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  1. Dont suppose these are extended leather are they?
  2. So it turns out that it was a fuse issue. I just had a quick look at the fuses in the glovebox and didnt realise there were more in the boot. Only problem is that once the fuse was replaced it blew again immediately. I guess this suggests a wiring fault? might just get an auto-electrician to have a look at this as I cant see anything obviously wrong.
  3. Nice, didnt know these were available. How were your subframe bushes when you replaced them? I'm about to do all the rear arms but I was going to just check the subframe bushes and leave them if they were ok. I thought it was the tourings that ate these but the saloons were a lot less prone?
  4. I went to see this just less than a year ago when it was being sold by Germania (dodgy bloke). The car is advertised again as a facelift model, which it isnt and the fan was missing! The gearbox was also totally shot to pieces. Hopefully this has been properly taken care of but if anyone is thinking about viewing it, check very carefully and have a proper test drive! https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/m5/bmw-5-series-e39-m5--------------------2000/7314665
  5. Thanks for the detailed reply Dennis. The car has the MK4 DVD Nav. Luckily I have access to another E39 so I will swap the modules over this weekend and report back.
  6. Guys, the screen on my 2000 e39 has completely died. No sound or display whatsoever and no response from the buttons. Tried disconnecting the battery and leaving for 15 minutes then reattach, which did not work and all the relevant fuses are fine. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance
  7. So the M5 failed its MOT the other week, the first time in its life. As you can imagine I was absolutely gutted and felt very guilty! Turns out that there was play in the ball joints on nearly all front arms along with some of the bushes. Given that the car had been polybushed by the previous owner I was a bit confused about this as the car drove fine and felt pretty tight. Nevertheless, new TRW and Meyle HD control arms were ordered along with a new Pitman arm (Febi) which was listed as an advisory by Darren Wood but curiously missed by the MOT guy. As you might imagine the car now feels absolutely spot on and tight as a drum. The car has also had the vanos solenoids cleaned, resoldered and had new seals fitted in an attempt to get rid of an engine light. This did not cure it but its nice to know its done (even though everything was spot on once they were removed). Finally new CPS's were fitted which cured the minor running issues and the car feels more responsive as ever and is significantly quieter too which I hadnt expected. Almost no noise at all when starting from stone cold (it was pretty quiet anyway). Following on from Ger's findings I went for VEMO exhaust sensors and Febi inlet's. Some people will raise an eyebrow at this but the price increases on OEM parts have been ridiculous recently and I have seen a number of cases where OEM stuff has failed way before it should. They fitted perfectly and the car feels great, the jury is out in terms of longevity obviously, but I am chuffed to bits so far. I also had a go at fixing the offside rear vapour barrier as it was leaking water and sitting on the sill after a wash. After carefully removing the door card i saw this: And this But after caking my fingers in old butyl sticky crap I laid on new butyl tape and got this! Finally, me and my old man headed down to Sytner in Nottingham for the Alpina meet. Here she is looking very smart. I was very happy with ours after seeing a few others, its definitely one of the nicest out there from what I have seen. She is running well apart from a fake 'check coolant level' message which keeps appearing despite a new sensor being fitted and the level being perfect and a rather abrupt change into first when coming to a stop. Much research suggest this is the valve body which aint a cheap fix! oh well.
  8. Damn! hopefully caught before any further damage was done. Its a real lottery as to how/when these break up. Luckily ours is still fine at 145k and some go well passed 200k without bother. Think you have been unlucky there! On the flip side at least once its done you know the car will be good for many many more miles.
  9. I will wait to watch a review done by somebody other than that Shmee muppet! cant stand that toff tool
  10. Calling M5London and Jamie Peers! Here are my INPA values: Adaption values are bugger all. Does this look all good? Adaption values.docx
  11. Thanks M5 London. I'll have a look at the fuel trims and post as soon as I get chance.
  12. On that basis run for the hills!!
  13. Thanks, I'll reset the fuel trims and see if that makes a difference. Is resetting fuel trims the same as resetting adaptions?? You are the second person to mention that trick with the solenoids! wish I had known that at the time it would have saved a lot of swearing!
  14. To be honest I'm not keen on slamming into the limiter. I was backing off at almost exactly 7k revs so I'm confident that c128 is the true maximum figure. I would like to test a set of known quality mafs to see if I get any different figures, its just a case of borrowing some. I'm off to a club meet on Sunday so perhaps I can beg and borrow a pair from some kind hearted soul!
  15. Yes I was using the OBC test and running 3rd gear up to just before the limiter. To be honest I have very little confidence with these MAF's after the issues I had with the one on the B10. It would be good to test a pair that are known to be in good nick to see if that is the issue, otherwise I think I might bin them off and go for Alpha N when funds allow.