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  1. I quite fancy the solenoid reseal and clean, looks like a nice job and is within my capabilities. That, along with swapping the CPS's is my preferred course of action simply due to cost and the fact the car has relatively low mileage of 112k. I had scheduled the chains/guides and rod bearings for circa 140k miles as this seems like a safe point for renewal from what I have read. (Jamie's project thread was a good resource on helping me make this decision). However, I am getting paranoid about a noise I get on tick-over when warm which can only be described as a bit of a knock which increases with throttle input for only a few hundred rpm's and then at around 800 totally disappears. My old Alpina B10 V8 also makes this noise and when it was in for a service the tech said he didnt hear anything abnormal so initially I was happy that it was just me being super sensitive and everything was ok. Paranoia has now set in though! Does anyone else get this noise?
  2. Thanks Guys, helpful as always. I am in a bit of a quandary to be honest as I had a look last night to scope out the CPS job and even after removing the cabin filter boxes and ducts, I have no idea how my spade hands will ever get in there. The guides on M5 board arent that great either as they don't seem to show the wiring that runs just below the back of the plenum. How is this moved out of the way? is it easier just to remove the whole plenum? If it is correct that the solenoids are likely the source of the running fault then I'm tempted to get the vanos units rebuilt for piece of mind. Only issue is that both Phil at CPC and Mr Vanos both reckon that its a good idea to do the chains/tensioners/guides at the same time. Apparently its 'common' for the timing to slip which could be contributing/causing my check light and running fault. In that case i'm looking at a bill of over £2k which I wasnt really budgeting for!
  3. Yeah a lot of people say the same, which is why I'm not too bothered that one has gone. Its another job off the list and will hopefully make a useful difference to how the car runs. I have seen a few posts regarding the old ones which appear to have a thinner probe, I am assuming that's what you are referring to? I am getting '8 EVANOS2 - HALL SENSOR' & '113 EVANOS2 REGULATION'. I assume its specifically the exhaust sensor on bank 2? I have never seen either fault before and I tend to read the codes regularly, in fact I did it the day before the check light came on so I'm am pretty confident the two codes relate to each other. I'm also getting '171 SECONDARY AIR VALVE STUCK' which I have had before and from what others say, just basically ignore it and also '143 E-BOX-FAN' again which I have seen once before. That looks like a bit of a sod to fix but I'll look at that in the next few weeks as its very sporadic.
  4. Unfortunately I left the car with them so I had no input as to what they did/how they did it. Darren Woods are well regarded to hopefully they know what they are doing, however I didn't get a copy of the test results. Its funny you should mention the cam sensors, it was on my list of things to do as I believe they are original, however on the way back from the Malton breakfast meet on Sunday the car seemed down on power and then I got an engine check light appear. Having read about the symptoms I was pretty sure it would be a cam sensor. I hooked up inpa when I got home and lo and behold I got a fault code on one of the exhaust cam sensors along with the accompanying vanos regulation fault. I have ordered all 4 sensors so hopefully I can get this done prior to the dyno run on Saturday. I have heard that the sensors are a right pita to change!
  5. I was heading up the A64 on Sunday to get to the Malton Easter breakfast meet at Specialist Cars, is that where you had been?. Saw a nice Silverstone M5 on the way back
  6. I think some of the footage they have captured over the last few episodes has been really excellent. I assume they are now using drones and it really works. Overall I think its getting there, Le Blanc on the whole is very good, Harris is starting to settle in and gives the show some credibility with us proper car fans. I agree about Rory Reid though, nice guy but he really doesn't bring anything to the show at all. It has the potential to be very good though, so long as they get rid of EJ, the silly old fart, and limit Sabine to driving and no talking!
  7. What set are you going for? RK, Evolve?
  8. How odd, if it was a while ago maybe he was erring on the side of caution before the stock bolts had proven themselves to be capable under such conditions. I think I would insist on them if I was fitting an FI setup simply because they aren't that expensive and would be worth doing 'while you're in there'.
  9. Hmm food for thought. If there is a meet this year it would be great to hear it before I do something similar to mine.
  10. Update on this - I had an Inspection 2 service completed at Darren Wood Stockport the other day and asked him to give the car a thorough health check. All came well apart from bank 1 failing its vanos test. Apparently its not the end of the world and a lot of cars will fail the test as it is so precise. However, if this is effecting the engine performance significantly then I want it sorted. The car is booked in for a dyno run at Riverside Racing in Liverpool next Saturday so hopefully I will get some answers then. In the meantime I will re run the MAF test and have a look at fuel trims and post the results.
  11. I recently read a very good post written by Mr Vanos covering this. Apparently ARP bolts can be used in the M5, and certainly do no harm, however he said that the standard ones are more than up to the job and have proven themselves to be reliable even in superchanged applications. ARP do not list the E39 M5 however, the M3 ones are the correct length, pitch etc so they are used for those who insist on them. The post is on his FB page if you are interested to read the full write up.
  12. Paul, How do you find the tone now these are fitted? I was offered some small silencers at the shop when I got my muffler delete as they bloke reckoned they 'cleaned' up the sound. Not really sure what he means to be honest but just occasionally I do think the fully straight pipes are just a tad too loud.
  13. I would really recommend swapping out the header tank while your in there. The M62's are really sensitive to the condition/quality of the cooling system. I would get an OE header tank cap too as they have an internal valve which can be really poor on the ebay specials and cause all sorts of random symptoms. Ask me how I know! Good luck with it.