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  1. All sorted, thanks Jimmy
  2. I love the alcantara boot re-trim, it looks amazing. So much better than that cheap nasty rubbish BMW saw fit to put in as standard.
  3. Should I select COM1 and set up the latency timer? I cant remember how many seconds that was? Cheers
  4. It says COM3
  5. That is most helpful, cheers. Ill swap the sensors this weekend and then fire up INPA and let you have a look at the figures. Thanks in advance.
  6. Great stuff, thanks for the pointers. What exactly should I be looking for with regards to the figures? Does this have to be done with the engine running or does the car store the data from the previous journey? Sorry for all the questions.
  7. I have INPA but, to be honest I am not very computer literate and can just about manage ok with interrogating the car for fault codes so fuel trims maybe a bit beyond me. The car does seem very happy though and records good fuel consumption (for these!) and pulls like a train. Many thanks for the pointers, I'll get the 02 sensors fitted and have a good luck at the exhaust for any damage/leaks and give the car a full inspection 2 and see if that makes any difference and report back.
  8. To be honest Jamie the car runs really well. The only reason I did the test was as I was curious really and sometimes I get a bit of a jerk when changing between first and second, say if i hit a bump when applying the throttle and the car rocks about a bit. There seems to be a school of thought that this can be due to maf's which are passed their best so I wanted to check their operation given that they are pretty new. Other than that the car feels very strong and is very well maintained so I have no immediate worries, I just want it to be at its very best.
  9. Just done the OBC maf test and I get 125-126 l/h. As far as I am aware the figure to aim for is above 140 l/h so I am looking for the potential reasons why the car is not hitting that. It has recently had the air filters changed (about 3k miles ago), the service history paperwork shows a relatively recent fuel filter swap (about 15k ago) and I put new Bosch maf's on it a few thousand miles ago (proper 033 part number before anyone says it). Any thoughts? I have some pre cat 02 sensors to put on as soon as it stops pissing down but I am open to any other suggestions.
  10. I did the lights on my clio daily with wet and dry mixed in with lots of elbow grease and then just lobbed on some wax which gets renewed when I do the rest of the car. Been perfect for over two years.
  11. Yeah already done that. I have recently added Office to the laptop but that shouldnt change anything surely? anything else i should check? Cheers
  12. Looking good Vern, lots of hard work there! Whats going on with the rear shelf?
  13. Jimmy - for some reason the INPA cable/software will not recognise when the ignition is switched on. The light on the cable is on but I cant access to read fault codes. Please help!
  14. Looks like a nice car at first glance. Needs a new drivers door rubber but show me an E39 for sale that doesn't!
  15. The car with 177k on is without a doubt a shed. If it looks dodgy in the pictures (which it does) then it will be much, much worse when you see it in the flesh. Personally I wouldnt have an issue with a high mileage car if it had been meticulously looked after but you need to ask all the questions before setting off to see it. If i was you I would sit down with a pad and pen and list the things you want to know about the car. You want evidence of money being spent on the suspension arms/bushes, steering links, clutch, sensors, brakes etc, then ask about the state of the jacking points, sills, arches, boot seam and also the condition of the window trim etc. If you can get hold of the reg have a look online at its MOT history which will give you an insight into how it has been looked after. Only after you are satisfied with the answers would I bother going to see it, any dealer or owner worth their salt will take the time to do through the details and history of the car. If they wont then dont waste your time. Apologies if it sounds like I'm teaching you to suck eggs but I know from past experience how easy it is to get carried away! Good luck and take your time.