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  1. radio, head unit

    mines a saloon. Thanks for the info. I seen there were a couple of sizes. I haven't measured up yet but am guessing that may be the difference.
  2. Front brake discs and pads what ones should I buy

    Don't fit Pagid. Had tons of comebacks due to brake squeal on various motors. Mine have been on since October and are vibrating all over the place, dangerous braking at speed. Theyre getting changed under warranty at the weekend. We've been fitting Ferodo Premier in our place for a few months now with 0 issues. Quite a high quality for reasonable money.
  3. radio, head unit

    thank you. That thread basically answered all my questions. I think ill go with the Eonons unit. I'll email them direct when funds are ready and see if they'll do a deal on a full package. That boot handle camera looked the bollox too, ill look into that as well. Thanks again
  4. radio, head unit

    anyone had any experience with the Eonon head units? Claim to be perfect fit and look almost replica to the original but with all modern tech. Looking to fit the unit and the dab, and dvb recievers but not willing to pay out £500 for rubbish. Found and eBay link for one. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/162262541808
  5. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    oil filter & flush new oil, Petronas 5w30 air filter fuel pollen filters brake fluid change power steering fluid flush and change new power steering hoses air con regas 4 new tyres wind deflectors fitted 2 front droplinks transmission oil and filter with new gasket renewed all clips and screws on undertrays fitted leds to all interior lights and number plate lamps new matte black kidney grilles fitted. not today though, its still early. This was Saturday
  6. Hi, new to forum

    Hi all, found the site completely by accident. A lad selling a tidy E39 530i on eBay had links to the page, so here I am. New to owning a BMW myself, I've mostly always had classic Mercedes. Worked as a Mercedes and BMW specialist for 15 years so quite competent with repairs. I've got myself a 2003 E39 530i, seems to have all the toys with some minor issues, the phone is obsolete and the TV is analog. Looking for upgrades ideas to modernise the car. Cheers.