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  1. 'Stunning History' apparently. That's dealer speak for not having the running in service done on time... Looks decent enough but the price! https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/m5/bmw-m5-v8-stunning-history/7589432
  2. Hi - please can you price me up the following. Could you provide a price separately for each item. 71111093774 51348159882 51472494822 51148203864 51238176594 x 2 07149156085 x 4 51117894139 51117894140 Thanks in advance James
  3. Awesome work Vern, car looks fantastic. I do like Silverstone Blue!
  4. Paid - thanks
  5. Hi - please can you price me up 11617831266. Cheers James
  6. Nice! where did you get the fog light surrounds from Vern?
  7. Never had any issues with Meyle HD and I know a number of specialists that use them with no issues. Just for context, I recently replaced the thrust arms on the M5 and paperwork suggested that they had been replaced before. When I took them off it turned out they were lemforder and cross referencing the dates they had lasted less than 40k miles.... Personally I think most premature failures are down to incorrect fitting procedure.
  8. Meyle HD are good. I have them on the Alpina and the M5
  9. Does it make a rattly noise too? My guess would be prop donut or support bearing. I would get it checked out asap as if either fail you will be on the back of AA's finest!
  10. My thoughts entirely, he is chancing his arm with this one. Can pretty much guarantee that it will have a rust issue if the bodywork is looking tatty in places. Its nice and different but around £7k premium for yellow is..errr taking the p***!
  11. The car is back up for sale again. Its more expensive this time around but the advert is immeasurably better and, dare I say it, the car actually looks pretty good polished up. Its growing on me! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-M5-E39-1-OF-2-INDIVIDUAL-DAKAR-YELLOW-/172777485130?hash=item283a57334a:g:l9EAAOSwgu9ZZfo0
  12. Really low mileage cars are already very collectable with prices to match. They have risen sharply over the last few years and may continue to do so. Cars with realistic mileage are being dragged up too, although there may be a big disparity between prices that are advertised and the actual selling amount. The best way to look at it is if you always wanted one and get a car that has been used normally and well maintained with average mileage, you get the pleasure of running a brilliant car without worrying about depreciation......just running costs instead!
  13. I managed to get mine down by over £100 this year just by really taking time to shop around. Personally I cant stand Adrian Flux, never had a sensible quote from them and heard a number of examples similar to yours. Just shop around, I'm sure you will do much better than that.
  14. Well worth a run imo. Plus they do a full diagnostic while the car is being run to monitor just about everything, so if there is an issue then it should identify the problem fairly easily. Top lads there too.
  15. Great, something else for me to do....