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  1. E39/B10 Rust Repair

    Yeah, doing it at home isn't really an option as we don't have a garage. As the MOT is now up we need it doing asap really. I have had recommendations of Kandy paintshop in Bolton as the guy who runs it is an ex BMW tech so should know his way around an E39. Other recommendation for Chris' automotive restoration shop near Doncaster. I will give them both a bell and see what the verdict is.
  2. E39/B10 Rust Repair

    Guys - i'm in desperate need of help/recommendations. Our otherwise mint Alpina B10 has failed its MOT on rot which appear to have migrated from the rear sill area (common issue as we all know). Problem is that the bodyshop i normally use has been very honest and informed me that its much worse than initially thought (despite no evidence of rust from the outside of the car) and the tank needs to come out along with the propshaft etc. I really dont know where to turn to get this sorted. Any recommendations in the Yorkshire/Lancashire area? preferably someone who knows E39's?? Thanks in advance
  3. ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Looking forward to the next update, this is my favorite project thread so its great that its now complete with images again. Are you going to head to the dyno after fitting the headers? I've been looking for some used ones for months but to no avail. Top work, keep it coming!
  4. E39 M5 in Need of Clutch/Flywheel. What To Buy?

    Ordered a flywheel. Was by far the cheapest I could find, looks like they are heading up in price in a big way and these are surplus stock listed under the old price. Better get in there quick for anyone who wants one! @MiniOneSam how did you manage to get another 10% off?
  5. E39 M5 in Need of Clutch/Flywheel. What To Buy?

    Thanks you good sir! Think I might just order one before they all get silly expensive
  6. E39 M5 in Need of Clutch/Flywheel. What To Buy?

    Good work there. I cant believe how much more these are now! I was watching a full LUK kit on ebay for £475 for a while as its on the list of jobs to do, just checked again now and its nearly £800! should have bought one last year. Do you have the link for the flywheel at that price? I couldn't get anywhere near that.. I also bought a stainless steel clutch pin from Hack Engineering as I heard the plastic ones flatten off over time. I hope they don't make a noise though
  7. E39 M5 Brake Overhaul Advice

    That's an interesting, if slightly concerning, experience. I went for the DS2500's as I have had them on an R26 Megane and currently have them on my track Clio 182 and they have been fantastic on road and track. I have never experienced the pad transfer issues you describe, hope its not the case with the M5! I will let you know how I get on. I fancy doing the refurb myself but I don't have access to an airline to get the pistons out, otherwise I would definitely do this myself. Did you have a particular adapter to connect the airline to the caliper?
  8. E39 M5 Front Disc!!

    I thought so too. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quote which was significantly cheaper than anywhere else I could find. Superb service from those guys too, cant fault them.
  9. E39 M5 Front Disc!!

    Get a quote from Cotswold BMW on here. I just ordered a pair at less than £300. The discs are actually very good quality apparently and far superior to the majority of aftermarket options. Some guys do swap their discs to solid items which will be fine for road use, just more chance of overheating/fade when used hard and on track. The solid items are also slightly heavier, owners in the USA often swap to euro spec oem discs as they see them as an upgrade.
  10. E39 M5 Brake Overhaul Advice

    Really? they seem to get really good reviews. Certainly looks to make the job a lot easier. What were you issues with it? I have ordered some brake pipe clamps so i'll go down that route I think.
  11. e46 330d manual touring 2000MY

    Duncan, it was nice to meet you! the car was spot on all the way home and Sam is chuffed to bits with the old girl. I'm sure it will make an appearance on here again at some point.
  12. E39 M5 Brake Overhaul Advice

    Hi Matt - I had a look at the ksport and D2 upgrade routes and very nearly pulled the trigger based on your feedback. However, Cotswold came back to me with a fantastic price for oem discs that meant that there was ultimately a £700 difference between the two setups with DS2500 pads. I couldn't really justify that expense, especially after I spoke with a couple of owners who had replaced oem equipment and added sportier pads, SS hoses and decent fluid and reported a much improved brake pedal feel and no fade on track. I'll see how I get on once its all fitted. The money I saved will go on refreshing the suspension! I would still be interested on how your setup feels once you junk the standard ksport pads.
  13. E39 M5 Brake Overhaul Advice

    Hi guys, I have just got hold of all new discs, stainless hoses and DS2500 pads to do a total overhaul of the M5's brake system. However, I'm thinking of taking off the calipers and sending them off to Bigg Red for refurbishment. My problem is that while the car is sat idle without the calipers brake fluid will obviously drain out of the system (unless anyone can suggest a way to stop this - I cant shove a bolt on the end of the hose as its a male end) and I don't have DIS to help the bleeding of the ABS unit. So, on the advice of a friend, i'm thinking of using a pressure bleeder like this https://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/Product.do?method=view&n=6101&p=567294&d=124&c=4&l=2&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=Base&utm_campaign=Brake & Clutch Tools&gclid=CjwKCAiA47DTBRAUEiwA4luU2ZEeaiylhqFuVwEMGtKcDgf1xAeQI3tBUK6l_P8kCuUQS4ED6Ui0hhoCEjMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Will this mean I wont need DIS to make sure the system is fully bled, even if the system is pretty much dry? Any tips on this would be gratefully received, I've done this on bikes before but never a car. Realise its the same process, in essence, however knowledge is power!
  14. E39 M5 Brake Bits

    All paid up. Thanks for answering all queries promptly. A pleasure to deal with as usual.
  15. E39 M5 Brake Bits

    Hi, Could you please price me up a set of discs front and rear along with handbrake shoes with all springs etc needed for a full replacement. Prices separately please. Many thanks