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  1. No longer for sale.

    It's a beautiful looking car, but at that price it's £2500 Stirling and thats before you fuel it and ferry it back and take time off to fetch it back. High mileage and non automatic heating. Think you're going to struggle to get someone to buy this from the UK. Good luck with it, it looks really really nice.
  2. Replied and all sorted now apologies for any confusion,
  3. On quick check though you had them listed at £100, but now listed at £150?? Can you confirm £100?
  4. Sorry for delay just caught up with your reply, paying in next 15 mins, will PM an address.
  5. If the mirrors are still available can I have them please?
  6. Lol just checked, someone else had PM'd me and I bought them thinking it was you!!!!
  7. Safely received, thanks for a good transaction.
  8. Got your PM, have replied, definitely want them
  9. I'd also like these so 2nd in line?
  10. How much for the floor mats and whereabouts are you?
  11. Thanks for the quick reply, unfortunately quite a bit more than I was expecting so will pass at moment. Many thanks.
  12. Hi there As per title, it's for a 1997 528i SE Regards Mat