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  1. eb88

    Manual Transmission Fluid

    Don't muck about, see the attached, only use what the manufacturer recommends and not what you 'heard was good' E39 GEARBOX OIL CHART.bmp
  2. eb88

    Traffic Master

    Can someone please explain how the hell the Traffic Master function still works in 2019?
  3. eb88

    bulb upgrade recommendations wanted.

    if you are going Xenon buy the ballasts new for an extra 20 quid each instead https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ORIGINAL-HELLA-5DV-007-760-63-Xenon-Scheinwerfer-Vorschaltgerät-Steuergerät-NEU/173727845874?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 The best D2S bulb on the market right now is the Osram Xenarc Laser. Euro Car Parts currently have the best price. Personally coming from the previous generation of Osram Nightbreaker, these almost seem illegally bright. Most likely your adjusters are broken and would be the best place to start anyway, there are two types depending on the year of your car. Replace / polish the lenses whilst you're at it
  4. eb88

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    All eight have already been replaced since that photo, it's a great spec (GF13728) M sports suspension and bits all factory fitted, sitting on paralles, electric roller blind, nav, v50 phone etc. It had a scratch on every panel, so will be going in to the body shop for a full respray next week along with genuine sport bumpers and mirrors. Only other photo I have is after I replaced the adjusters and lenses on the headlights + fitted the latest Osram D2S Xenarc Lasers (can't believe the difference)
  5. eb88

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Bagged a fully loaded 2002 540i with 62k miles for £2800. Good service, rocker cover gaskets and full transmission flush and filter is all she wanted. They're still out there.
  6. Would anyone in the West London area care to enable this for me? Can give you some ramp time on the day to have a nose under your car
  7. eb88

    Phone problem! SORTED :)

    Yes brand new in the box
  8. eb88

    Phone problem! SORTED :)

    Big thank you indeed, replaced the voice recognition module for £9 and now have a working car phone featuring a new old stock V50 motorola from Germany. Many thanks indeed.
  9. Could never find any source that confirmed 100% they fit, BMW part number did not cross reference and different hub sizes between the cars etc but took a punt and can confirm they fit (and look great)
  10. eb88

    Phone problem! SORTED :)

    Have ordered a known good one with roughly the same manufacturing date code as mine, is this somehow linked to the phone audio issue? I'll report back.
  11. eb88

    Phone problem! SORTED :)

    It has the button on the steering wheel but nothing happens when pressed, my car decodes with the following options, so possibly a problem there: S620A Voice control S632A Preparation BMW Handy (Motorola) S752A Individual audio system S609A Navigation system Professional tried with another BMW V50 and exactly the same symptoms, clearly something deeper, any ideas? There is no loud beep once connected like others report, fortunately I have another entire V50 setup pulled out of a 2001 530i that all worked including all the boot modules etc. Is it worth swapping anything out / are there any known modules that go wrong in these setups? Thanks again
  12. eb88

    Phone problem! SORTED :)

    Excuse the thread resurrection; I have a 2002 M5 with factory communications pack and V50 wireless phone in the centre console, official BMW firmware. The phone works perfectly well with an O2 simcard when unplugged and out of the car, but plug it in to the cradle and no sound comes through at all. Everything else works fine, can view SMS's / Phonebook and control the phone from the dash but can't hear anything through the car. Any advise greatly appreciated.
  13. eb88

    Android headunits

    Hello mate, I did indeed, the fit is flawless, still access to the spare and still manage to get suit cases etc in no problems. I went with a Pioneer GM-D9601 amp and a Ground Zero GZRW-12D4 sub as it was super good deal, both the box and sub shipped from Poland via DPD, took two days. The result is 800w rms at 1ohm. They're a very happy match. This is the night I installed, long cleaned up the ski-hatch cut and dynamatted etc etc. Both Pioneer and Alpine amp mounted side by side using the factory hardware that held the archaic BMW stuff in place. Can I just mention, to much of certain peoples horror, I ended up returning my Xtrons head unit for a full refund! The front left and rear right pre outs deteriorated out of of no where, replaced it with my old trusty Pioneer and all was well again. Xtrons offered no tech help what so ever and I have to say i'm with Dennis and the original neigh sayers now, my advice: Avoid!
  14. eb88

    Android headunits

    Speak for yourself! Mine sounds great with amped focals in each corner. Haven't even added a sub yet and they thump with clarity. Certainly wouldn't go as far as describing the sound as flat, lifeless and dull. Which android headunit did you personally try? I can't notice any difference in the quality from my Pioneer DEH-9300SD and the Xtrons/Eonon etc E39 Units. Which as far I and a few others are concerned, is the only mainstream real option for those after modern tech, 3 sets of pre-outs and an OEM look. Blows the prohibitive and archaic BMW stuff away. Great EQ too: Again would like to know which deck your personally referring to that put you off? Not sure if you've tried and lived with any of the recent android decks but you may well be surprised. Oh and Bluewater, Got this back from Xtrons: " Hi, thanks for your video, please provide me your specific shipping address, email and phone number so that i can manage to have the DVR to be sent to you. " " Hi, thanks for your information, i have already managed this order for you. " They've dispatched this one http://xtrons.co.uk/dvr015-xtrons-android-units-dvr-camera.html free of charge by parcel force next day. Plugs straight into one of the usb ports and records direct to one of your SD cards. My insurers (AXA) gave me a 10% Discount on my premium for having a dash cam too! Very nice touch indeed, would of missed that had you not of mentioned, nice one.