licking cream"!! "I'll fuck'in cream im" shouts the Ex-Marine, as he rolls up is right sleeve, to reveal a more powerful looking forearm. "Wait, Wait" the GF cries “There is more. He said that after ripping off my panties with his teeth to breath in the gusset, and after licking my Jack-n-danny out like a cat licking cream, he was going to flip my upside down, fill my jack-n-danny with larger and drink it all through a straw"!! At this point the Ex-Marine rolls his shirt sleeves down, and sits down at the table. “After all he has said, aren’t you going to hit the perv?” cries his girlfriend. “Good god no woman” says the Ex-Marine, “Anyone who can drink that amount of larger, I ain’t risking a fight with”