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  1. E39 M5 bits

    Hi there, Can you please price up the following (separately) Driver side gloss black window trim separating the main rear passenger window and the small window, think this is 51347890092. Front shock top mounts x2 - 31352298912 Thanks in advance James
  2. E39 M5 gearbox alternatives............

    Unlucky there! I drove a few before buying mine and one had a shagged syncro between third and fourth but the car had definitely been abused. They are all awkward from cold but actual failure is rare from what I understand.
  3. E39 M5 gearbox alternatives............

    Third gearbox!!! WTF! How the hell as that happened?
  4. Yes, the lights will still move up and down electrically on start up even if the adjusters are knackered. I guess it would be good practice to replace all eight given that they are part of the same system. I will look to replace the front four also at some point.
  5. No problem, glad to be of service . The sensors can technically just be replaced on their own, however personal experience taught me just to replace all four as it can confuse the system a little otherwise. For around £15 quid each its no real financial hardship anyway, although the bumper has to come off to get to the middle two and they will want a light coat of paint. All pretty easy to do though. I had the same problem with the lights as you when I first got the car. The lights moved up and down on start up but ultimately pointed at the ground when driving. Easy way to tell if the adjusters are broken is to get hold of the bulb holders and gently try and move them up and down. If there is more than a few mm of movement then they will be broken. I would imagine at the age of your car the headlight units will be 'bakeable' i.e. you can shove them in the oven (briefly!) to soften the sealant holding the lens on to get to the adjusters. There are a few really good guides on the web on this. Mine were shot and when i reinstalled the lights and had them adjusted to spec the garage informed me that the xenon sensor linkages were seized. This was an easy job to sort though and I put in a new sensor (rear) too. Looks like the front one is kaput now though. Apparently with the system up to scratch the real time leveling is quite noticeable. The door seal is a simple enough job although its easy to screw up, I have done a couple now and got the last one perfect. The e39source guide on youtube is actually partially incorrect so feel free to drop me a message if you need any help. Keep the updates on the car coming
  6. Nice car, lovely colour. Although I have to agree with you that the black wheels look nasty, the car will be transformed after the refurb. A few pointers that might help your to do list; - You can get replacement internals for the mirror off ebay at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. All it takes is some light soldering. Search for 'mirror john' on ebay, he is a top bloke apparently and sells good quality stuff. - Put your ear to the reverse sensors with the ignition on and the car in reverse. If you hear a clicking they are ok, if nothing they need replacing. Again, good quality ones can be had on ebay for around £15 each. - The headlight aim could either be the plastic adjusters have broken inside the lights or you have a dodgy xenon sensor (about £80 for a genuine part) or seized linkage rods (cheap). The adjusters are a bit of a fiddle but easy enough to do. The torn drivers door seal is an easy job too and is around £90 from memory. Enjoy!
  7. Thrust arm bushes

    Powerflex ARB bushes are a must in my opinion. Changed mine even though they looked fine. Hey presto a very faint knock was no more and they were dead easy to do. Fit and forget.
  8. My E39 M5

    I think this would only be an issue if you were really using the car hard on track regularly. I'm in the process of buying a front BBK and i'm going for non floating (actually the disc is mounted on an ally bell) as it will only see light track action, i.e. a few laps of the Ring but I want a better pedal feel and ultimate stopping power. I've spoken to a few people on this subject and they have had no issues with solid discs on track.
  9. My E39 M5

    Thats good to hear. I will be going down the Bilstein/Intrax route too. Initially I was going for BC coilovers but, to be honest I don't really want adjustability as I would always be tempted to play about with it. I have rear ARB's on other cars (always installed by previous owner) and was really happy how they improve the handling so it seems a natural thing to do on the M5. I have spoken with Larkspeed and they reckon I can order the rear ARB on its own, thankfully. Did you find the Porsche rear calipers easy to fit?
  10. My E39 M5

    Lovely example and a nice selection of mods too. How do you find the Eibach rear ARB? I'm thinking this might be my next purchase to tighten up the handling.
  11. A brace of V8 Goodness!

    Cheers, guys. Both lovely cars and just about justify the pretty huge expense we lavish on them!
  12. BMW E39 M5 Rod Bearing & Chain Guides

    Absolutely spot on. There is a lot of scaremongering on this subject. That's not to say that guides don't break up and rod bearings wont fail eventually but at that mileage I'm not sure I would be lobbing £3k at something which is unlikely be worn unless you have some evidence to the contrary. Just for a bit of context, earlier in the year I had my car in at Darren Wood who ran a vanos test which it failed on bank one and I was advised to rebuild the vanos at £1700. I did some research and replaced the CPS's which sorted the issues for a faction of the cost. The car has since produced some very strong numbers of the dyno and runs like a dream. Jamie Peers thread on here is worth a read, he did his bearings/guides etc at around 140k miles and they were spot on. Worth sending a sample of the oil for analysis if you are concerned and go from there before pulling the motor and spending a fortune.
  13. A brace of V8 Goodness!

    So the corroding wiper arms and fading paint on the plastic covers on the M5 were getting on my nerves. Not pretty as you can see, and not in keeping with the condition of the rest of the car. Off they came using a wiper puller tool and I started rubbing them down with wet and dry and then applied a few coats of primer and finished off with satin black. And they came out like this! I also took the opportunity to upgrade to the aero wipers. For such a simple mod the car looks so much more modern, I have to say I was chuffed to bits!
  14. Audio Advice (Novice!)

    After much deliberation I decided to go down the Carphonics stage 2 amp & bluetooth upgrade route. I looked at new head units but the car specific items had mixed reviews and some were expensive (Dynavin was £600!). Plus I had seen some at club meets and they just didn't fit very well in my opinion, even the E39 specific ones. I packaged the amp off and sent it to Baris who turned it around very quickly. It came back looking like this; To be honest I was a bit disappointed to see the bluetooth dongle being held on with sticky tape! but he assured me it was just for 'extra security', whatever that means. I may swap this out for something less Chinese at some point. At first I wasn't best pleased as the car wouldn't recognise the AUX input but after a while it was fine and has been fine since. Despite my initial misgivings I have to say its a great mod to do. Audiophiles may laugh but the sound quality is much improved and I now have some reasonable bass. The bluetooth also connect brilliantly. I would say go for it if you want a cost effective solution that keeps everything looking OE. I may upgrade the speakers in future for a further improvement but for now, this is a great upgrade in my eyes.
  15. Bloody Vapor Barriers!

    Exactly. I reinforced/sealed the bottom of the door card material with PVA and its much, much stronger now. Plus it will hopefully prevent any further degradation.